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JH Seniors completion

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  • JH Seniors completion

    After the big hit on Saturday, I only played live on Sunday. My roomate played the Jr/Sr event and took first place. My partner tried to contact me last Wednesday but we never made contact so he picked up another Jr partner. Just an average day of poker.

    Monday the Omaha 8, My favorite tourney. I pay my entry and sign up for some live action. I'm seated in HE4-8 game and play for 2 hours when I'm called to the O/8 3-6. I'm up $75 and take my chips to the new game & play until 11:45am. I cash out $225. Not a bad start for the day (+75 HE & +$50 O/8) and a good positive mind set to start the O/8 tourny.

    The tourny starts and I'm catching cards and playing aggressive. My table image is strong and I test the waters for my first bluff. I raise pre-flop with QQJ7 double suited (you're right this is a terrible O/8 hand) and we go to the flop 3 handed. The flop comes down (2,8,9 rainbow with one each of my suits). I bet out in early position and loose one player. The player to my left is wearing a Red PSO cap from August. I've played with him in Tunica before but can't remember his PSO handle. The turn makes the board (2,7,8,9)He is a strong player and stares me down and says if a high card had hit the turn he was gonna raise me back or bet out, then he folds. I know he was telling the truth, but my image and aggressive play has earned me a pot. At the first break I'm up to T9600+ and decide to take the one rebuy for T1500 that gives me a slight lead on my table. I keep working my image and aggression but have to make a few laydowns myself. By the time we get to two tables I'm one of the chip leaders. Since I made a money place on NLHE, I'm going to play for the win in this one. We get to thirteen players and I pick-up (A,2,4,4) in the big blind. The button is the first in and raises and its to me and the raiser. He may be trying to buy this one so I call with my 3 babies and a pair. I get a very good flop (6,4,8), made nut low and set. This is going to be the hand that gets me in position to take it to the end. I bet out and I'm raised and I call. The turn gives a board of (6,4,8,Q). I bet out and get raised and I go all-n for my total (started with T21K). We flip the cards and he has A,2,3,5 to draw for the str8. Mantra: BIG or Pair,BIG or Pair,BIG or Pair. The final board is (4,5,6,8,Q). I'm quartered and get half my chips back, but still not the shortest stack. I wait for another playable hand and pick up (A,2,Q,Q) in the small blind. The flop comes (5,7,Q) and I get all my chips in with top set and nut low draw. The board doesn't pair but a nine comes off and I'm out in thirteenth loosing to a str8.

    I play the Monday NLHE but get a run of bad cards and but early after blinding down to BB. I go all-n with Ad,Jd UTG and get one caller with (3,3). the board makes him a A-5 str8 and I'm out deciding not to rebuy.
    I play some HE10-20 and loose $325 in 3 hours when all my big pairs seem to loose to people catching baby sets and str8s. I play some more O/8 and make a small recovery but finsh the day down $285.
    I start playing HE4-8 and break even when I'm called to the O/8 table. I pass the first hand while getting a cup of coffee. I sit down and pass the next three hands. I pick-up (Q,Q,J,7 double suited). I remeber this hand from earlier and decided to play and limp in. We take the flop 4-handed. The flop comes (Q,5,8) and the small blind bets out and its folded to me and I raise to narrow the field. We go to the turn 3-handed and the board comes to (Q,5,8,Q). Halla luya. The small blind bets out and I raise and the small blind calls and we are heads up to the river. The board at the river is (Q,5,8,Q,5) and the small blind bets out. What the h*ll can Jim have. I raise and he raises me back. I stare him down and raise him and he calls and says "do you know what this means?" It dawns on me that we have hit the minnie badbeat. I gtet a nice pot + $165 winners share and Jim gets $250 and the others get $51 each. I play until 10:30pm and cash out $125 and the BB $165 in my pocket ($190 profit).
    I play 2 one table satillites for the $340 chmpionship event. Loose the first with all bad cards, never get to play a hand until I get (9,9) and go all-n and get called by (J,J) with no help. The second I make it to 3 way action but I'm short with T800 against two with equal stacks of T4600. One guy ask for a deal and offers me $50 and the other $150 for the $340 ticket. We take the deal. IGTBN
    I sign up for the big event and get in a HE 4-8 game and lay for 45 minutes and get moved to the O/8 game. I cash-out 11:45am down $125.
    Championship NLHE event (110 players & $33,000 prize pool).
    I'm seated at a strong table. I've played live and tourny against all but 2 of the players (I can't spot the goose. Where's my mirror!). My strategy (a) tight, (b) aggressive, (c) small pots unless I get a monster. There is a dealer toke and a charity toke rebuy and most players start with T10,000. Hey I know this game because I play it every week. I win several small pots and pick up the blinds a few times and make the first break with T12,500. I make the second break with T13,500. The comes a limping pot and I'm on the button (2,2) so I limp in also. The small blind limps and we see the flop (8,9,3) 8 handed. It's checked around to me. I think about betting to steal but there has been a good bit of slow playing of 2 pair hands, so I elect to take the free card. The turn board is (8,9,3,2) and a middle position player betts BB and it's folded to me and I raise him back to get a reaction and he just calls. He has either decided to trap me or he's playing 2 pair or a draw. The river board (8,9,3,2,T) he checks and I think about betting but there are two many ways to get beat. I decide medium pot at this stage of the tournament is good simce it gets me to T19K. We turn up our cards and he shows 8,9 2 pair against my bottom set. He later talks to a mutual friend of ours and says I rand him down with (2,2) and our friend reminded him that he checked the flop and basically gave me the winning hand. Yeah, gift in hand. We later stop for the night and come back at noon to finish the tournament.

    Saturday I play a little live action to keep from being board waiting to complete the tournament. I loose a few bucks but I have played good and am in a good frame of mind. We play down to eleven players and I have T80K and get moved to the short table. I fold several hands until Im in the small blind with (T,5) and the button goes all-n for T1500 and I complete the blind to T2000 and the big blind checks. Flop comes to (8,T,Q) and I check hoping the BB (with about T60,000) knows about dry pots or will not bluff this situation. We check all the way to the river (8,T,Q,3,T). I win the pot and make my second final table with slightly less than average stack. I get very few playable hands until I get (K,K) in the big blinds and have T46K after posting the blinds. One short stack busted out and we are now 9. The only lady still in (who has been playiny erratically Q,2 6,8 and such). She moves in from middle position for T23K and I come over the top all-in to shut out two players (big stacks) that limped in ahead of her. The cards are turned up and she has a good hand (A,K os). I'm ahead until the flop that brings an A and rags. I get no help on the turn or river and I down to T23000. I get blinded down to T8500 when the blinds are approaching at 4K/8K. I'm in late middle position and haven't played a hand since the (K,K) killer. I'm first to take action and move all-in and the big stacks fold to the big blind who thinks about 2 minutes. He was the player that took third in the other tourney I placed in. He finally calls and turns up (3,3) and I show (Jc,Tc). He makes a str8 A-5 and I'm out for ($660 pay day) 9th.
    I get some dinner and return to play O/8 for 2 hours and cash out up $45 and IGTBN.
    I play HE4-8 for three hours and cash out +$125. IGHN

    Praise be to PSO training paying off again

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    Hello! BUSCHMAN!...Two very very nice trip reports...Lots of poker play you got in 8) ...Final table WTG!...daisy777



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