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Joliet Live League Results (so far)

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  • Joliet Live League Results (so far)

    As some of you know, TheLangolier, JWK24, and myself are playing a live poker league for a chance to win a WSOP Main Event Seat.

    The format of the league is simple:

    You play a $50 MTT each week for 9 weeks.
    The top 6 weeks of your weekly scores are averaged to determine your rank.
    The top 10 players in the league go directly to a 20 person, 2 table final
    The 11th thru 60th in league ranks play a semi final for the remaining 10 seats in the finals.

    The winner of the finals gets the seat, and 2 thru 10 in the finals will get some small amount of cash (usually around 100$ for 10th and $500 for 2nd).

    If you play all 9 events, you get 25 pts added to your average.
    If you play 8 of 9, you get 15 pts added to your average.
    If you play 7 of 9, you get 5 pts added to your average.
    If you do not play at least 6, you cannot qualify for a seat in even the semi finals, regardless of your average.

    (Usually between 45 and 55 people play enough to get a seat in the semi's)

    As this week past was week 6, I thought I'd post the league rankings as they are released. Here is week 6:

    And here is week 7:

    I will put week 8 up here when it is out!


  • #2
    GL to all of you!
    I'll be looking for you on TV....


    • #3
      Go Go Go JDean Langolier and JWK good luck see you in wsop main event final table weeee...


      • #4
        I made another final table tonight, altho I busted 10th.

        That added 54.6 pts to my score, and replaces the last 30.66, so I saw a net increase of about 24 pts total, or an average of 4 more points.

        i may not move UP the ranks though...

        If you look at week 7, Rajeev, Robert, and Rishi were all at the FT too, and obviously they out lasted me; I thnk Bala was still at the FT too. Still, Rajeev may not play next week, which sticks up with NO bonus, and effectively increases me 25 pts in relation to him, plus whatever I make next week. Robert also said he may not be able to play next week, so that gives me a 10 point boost relative to him.

        The IMPORTANT thing though was that there were no "unfamiliar faces" at the FT, so it is quite unlikely anyone LOWER than me will see a big jump to pass me!

        Top 10 is looking closer and closer...


        But next week will tell...

        (BTW, JWK24 busted 26th, and The Langolier busted in the low 30's or high 20's. john added right around .75 to 1 pt to his avg, and Dave's score probably will not count for him. The Langolier is REALLY in the hunt for top 10 too, and John has a pretty outside chance, probably needing a win next week to make t10. At least John will be a pretty good favorite in my opinion to make the top 10 of the semi final to get him into the finals.)

        The new score tables should be out late tomorrow, and I will post the updated ranks then!


        • #5
          It's been fun following this chase for the coveted seat. The weekly blogs by Lango and JWK have really kept us in the action. Great job guys. Good luck as you head toward the finals.
          3 Time Bracelet Winner


          • #6
            Week 8 numbers are up and will be posted later. I moved up 4 places, but still have a shot at the top 10 and avoiding the semis. A win will get me in for sure and a 2nd will get me somewhere between 9th-12th, depending on what the others do.... gut feeling says I'll get in if I can get 2nd.

            However... if I can finally get cards for a week, I'd rather have it be 2 weeks from now when the WSOPME seat's on the line, but will do my best just like every other week.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner

            Online Poker League
            Can you win the leaderboard?


            • #7
              It's been great following you through this league, good job guys!!

              Bracelet Winner


              • #8
                Week 8 results!


                • #9
                  Week 9 RESULTS!

                  I finished in t10 (7th), The Langolier just missed (13th), and JWK24 made a valiant effort but fell short in his quest to make t10 (21st). Next week is for all da MARBLES!!!!


                  • #10
                    Must be super-competitive if Lango can FT half the time and only get 13th.

                    Great job guys. Somebody win something!


                    • #11
                      Well Finals are over, and no ticket for me!

                      To make it worse, not final table and extra $ for me either, as I busted 11th on the FT bubble.

                      I felt I played pretty well though, having 3 shots at shorter stacks as an 80/20, then 60/40, then 53/47 favorite, and each time losing around a 1/4th of my stack; if even 1 of those change and go my way, I am in pretty good shape.

                      I did make one great hand, and 1 mistake 6 handed at my table, 12 handed in the event...

