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Mortar and Brick Tourney - must keep focus

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  • Mortar and Brick Tourney - must keep focus

    Ok, so I'm back in Cyprus and I like to play the cheap small re-buy tourneys they have at the casinos here. (40-60 euros buy in and 40-60 euros rebuy NLHE). I play these to get a feel for live poker so when the time comes I'll be more comfortable playing in large fields with a lot of pros.
    I progress quite well in these since most of the players are "gamblers" and have a very limited understanding of the game.
    In my last tourney I made the fatal mistake of letting my mind wonder.
    I realised I was daydreaming right at the start of the tourney. However, I found myself playing fish that were playing silly hands out of position (and I caught them at it every time).
    I played one unlucky hand : I woke up with AA in late position and UTG +1 had raised, everyone folded to me and I decided to shove so as to win a little and to scare him of if he had suited connectors. The guy called my AI with pocket 8's!!!!
    So now I'm thinking, "I' only need to dodge an 8". The flop comes 5 A 7 and I make my set so I'm quite relieved. Turn is a 6 and the river is a 9. "POOF" goes my chip stack.
    I usually never have to rebuy but this time my AA got crushed. You dont even see suckouts like that online very often so it was surprising.
    So now I decide to make sure my mind is on the game. So I put in a bit of effort and in the next 10 hands I've tripled up... I'm the 3rd biggst stack and I hve my sights for the final table.

    Soon only 10 people are left and I'm patiently waiting for someone to be eliminated although without realising I had started to get complacent towards the final table bubble.

    I'm in the BB and I look at my cards and I see pocket 3's. Everyone folds to the small blind (who is a crazy "this game is all about luck" player). He raises x3 and I figure he's got rags. so I call.
    Now I was right in my assumption that he raised with nothing but I want to point out why focus is soooo important.
    The flop is a rainbow but its 568. I though he might have an Jx and didn't hit the flop. he calls out quite quickly "All in"!!! (Now if I had noticed the speed and exitement at which he did this I would have folded and it would have been the right thing to do)
    At this point arrogance got the better of me and I called only to see his stupid 79 offsuit make a straight and eliminating me. Oh and by the way the turn came up a 10....LOL.
    The whole point of this story is that ı have learned that just being patient is not enough. Arrogance and lack of attention can mess your game up big time...

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    A good lesson for us all to learn.
    Thanks for the interesting Post


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      Glad to share the experience with everybody...



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