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Sands $500+$40 LHE 11/17

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  • Sands $500+$40 LHE 11/17

    I'm not quite sure how to feel after my play in yesterday's $500+$40 LHE (141 entries) event at the Sands. Overall I felt like I played pretty well, and took advantage of the few opportunities which came my way. Made some mistakes too. Those mistakes helped me wind up tied for 18th & the bubble (got $352.50 back for my $540 as we split the 18th payoff - at least it was something) instead of a much nicer payoff.

    Here's a bit about my mistakes, and the event in general. On one mistake, with about 90 left, I took QQ too far against a pre-flop re-raiser when an A came up on the flop. I had just gotten moved to that table, and let my curiosity get the best of me there. Still had plenty of chips, and managed to stay afloat though. Later, when it was down to 3 or 4 tables, and the blinds were going up, players were moving on my blinds a lot. My blinds seemed to be just terrible, and nothing I thought was defensible came my way for a while. Don't use this against me in events here at PSO :wink: , but I think my biggest weakness in HE is determining when and how far to defend my blinds. Then, when we were down to 22, I made my biggest mistake. With about $12,000, tried to make a move in late position w/ KQ o. No limpers or raisers to me, and I raise. The BB calls my raise and the flop comes something like 455. BB bets. I figure that his bet is probably his stab at taking the pot, and I should have either re-raised (representing maybe high pocket pair - with a fold to another re-raise) or folded. Instead I just call. After that, I called his bets to the river, no paint showed up, and he had A4. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I lost over $5,000 on a the hand. Looking back, I'm really disappointed in that play. Don't worry PSO, I didn't show the garbage I was holding there on the river, so it didn't look that bad for the school. With 4 to go before payoff, I should have been playing real tight. The blinds were $400-$800 at the time, so I had plenty of chips left to wait out the bubble. There were at least 5 or 6 people with smaller stacks. I think I was just tired of people moving on my blinds, and thought it was time I did it to someone else. His stacks weren't low enough to be desperate, and with generally tight play before the bubble I thought I'd get him to fold. I'm not upset I tried the move, because it's not like I raised with garbage. I'm just upset I kept going with it after the flop brought no help. I usually know when to get out, and it was obvious he had at least a pair or an A (or at least obvious to him that I didn't pair after I just called). In both cases I was beaten and really had no business seeing the turn. A few minutes later was the dinner break, and I had an hour to think about how stupid I was. I was now 2nd or 3rd lowest in chips and had severely damaged my chances at a money finish. Of course I got card cold for the rest of the event, but did get lucky to survive three all in situations (all three in which I was a pre-flop underdog). There were probably 4 or 5 other all-ins on the bubble too, but they all survived. Then, I survived my BB holding 2-6o against I think 4-6o in the SB. A 6 came along with higher cards negating the kicker, and we chopped. Since the chop didn't help my chip count (2), I had to go all in on my SB again. Optimistically, I said to the table that I could only get a better hand than 2-6o. You guessed it, I got the same hand again!!! This time I was up against 99. Board came something like 234, and I started thinking there was a chance. But, none of my outs show, and I'm out like I should have been after the KQ play a while back. The silver lining is that another player on one of the other 2 tables went out on the same hand with the same number of starting chips. So, we split the $705, and I got a $352 refresher course in proper late tournament play.

    Aside from those few mistakes, I did feel pretty good about my overall play. I got farther than I expected in what seemed to me to be a tough field. I liked the no re-buy format, and figured it would help me against such a difficult group. There were definitely some big names out there, as well as in the other sats and super sats going on at the same time. Pretty sure I saw the following at various points in the day: Lederer, Duke, Men the Master, Shulman, Greenstein, Mortensen, and possibly Darden and Flack. Not sure how many had been in my event though.

    All around, it was a great experience, and I hope to learn from my mistakes. Good luck to any PSOers taking part in the remaining events there at the Sands.


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    Lemme just say that trip reports like that make all of the struggling novice poker players (or at least this one) keep reading and thinking and playing. A money finish in 141-player field, against players I see on TV?

    That's outstanding.



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      Curious, how much was your raise on the KQ move?


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        I'm pretty sure the blinds were $400 & $800 at the time, so in the limit event my raise had to have been another $800. I keep thinking about this play, and really think my best move would have been a raise after his bet after the flop. There's a good chance he would have folded right there to the possibility of me holding a pocket pair, or maybe even A5. If I got re-raised, then I would have had to fold. If I got called, and he got no additional help on the turn, I figure he would have had to check, giving me a free shot at the river. If I'm wrong though and he didn't check, and I received no help on the turn, then I fold. This approach would have given me a better chance to win the pot before showdown, while at the same time giving me a max loss of $3200 instead of the $5600 I actually dropped there. I'm still embarrassed about this, particularly in the fact that I was probably a lock for a decent payoff (likely top 15 & maybe top 10) payoff prior to this play. I often have problems with KQ late in events, and this result has just added to my usual indecision when I get this hand. I know I had to be involved with this hand in this situation, I'm just not sure what the best play would have been for how it played out. What do you think I should have done? Late tournament play is so difficult and any advice would certainly be appreciated. Thanks.



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          Thanks. I'm glad my post helped keep you motivated.

          I was pretty surprised I was able to sit with that field and last a while. Eventually my inexperience showed, but I guess that's how I'll get the B&M experience I need. I'm absolutely sure of one thing though. Before coming to PSO, I wouldn't have had a chance to last that long in that field. This is definitely the place to learn the tournament game.




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