                      After losing the 80/20 and 60/40 flips to fall to about 4500 at the 300/600 blind level, a guy I had played with quite a lot open raised in MP. He was chattering at the short stack who was tanking a bit (that guy coffee housed a lot), and seemed to be encouraging him to move in. Eventually the shortie folded though, and I looked down at AQo, and given the range I knew this guy had, I KNEW my hand was best...or at worst a flip.

                      I responded to his chatter trying to get the shortie to commit by saying, "Ok, you convinced me" and I moved in. That seemed to catch the guy totally off guard.

                      He does a double take, asks for a count of my stack, and then decides I am "messing" with him, and he calls me with AJo. I hold up un-improved, and cripple him to under 1000 chips, and get to over a bit over 10k.

                      I also have to include another hand before I get to the "mistake"...

                      The shortie had been playing UBER TIGHT, and had fallen to around 1800 chips.

                      A few hands later he is UTG, and moved all in for his 3BB stack. I figured he HAD to open his range eventually, and as folding UTG would pretty much force him to commit on any hand by the SB at the latest, so when I saw 33, I felt there was a pretty good chance I was on the good side of a coin flip. I iso-raised a committing amount (ANY 3bet is committing for everyone!) relying on the size of my stack to exert a threat, and made it 3900 to go.

                      Please note, I really should have shoved all in instead, but I settled on the small committing raise simply BECAUSE I knew my 33 would be shown down HU in almost all likelihood (due to my tight table image), and I really wanted them to see that I might 3bet "small" when semi light to widen a shove range if I got into a similar situation with a BIG hand later. If there had been any stacks behind me less than around 5000 to 6000, I'd have NOT risked a re-shove, and would have just moved all in.

                      Unfortunately, I lost my "race" when the UTG player's A8o spiked an 8 on the turn. I fell to around 8k in chips...and that leads to my "mistake".

                      Shortie had moved to around 4500 or so (with his double thru me, plus blinds and antes), and I caught nothing remotely playable all the way to my next BB, and shortie's SB.

                      He open shoved and the 1000/500 level for 2350 more than my 1000BB. There was around 4.5k in the pot, and I decided to "sheriff" him with J5o. The "mistake" in this was that I probably should have recognized that he was so tight that he was probably willing to FOLD hands like weak As that I'd have reasonable equity against, rather than stand on any 2 cards (basically) blind v blind.

                      The result was I ran J5o into AKo, and had "live cards", but not quite the right price to play those live cards for almost 30% of my stack. I did look at all the other stacks at the table, an saw no stacks against whom I might have reasonable fold equity if I lost, but I'd have much rather kept my 7k stack, than risk falling to just under 5k. Of course I lost...

                      I continued extremely card dead at an aggro table making frequent small ball raises, so there was no way I'd have fold equity shoving 4500 or so over a 2200 open raiser (a pretty standard pre flop sizing), whereas I MAY have kept some measure of FE with my table image with 7k...

                      End result: on the bubble it folded to my BTN, and I looked down to see A2o. I jammed.

                      BB called with A7o.

                      Flop came 894...and I needed 2 overs to a 7 for a chop.

                      turn came a 9...and now I only needed a card over a 7 to chop!

                      Alas, the river came a 5, and his kicker played, and I bubbled.

                      All in all, it was a GREAT league to play in, and I honestly think I can count my "mistakes" throughout the entire 10 games on the fingers of 1 hand. I had my share of good fortune (a guy jammed 3 times pot when I held quads, I ran about 5 of 8 in sheriffing all in's as a 40% dog with pot odds on a huge stack to just keep getting bigger in 1 event, and I had the good fortune to have table draws which gave me frequent "targets" against whom I knew I could get chips throughout). I also had my share of bad fortune (I caught AA only 5 times throughout the series, and was cracked twice, I generally ran well less than expected when in as a 60% favorite, and I lost 9 of 10 final all in hands ). But all that is "poker"...

                      The most important thing is that I had fun!


                      TheLangolier and JWK24 both made the finals from the semi's, and Dave busted out a little bit before me (and went on to crush the 1/3 NL cash game!), while John lasted until 6th, to bink a nice little $100 cash.

                      See you all next time!



                      • #12
                        Good stuff!



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