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Online report for the week

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  • Online report for the week

    Hey, it's the best I can do for now.

    I haven't played online live action since a bad run of cards last spring. I had a bad run of cards the last weekend in Oct and the first weekend in November. I finally got my Neteller account certified last week and moved $500.00 to the account.
    Put money in three places to test the waters.
    $100.00 UB
    $100.00 PS
    $200.00 Party ( to get the $50 comeback bonus).

    This was a spectaculer week of stay at home poker.
    Monday: made $35.00 in O/8 on PS. Lost $16.00 on party O/8.
    Tusday: Made $150.00 NLHE tournament at Party. Lost $18 PS.
    Wedndy: Won $547.00 O/8 for 1st place on PS. Lost $8.00 prty
    Thursday; One of those days hard to get in a game on PS & Prty. Checked in on UB and won $18.00 at O/8.
    Friday: a repeat of Thursday action.
    Saturday: Well started off on UB and won $38.00 for 8th on PLO Trny (163 entries). First time I ever made money on PLO tourny. Played 7CS/8 at the PS went 57 hands before I got to the river and split one pot (bad card day 7S/8). Moved on to O/8 and lost $45.00. Moved over to Party and proceeded to get rivered on almost every hand on the riveer in live action and tournies. Went bust on Party. One of those days when I caught great starting hands and everyone was taking shots and killing me on the river. Went to bed tired and discusted (thought I might quite Poker online).
    Sunday: Slept late and got up to late to play qualifer tournament on UB. So, I decided< I'm going to give it one more try. I sit down to PLO .10/.25 live game. I sit down in late middle position and click to wait for BB and watch the action. 4 players on short stacks, 3 on what appears to be starting buy-ins, & one with $98 on $25 max buy-in table. The table in what you'd expect. Short stacks are taking shots to make a hit and get up. The big stack acts like he knows something about PLO. Makes small trigger bets with the nuts and big draws and lets the short stacks come to him. Humm, I think I've got the strategy figured out. I buy in for $10.00 and proceed to flop a full house and take down a small pot on my BB. Play a few rounds and the big stack doesn't come in for many of my pots (I guess he's checking out my action or just not getting any cards). The next big hand I bet is a middle rundown and one suit in middle position. The big stack is on the button and makes the first pot raise and its $1.60 to call. Well I have to put him on a big pocket pair (?AAxx). First hand he's in since I sit down. Since I've read Rolf's stuff,I decide to see the flop. We go to the flop 4 handed. I'm first to act and I've hit open ended str8 and backdoor flush draw with a pair. I bet the minimum to see if any one wants to play. Next to act calls. Then I get a mini-raise & the big stack pots it. It's back to me and I can go all in and take the ride, so I do. The turn makes my str8 and the river makes my flush (how sweet it is). I now have close to $38.00 on the table ( think it's time to get up but decide to take some chances). I sit and play blinds for 2 rounds and finally pick up (A,As,8s,J) utg. I make a mini-raise. Get four callers and then a pot raise from the cut off (stack $28). I pot it with my AA's9J and get one caller all-in and the original raiser calls. Flop(2,T,K rb). This looks pretty good for my hand and I push in. The other active player calls. Results: I come in third. First all-in K hi-str8 & other raiser set of 2's. Well, that'll teach me to hit big on a hand and continue to play. I rebuy to get my stack over $10. I decide to play on since the action is just to good. I sit thru a couple rounds of mediocre cads until I get (Ac,5c,6,7) in BB. It's 7 way action and the big stack makes a pot-raise and I call. The flop gives me a str8 draw and nut flush draw. I've have most of the outs so I make a bet of 0.50 (bb) and get 3 callers to the big stack who pots it. Decision time. I'll have 0.55 left if I pot-bet, and I do this. I don't want to be bet off the pot on the turn if I miss. I make the nut flush on the river (now do I get up with a double of my 2-$10 buy-ins). Nooooo, I decide to play-on, the action is two good. I play two more hands catch the nut flush on my small blind and take down a small pot. On the next hand(button) I find (As,Ah,Js,9h). Almost the best start for O/hi A's. There are 5 callers and one pot raiser to me. I remember what happened the last time I bet big pre-flop (with a stack of money on the table). So I play it cool, and over call. We see the flop 7-ways (ain't this the definition of a great game). Flop7s,8s,Tc), humm, I not sure this flop is any good for my hand. I have all the cards & might not make any money. What to do? I remember what the big stack did when I first sat down. I make a teaser bet (BB) $0.50. One short stack folds. The next one goes all-in for $7.80. The guy directly accross from me with $38 stack pots it and has few dollars left. It's back to me heads up for the main pot. What do I do now (my main opponent has the same str8 and/or a set). I bet enough to put him all-in. Turn: 4c and the river 3s. They push the stack to me. I now have $128.00 stack in a PLO 0.10/0.25 game (IGHN). Not really, I on a natural high. I move over to PS PLO 0.10/0.25 game. I watch the table. and get on the wait list. Table is basically same loose aggressive make up as on UB.
    I get a seat and post blind in cut off (I don't want to miss a chance to get hit by the deck). I get a crappy double suited hand and dump it on the flop to a pot raise (I have second nut flush draw and nothing else). I blind down to $7.55 before I can play a hand. I make a f/h on the river because it is checked around and I get back to $10.65. I take down a few small pots and I'm up to $14.10. I play for 45 minutes and get up from this game when my stack gets to $112.00.

    Well, thanks to PSO and Rolf, I've learned the value of PLO and I think I'll continue playing ONLINE Poker.

    It's 3:30pm, Sunday and I haven't finished 7 days of onlne poker and I'm up over $500.00 even after taking a $350.00 beating on Party. No tips, no hotel room, and no travel expense. The best part is I mostly played at the $0.10/0.25 to 0.50/1.00 levels. Only one session at O/8 $2/$4 for 40 minutes and one at O/8 $3/6 ( total time at the high limits was less than 3 hours.

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