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WSOP League - Harrah's Joliet - Week 1 Report

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  • WSOP League - Harrah's Joliet - Week 1 Report

    Howdy folks!

    Each Tues for the next 8 weeks (tonight was week 1), Harrah's Joliet will be holding a $50 BI MTT.

    Based upon your finish in the Tuesday tourney, you receive league points, and at the end of 9 weeks the top 10 finishers in points will receive a seat into a 20 person Free Roll. People who finish between 11th and 60th in the league standings get to play a semi final free roll to fill the remaining 10 seats in the free roll final. The final is a winner take all MTT, with a seat to the 2012 Main event up for grabs. You must play at least 6 of 9 events to qualify for the semi final or finals.

    If you play all 9 weeks, you get 25 "bonus points", and your lowest 3 finishes do not count toward your overall league standing. If you play 8 events, you get 15 bonus points, and if you play 7 events, you get 7 bonus points. The top 3 finishers each week also receive a cash prize.

    Considering that only between 45 and 50 people played 6 events, and all of those got at least a chance to play the semi final, AND considering that you can win enough from making the top 3 a couple of times to pay for all 9 buy in's, this seems like a GREAT way to possibly get a seat at the most prestigous MTT in the world!

    Well folks, tonight marked Week 1 of my adventure in chasing a WSOP 2012 ME seat, and it was not a very auspicious beginning...

    I met up with JWK24 and TheLangolier before the start of the event (yes, both those poker reprobates are going for a seat too!), and we talked a bit of poker while anxiously awaiting the start. Luckily, none of us shared a start table, so there was no chance of early intra-PSO blood letting!

    70 runners signed up, and 1st place paid a bit under $480. 2nd was to get around $260 or so, and 3rd paid $77. We started with 4,000 chips, with 20 minute blinds levels, and 25/50 start blinds. unfortunately, none of your PSO stalwarts were any where close to any of the pay spots!

    I will let Dave and John tell you about their games, and will focus here on mine...

    First hand of the MTT I am dealt AJs UTG. As I have no clue aobut the table, I decide to limp in, and play my hand for its draw value, rather than risk a raise getting 3bet and forcing me to fold. 4 people call along, the flop comes 7 hi rainbow (no spades), and I check/fold to a 300 bet...pretty standard.

    I fold around thru my blinds, and the levels go up right at our 10th hand. I fold thru my BB and SB again, watching my table. Again, pretty standard, especially given the fact that the best hand I had seen was J6d!

    On my button though, I look down and see Q9s. A guy who had been in 5 of the first 12 pots (older guy, who I already have marked as a pretty weak player), open raises in MP for 300. I decide to flat on the BTN to see if I can start accumulating some chips. SB, a 20 something kid who struck me as pretty ABC, min raises. MP folds, and I decide to keep up with my spec play and flat along. Pot = 1600...

    Flop comes AQ3, with 1 spade. Kid is looking somewhat strong as he checks...I say this because he seems to be working hard to control his body motions, and is avoiding eye contact. I feel strongly he hit the A pretty hard, and I check behind.

    Turn tosses up another spade, and now the kid leads weakly, making it 300 to go. I do a quick check of his stack, and see he has right around 3k behind, so as I am pretty certain I can get most of those chips if another spade falls, I decide to flat. Well...river blanks for me, kid leads 500, and I muck my 2nd pair hand easily; he shows me AK, and I feel quite good about how I played it, as now I KNOW I get at least 2k more from him if I hit my 20% shot on the river, but I am now down to around 2850, or 28.5BB.

    2 hands alter, still at the 50/100 level, I catch AJo in the HJ chair. A guy 4 places to my right open raises making it 250 to go from EP, and a guy 2 to my right flats. The open raiser has been quite loose, so I decide to 3bet, and make it 675 to go. The open raiser mucks, but the guy who flat called decides to stick with the hand and calls. Pot = 1400.

    Flop comes AQ9 rainbow, and villain checks to me. I go ahead and lead for 850, and he tanks a bit. I know right then he does not have AK/AQ, as he tended to "hollywood" only when he wasn't sure of his hand, and I am sure either of those holdings would be pretty sure of themselves. Eventually, he mucks ATo face up, and I am back up to around 4250.

    I catch squadoosh all the way through my blinds, and cannot even make a move on anyone as no pots are limping to open. This costs me another 300, to bring me just a bit under start stack as we coast into level 3 with 100/200 blinds. My lack of cards, and the continued aggressive openings, force me to wait for a spot all the way until my 2nd BB at 100/200 level comes (about 2 min before break and level up)...

    I see the same loose guy I tried to speculate against with Q9s open raise, this time for a min bet. there is a caller of his raise in the CO chair, and the SB flats as well. I look down and see 99. A quick look at the table sees the SB with about 2200 behind, and as he is a somewhat passive guy who will call rather than raise with his middling strength hands, I am quite ready to play for stacks against him. the open raiser is so wide that he poses no danger at all, and the CO caller is also pretty ABC and probably would have attacked the min raise with any real hand.

    I decide that 99 is plenty good enough to risk my 18BB or so on, and jam to pick up the 1200 out there...

    It works, all muck, and I go to around 4800 in chips! \o/

    I fold my SB, and then 4 more hands play out quickly without us seeing a flop, and the break comes.

    A funny note to anyone who as seen me play...

    After the AJ take down, and the 2 orbits or so of folding, I hear table chatter from both my left and right to the effect that I have a "monster" when I jam the 99. I get the distinct impression they all think I am some kind of uber-nit or something. ANYONE who knows me, knows how hilarious that "read" is of my play style, but it was definately something i figured on using after the break...

