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Johnny Hale Seniors Tunica

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  • Johnny Hale Seniors Tunica

    Hello all. Thought I'd make a short report for the young at heart.

    I packed all my stuff for another trip to The Grand casino and ten days of poker with a bunch of old geezers and geezerettes. I plan to play the first 2 NLHE events and see how long my $2000.00 playing bankroll last. (I budget for $200.00 per day and 10 days)

    I left for the road on Oct 9, 03, 7:00am (yeah, old folks still get up early to do the driving). Arrived and signed up for LLHE 4/8 game and began to play a little poker while waiting for an omaha game to start. Did I forget that I played 7CS for thirty minutes and was down $1.00 and one of the rocks refilled my tray because I was mopping about leaving a looser.

    I played HE for about 45 minutes and this was my last hand (I was down $60 to $70. I'm on the button and I'm gonna bust in the HE game or make some money. I look down and find (Ah,7c ). We take the flop 5 handed limping. The board comes down (As,Ac,5s) and the small blind comes out betting and is called around to me. Don't you love LLHE. I and one person have A's and we get 5 way action. Who knows what the other 3 have. I raise to start my all in attempt and am called around by everyone. Okay, this deck has got to be full of A's.

    The turn card comes and the board is now (A,A,A,5) and is checked around to me. Well, I'm betting my quad's in late position and get called by 3 players (one person does not have 4 A's). The river makes the board (Ac,As,Ad,5s,3x) and it's checked to me and I bet my hand one more time expecting to have all our money returned because this deck is full of A's.

    I'm called by 2 and I ask someone to beat my hand. What they had. The small blind had the (2s,4s) drawing for the str8 flush and the other folded to the muck. Almost a badbeat jackpot for $40,000. I stack my chips and head over to the O/8 game.

    Beleive it or not, I hit Quad A's twice again before 12:30pm (Quad A's 3 times in less than 2 hours). I'm thinking this is going to be my week. I cash out to get some rest at 11:45pm down $245.00. Maybe not going to be my week. Quad A's 3 times and I'm still big looser. These geezers are tough.

    Friday is Limit Holdem tourny @ noon and I meet RangerRick and see he's in the event and decide limit is not my strong game and opt to play the NLHE 7:00pm event. I play some HE 4-8 & O/8 3-6 and cash out up $60.00 and go play NLHE event.

    Start and I got from T2500 start to T11,500 when the rebuy ends. I notice the field is strong so I take the 1 rebuy option for T1500 (figure it's worth 4 times the amount in my strategy plan). By the second break I'm up to T22,500 and haven't made any mistakes. I see RR and he has made it to the final table of the LHE and will be in the play-off on Saturday morning. We get to 27 players and the table is folded around to the button (small stack) and he moves all in for T3000. I look down and find Ad,Jd and put in a raise to isolate. Oops the BB over calls my raise. The flop comes (Ah,7d,3d) and I push into get heads up. The BB calls and he has me covered. The boards completes to (A,7,3,T,x) and I'm out in 26th. I hate that turn card since I don't complete my nut flush and I'm beat by (A,T os). IGTBN.

    I get up early to sign in for HE and O/8 and start playing Saturday, 8:30am and get one of the casinos great breakfasts when my buddy, Ed Pardon, arrives (we travel to all the Mississippi poker places to play and share expences). I cash out 11:30 to sign up for the NLHE event. I make enough to get back even for the week. This puts me in a good mood to start the tournament.

    We start and I play UTG (Ks,Qs) and raise bb to test the water or steal the blinds. I'm called in three places. Flop (5c,Jh,Tc) and I check open-end str8 draw in early position. It's checked around. The turn board is (5, T, J, A) and I again bet bb and its called in the 7 seat and the ten seat raises it to T600. Looks like I'm against flush draw and someone has hit his A for a pair. I think for about 45 seconds then push in to get the flush draw out and maybe heads up or take it down against the pair of A's. The 7 seat folds and the ten seat calls. The river is a 8c and I'm up to over T5000 on my first hand. Ten seat shows A,K and the seven seat says "nice bet, I folded (Ac,9c). I continue to play perfect and I'm at T10,500 at the first break and decide to take the 1 rebuy (T1500). We are playing down until 6:30pm and will be breaking to complete on Sunday morning. We make the final tableabout 4:45pm and I'm an average stack. 3 short stacks and one other average stack and 2 with big stacks. The short stack to my left is Danny Ray the 20th place finisher from the WPO. He proceeds to push in 3 times in the first five hands and get more chips than me. Nut'n I could do while getting series of trash(7,2 9,4 8,3) hands. One of the shorts bust about 5:00pm. We get to 5 ways at 5:52 and someone wants to know if there is a deal for the money (one objection from Gene, chip leader with 40% of the chips). We play on and my stack gets to T60,000 and the player to my right Bob Ezell has me close. We get to 3 way at 6:23 and I'm in second chip T56,800, Bob T45,600, and Gene T100,000+. TD comes over and says we'll play a few hands and break for the day. Gene tells us he doesn't want to come back another day. I ask him what he'll settle for to end the tournament. He wants $4000 and I propose $3200 for me and 2900 for Bob. Gene says he'll take the deal and Bob ask for $3000 and I take 3140. The TD accepts the money deal and we play 3 more hands and Gene wins.

    Yes, yes, yes, I now have enough to play the championship event if I don't have a terrible week.

    To be continued

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