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I Took the Leap

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  • I Took the Leap

    Hey all.

    Grab a drink at sit down. This is a long one. But for those who know me, you know that I have a lot to say!!!!

    I have been playing poker online at PSO since January. I have been playing poker since January. All this to say that I have never played a live game. Well except when I was 8 years old and my mom let me play the penny game one time with 4 of her friends. I won about a dollar that day and thought I was the King of the World. Funny that the Poker bug didn't bite me then.

    Well anyway. I am really not in a position financially to put my own money up to play live. So online playing is my only exposure to Poker. I recently got a second job to help with this situation and work m-f 6-11:30 pm.

    So last Friday night I wasn't tired after work, so I took the 5 mile trip out of my way to Casino AZ in Scottsdale AZ to check out their cardroom. They have relocated recently for those of you who know Casino AZ. The new cardroom is a no smoking room with about 6 BIG BIG screen TVs and several other good size TVs around the room. I went in with $125 in my pocket. I figured I would check it out and if I felt comfortable I would play. I was very intimidated by the number of people playing at midnight and the way people played. No one was showing any emotion. I figured everyone must really know what they are doing. So I watched for about an hour and left. To intimidated to play. ?????

    Since then I have taken that same trip 2 other times only to turn around in the parking lot. ????

    Well last night I got out of work about an hour early. I again made the trip 5 mile trip to the Casino. I walked in for a 3/6 game and put my name on the list without hesitation. I figured if I waited any time at all I would wuss out again. I was immediately seated at a table with 8 people playing. To my sagrin 4 of them were dealers there!!!! MY LUCK!!!!!

    I purchased $100 in chips. Posted my blind and away we went. The first round I saw 72o 2 times and just junk the whole round. I noticed people doing tricks with their chips (dealers) and really talking the talk. I am very very nervous. And freezing my butt off, which didn't help my already nervous shaking that I had a hard time controlling. But at least I had the temperature to blame it on.

    The first playable hand that I had was on the SB second time around. I had PP6. Had only 1 caller in 7 position (here on out referred to as Old Faithful). He just called the $3. I called the $3 and the BB checked. Flop comes 237. Not a real dangerous flop for my hand. I bet it out. BB folds and other player calls. Turn comes 10. We both check. Ok. Hey I may have this one. River comes Q. We both bet $6. He turns his cards over. He had PP7. I lost $12.00 on my first hand ever. LOL

    The next time in the big blind I have T4s. 4th position raises (dealer) and 7th position calls. I figure they're suited so I will pay the 3 to see the flop and if I don't hit I get out cheap. Flop comes JT2. I got a small piece of it. I check, 4th checks 7th bets $3. I look at him. He doesn't seem too confident with his bet. Maybe he is trying to pull me in. No he doesn't have a piece...I call. 4th position (original raiser) folds? Turn is a J. I bet he looks at his card...appears like he is going to muck it. But calls. Now I am confused. Turn comes Q. Ouch now I am a little worried. I check. He bets...again got that look like don't call me. I think for a him for a second...he is very uneasy. I just call....I am 80% sure I got him. He drops his shoulders and says I got nothing....I say tens and turn my cards over. The guy in 4th position (dealer) says...I bet you’re proud of that T4 aren't you. I didn't say anything but of course I was. I read the hand perfectly. And not to mention I just pulled in nearly $50 bucks!!! $50 bucks is huge for a guy who is broke.

    Next playable hand again in small blind is 89spade. UTG calls and again Old Faithful calls, I call figuring I'll see the flop. Flop comes 6TQ rainbow. I check UTG checks. Old Faithful bets. I figure $3 bucks...ok I will see the turn. UTG calls. Turn card is a miracle card 7. I got the nut straight. I couldn't believe my eyes. Stay calm is all I could tell myself. I check, UTG bets $6, Old Faithful calls...I raise. UTG calls and Old Faithful calls. River comes 2. I bet both call. I turn my cards over. UTG turns over 89!!!!!! My heart was broke. I declare "CHOP CHOP". Oh well I have a few bucks more than I started with.

    The next hand I play, which also turns out to be the last one I played as I set a limit of 1:00 am to stop playing, again is in the next SB with A9o. Only the UTG and BB in this hand. Flop comes 678 rainbow. I check, BB checks and UTG bets. Since I have the open ended str8 draw and I figure UTG is not stupid enough to go in with small cards again I figure I will pay the small fee to see the turn and if I don't hit hope that everyone checks to see the river. BB calls as well. Well the turn comes another miracle for ole Steltie. 10. Again wow I can't believe my luck. STAY CALM!!!! I check. BB bets $6 UTG calls I think for about 4 seconds and look each person in the eye and say raise very I have been doing this for years. BB calls and UTG folds. River comes rags. I bet figuring ole BB is not gonna go for the check raise again. He calls. He says do you got me. I said yeah. Then he turns over his K9. HEARTBREAK AGAIN!!!! Another split pot. My luck argggghhhhhh!!!!

    But to put an end to this long long post. I left with $75 more than I came with for 1 1/2 hours play. I played my game. Only played 7 hands. Got out of the hands I should have. Stayed in when I should have. I felt like King of the World! Today I still feel like King of the World.

    I am going again tonight now that I got my feet wet I am not intimidated. But I learned a couple of things. Least of which is to bring a jacket or a sweater to any Poker tourney you play in no matter whether you think you'll need it or not. Be prepared because that cold, hand hurts shake will not help your game!!!! No more shakin' for me.

    I can't believe I have learned so much playing with all of you here at PSO. I feel that I can hold my own in pretty much any game I enter now. You all are the best competition and after last night I am thankful to all of you for being members here and for the most part giving your best game to play against to hone my skills.

    Thank you all for lending me your ear!!!!

    Dave "Steltie"

    PS: I would personally like to give a shout out and thank Oil Doe, Depraved, & AZhardballz for all the encouragement!!!!

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    Atta kid,

    Good work and now that your feet are wet i'll prolly see ya out there every night lol. I think the most important thing to take away from Steltie's post is the inexpensive experience he received here for a lousy 15 bucks a month. He's been here 8 months X 15 = $120 and he has very little fear of live action now. You could blow $120 in a 3-6 game in 2 hours easily and not learn a damm thing. Once again congrats bud.




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