    The break comes, and I learn the TheLqangolier is on around the same size stack as mine, a couple hundred more maybe, and JWK24 is the PSO "chip bit**" with about 7150. All in all, not a bad hour for any of us, as we all got out of it with a bit more than we started with.

    After break, with blinds at 100/200 with a 25 chips ante, I catch QJd UTG+3. It folds to me, and I decide to raise it up small ball and make it 475 to go. An pretty bad Loose/passive Asian guy 3 to my left flats that bet, leaving himself only like 2100 or so behind...BAD move skippy, I am going to take you off this one if the flop SNIFFS of hitting me! :-)

    It insta-mucks around to the BB, who has a total of maybe 1700 behind his post. BB JAMS!

    Now my read of BB was he is a bit TP when he had chips, but he had lost a decent sized pot calling down with 2nd pair/A kicker, so I do not necessarily see him as super strong to jam a bit under 10BB. I DO see Asian guy as a bit of a threat, as if he is prepared to call I am definately able to fold my small raise.

    I look left though, and everything in Asian guy's body language says he is not calling, no way, no how! He is holding his cards in his hand, leaning forward, with his hand almost already in the muck. That seals it for me, I call, and if Asian guy moves in for 200 or so more, so be it...I am suited and connected, and in a multi-way pot I at least have a shot to triple my investment.

    I figure with the 475 I put in, the 100 SB, and 200 from antes (we were 8 handed at this point, not 10 handed), plus the 475 contributed by Asian guy, calling 1425 for a chance to win 3150 looked quite promising, even if the BB rolls over something like AK.

    As I thought, Asian guy insta mucks. Unfortunately though, BB does not have what I think he has (a mid pp, or a decent, but not huge, A): He rolls over AA :-(

    The flop gave me a diamond draw though, but when that did not come in, I was chopped back down to 2900 or so.

    Next hand is a big swinger to me, even though I was not involved...

    Seat 1 had filled right before break with a guy TheLangolier told me was a pretty good player, albeit it a LAG. I mucked my UTG +2 hand, and Asian guy raised, making it 700 to go (again, WTF on a 1700/1800 stack!). Seat 1 must have known this guy from past MTTs, so he re-pops, making it 2k to go. Asian guys moves all in, and seat 1 calls with TT. Asian guy rolls over A9o, flops and A and takes a nice chunk of seat 1's pretty good size stack.

    Very next hand, I muck UTG +1, and Asian now raises AGAIN. Instantly Seat 1 re-pops, making it 2k to go, and Asaian guy jams AGAIN. This time it is 99 vs. AK. Asian guy's AK spikes the flop, and now seat 1 is on a push/fold stack around my stack's size (about 2850 or so).

    He folds when I am UTG. Jams my BB (I fold T5o), and then Jams my SB as well...

    I look down at my 2550 behind (about 12.5BB), see my hand (22), know that this guy is on only about 3k at the most, and know he is shoving wide. I do not think for a second that he is on a 100% range, and even if he is on as narrow as a 66% range, I am a small dog in a flip situation. Still, with the blinds increasing in about 5 minutes, and with that taking me to around 6BB, I really cannot see passing up a pp...I call.

    Well, Seat 1 rolls over A8s, and my 2 black 2s are slightly ahead, but I get that sick "I know there is no way I am winning this race" feeling...

    The flop throws up 2 spades, and my feeling only grows.

    the turn blanks, and I allow myself a glimmer of hope...could I actually fade this race, cripple a dangerous player AND double up to become a force at my table???????

    Nope. The 3s on the river ended all my hopes, and busted me 49th of 70.

    Still, while I am not happy with my finish, I am happy with my decisions. The 2 critical hands I lost were both very reasonable gambles to take in a fast structure event, with the blinds exerting a lot of pressure to chip up. To be 100% honest, if I muck my QJs hand, I probably also muck my 22 hand (I would NOT have called his all in with that pp on even 18 to 20BB), and I probably go a little deeper.

    But I figured to gamble a bit in the first couple events, while I knew I had 3 events that might drop out of my score. If even 1 of those 3 "gamble games" result in a really deep run, the league points will mean a LOT in terms of getting directly into the finals, rather than having to fade what may be a 40 person field for 10 seats in the finals.

    so all in all, I am quite happy with my finish, even though I was the first PSO'er out of the event!

    (theLangolier finished 31st, and JWK24 busted 21st).

    Oh wait!

    An "old time", pre Poker Stars PSO'er from the Chicago Area actually played, and was at my table to start. his nick on old PSO is/was "MidgetsRFunny" (his real name is Jason), and HE went out somewhere around 65th or so, lasting just an orbit and a half . Jason only got to play the 1 hand, when he went down in flames(his QQ lost to AK)...So I guess I really wasn;t the 1st PSO'er to bust this week afterall!

    I can at least take a little bit of solice in that fact, plus taking a bit more from the fact there will be another Tuesday game coming in just 1 short week!

    Until then, I'll see you all on the felt!

    Double Bracelet Winner

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    Nice report JD.. i love reading about live tournaments and games.. especially from someone like you who can explain their thought process as they go.. I have a home game and a pub leave match this weekend which ill definitely be blogging about.. Gl for next weeks, looking forward to the report already..


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      Very nice report on LIVE tourney. I enjoyed reading ur post. Keep it up. Wish i was there playing along with you and Dave, JWK plus more pso's er. umbup:



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