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Orleans Limit Holdem Tourney

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  • Orleans Limit Holdem Tourney

    I made a trip this past weekend to Vegas with a few friends for my birthday. One of the guys I went with recently started playing poker, and he really wanted to play in a tournament. We decided on the Orleans Saturday at noon limit holdem event. A little note before I start, I thought it was the no limit event, if I knew it was limit, I wouldn't have joined since I hardly play limit tournaments and had no idea what to do.

    It was a $30 entry fee with a $3 tip for the dealers that gave us 75 more in chips. So everyone started with 675. I sit for the first 2 orbits without a hand. Just folding and watching the play. I finally get a good hand with KK in middle position. There is a limper in early position, 2 folds, then I raise. Button calls, BB calls, and the initial limper call. The flop comes KJ9 rainbow. Its checked to me, I bet, all fold except for the initial limper, he raises. I think he has to be playing something like JT, and he thinks his pair is good. So I call. Turn and the river don't matter. But it goees with him checking, me betting and him calling. He turns over the QT for hte straight. THat one kinda confused me that he would call a raise with that, but oh well. I lost a good chunk of my stack on that. But withen one orbit, I am the chip leader at the table as get dealt AK twice, AA once, and I win with 77 once.

    So I made it to the first break as chip leader at my table. People have seen that I have only been showing down good hands, except for that 77, so I figure that I will ge ta few chances to steal some pots.

    I take a few stabs at stealing in a few pots, but no one bits. And then I go card dead. I get nothing for 2 blind levels, and all of a sudden I am one ofthe smaller stacks at the table. we are coming up on the second break and I finally start the get some cards. I end up all in with AJ suited and win, then I have QQ that stand up, and I am back to being one of hte bigger stacks at the table.

    Just before the break our table is broken up. I end up at a table where I am again one of the smaller stacks. I get no cards but I see 4 people get busted, and I get moved again. We are now down to the final 4 tables, we started with 112. I am seated to the left of the tournament chip leader, and he has a bunch of them. He starts to raise almost every hand, and he actually has good hands to do so with. So I end up folding alot, and watching him take down pot after pot. I finally get a hand to play with, AK. Chip leader raises, I reraise, and everyone folds to me. So I now know that he will fold a hand. But I never get to use the knowledge as I go card dead again. And with such a small stack, I really can't make a move at a pot. The blinds are now at 300/600, and I have about 1800 in chips. I get QQ, and I make a secision that this is the hand. I will end up all i with this hand. It gets to me and I raise it. I get one caller. Flop comes with T62. I am feeling very good aobut my hand here so I just go all in, and I get called by the one guy. HE turns up QT,a nd I show my QQ. I am feeling pretty good about my hand until another T hits on the turn. Nothing saves me on the river and I go home 36th.

    I felt that I played a pretty good game. There were times where I wasn't sure what the correct course of action was, as I was trying to apply no limit theory to a limit tourney, but I think it worked out ok. I just hate the QT hand now.

    But the trip wasn't a complete bust. I won enough to cover my entire trip playing 3-6 at the Mirage, so it was a fun birthday for me.

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    WOW....great trip report! I am certainly no expert on tourney play, but you did great considering your limited experience in Limit Tourneys.

    And happy birthday! It is always fun to leave Vegas with a little money in your pocket.

    Can't wait to hear another report.


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      talking of games at the orleans....
      i would like to say


      to pokerwidow for getting a first place split in fridays omaha 8 game there. she played awesome and did us all proud 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)




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