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went live last night

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  • went live last night

    last night i enjoyed a visit to my local casino for a game of tourney poker. Only 49 people entered for 1.5k gauranteed at a 23 pound buyin with 10 pound add on if needed.

    I started the game and within ten hands had a read on all the players at my table, slowly grinding chips with two early bluffs with fresh air to make my opps fold. I then called someone out with ace high to see their bluff shamefully mucked.

    Things were going well starting stack 6k i was up to 10k.

    Within another few hands and some great reads and over the top shoves i was soon upto about
    20k in chips with full control of my table and a great read on all the situations i was involved in.

    I then sat tight untill the numbers of players dropped.

    Then i was moved table, by this time however i was thinking to myself pffffff about 5 hrs of play and still 20 or so players left.

    So bosting for the toilet and tired from an early start to the day decided to just donk myself out.

    Was great fun and enjoyed my night, but cant help thinking how much better it is to sit at home and the same ammount of people tourneys take way less time.

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    Holdem I just have to ask here...

    In the post of milehigh's you debate Dave (Thelangolier) on whether live or online poker has a higher % of fish vs. competent players and not only come down on the side of live having less but are almost astonished that Dave (who prolly has more live experience than most of this Forum combined BTW...) could make the call that actually online is the tougher gig,with a smaller fish ratio.

    And here you state that within TEN HANDS you "had a read on all the players at my table".

    You think you might want to reconsider your earlier position?


    Just for background I'll go on record that,at least in terms of the competition and the preponderance of easy marks,that I too find live to be easier than online poker.


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      hi mox,was more astonished that dave gets an easy game anywhere with his class,could not imagine he goes anywhere that have fish at the table,however saying that i suppose its down to the country you are in,the area you are in and the population count.

      And for a read at the table,my views of a read at the table may be different to yours,so to me i class ten hands live as quite a lot as that can take upto 30 mins or so depending on the table.

      Maybe the class of player on the internet may be better,but lack of skills alone dont make a fish.
      I look for the drunks etc that can cause a good player to be bad and so on,

      i feel live play is harder just for the fact that you can see the opp,maybe its just me with not going out much and let myself get imtimidated at times,where as on the net im fearless at times.

      i suppose mox there could be a debate for both, and no way would i disrepect dave or have any intention to do so,i to have seeing his vids and i think hes just sick,and mox hope you can return soon so i can or may have a chance to play u,as u have some great knowledge of the game.


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        I hope so to and thanks.

        But seriously,think about that for a minute. Forget the time factor,we all know that things move more slowly live. It's the volume factor I'm talking about here.

        Have you EVER,online,had a read on the entire table in 10 hands? I've very,very rarely had a read on ONE player in that short space that I would give any real credence to,much less the entire table.

        But live I have had reads on as much as half a table within an orbit or so,from physical and verbal tells as much as anything usually. One of which is completely denied us online (verbal tells translate to the chatbox here of course,and yeah I have definitely used peeps chat against them on many an occasion).


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          Also yes,being in control of YOUR emotions live is much more important because besides the tilt factor they become a read for your opponents.

          As to the drunk thing...meh,I don't much think that there are as many peeps getting sauced live as there are online and really with the betting patterns that you see from some (many) peeps online you're left with 2 choices with them...drunk or complete idiot.

          If you can put them on plays does which one is the reason even matter?

          And of course the hardest thing about live play is that I can't roll out of bed and be at the table (or tables more likely) within 5 minutes,whilst still in my boxers and noshing on a big ass bowl of Wheaties.
          Last edited by Moxie Pip; Mon May 14, 2012, 07:18 AM.


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            in me boxers with a big ass bowl of wheaties lmao mox,and some good true points there.


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              I think you pulled off some bluffs without thinking too much, hoping they'd fold. In your mind, you felt cunning and smart, but they just didn't have strong enough hands to continue. In hindsight, you remember this as "having a read on everyone at the table". This is very dangerous, and we've all been there early in our poker careers. I don't want you to respond to this post with any sort of shot at trying to convince me that you actually had reads on them. Just identify this problem and work on it. You did not have reads on them.

              So bosting for the toilet and tired from an early start to the day decided to just donk myself out.

              Last edited by Feskprins; Sat May 19, 2012, 02:26 AM.


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                point taken fesk nice one


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                  I would have to be REALLY tired to donk myself out., unless I felt I was outclassed.

                  Bracelet Winner


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                    I have to agree with Joy here.

                    Why would you donk out of a touny? You can sit out and run to the Lavvy!!

                    It almost seems like you commited the mistake i first made playing online.

                    Ask how log the torniment is likely to last (or how long did the one last week last.) I got caught a few times in the 2.20 tourny that starts at 8.30 pm. typically they finish around 2.30am maybe as late as 4am. and i have in the past fallen asleep at the computer.

                    Grade b
                    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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                      lol guys and girls these tourneys start at 9pm and finish about 5 am for only between 40-60 people.

                      im up at 6.30 every morning lol with my kids,come midnight im stuffed lol,

                      they seem to take for ever,use to love them and hate the internet poker,but now ive switched a bit to be honest,i can play the same style tourneys on here and it takes wat 3hrs or so,sometimes even quicker,

                      i honestly owned my first table,i can honestly say before poker school i could not do that, this was the first time really i had practiced all the new stuff i have learnt,meaning mostly the langos reading abilities of a table,i have cashed a few times in them and have won another similar type at a different casino in the past,but this time i felt powerfull,it was a proper rush.

                      but i got tired and was bosting for the loo,2 of my freinds were all ready knocked out so donked all in with k4 to utg raiser,

                      so on thoughts on this,and this been a regular thing i have done live,how do i deal with this side to my game?
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                        Hi holdem!

                        1) do NOT drink. When I'm playing live, all I'm drinking is coffee, water or an energy drink... and not that much of any of them. Breaks are every 1 or 2 hrs and I don't want to have to miss a hand.

                        2) be ready to be there for the whole tourney. Even smaller tournies take 4-5 hrs and some take multiple days, which means that you play for TWELVE hours. If you're not ready to invest this much time.... then wait until you are.

                        3) when I play, I don't care what's happened in previous hands... NEVER... NEVER.. give a chip away in a tourney.

                        John (JWK24)

                        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                          thanks john,yea i can see a few beers as been a problem maybe thx,i dont drink or go out much but do have a couple of bottles to calm the live nerves.
                          I shall cut that out and if nothing else that will probably give me an hour or two extra before i tilt lol,
                          when u say dont give a single chip away do u mean be really nitty? as last time i played lag with sucess until i tired out?


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                            In live cash games I try to play "contrarian" poker, play loose at a tight table and tight at a loose table. Generally speaking live games are usually loose passive at the 1/2 & 1/3 levels enjoy. With multiple callers to an opening raise from early position its great for when you hit, but if you don't you can almost guarantee someone else did.

                            Good Decisions!


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                              I played live yesterday and the same calling station donked me 3 hands in a row. Flush chasing first hand, TT v AJo 2nd and 555 V's a gutshot. It was one before final table as well of which he was first out (only paid top 5)

                              Give me online any day, live poker is rigged.
                              Bracelet Winner



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