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Canterbury Tales

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  • Canterbury Tales

    It was only the best of times. Yes I know that I am mixing my literary metaphors here, but I figure that by starting of with two Dickens quotes, and then writing in my more rambling, Hunter S. Thompson style, I can create confusion in my readership. And I am a big fan of confusion.

    So. Pick up Jay and Jen Muzzey in Joliet, and point the (fairly) new car in a Northwesterly direction to Shakopee MN. Home of the Canturbury Racetrack and Cardroom. Jay quickly predicted at least one in the money finisher was riding in the car, and to see if he was correct you should jump to the last page. Apparently neither of them had slept too well the night before, and rather than discuss poker and solve the worlds problems, they napped and I listened to loud hippie music. This lasted until the Cubs game started and we were entertained by the joys of AM radio signals fading in and out while the Cubs took care of our entertainment, and the Braves.

    We arrived at Idoru99's (Mike) lovely home only about 1/2 hour later than planned (Not bad for a 450 mile drive) and the weekend began in earnest.

    10 pokerschoolers were lying in wait. It sure is a great feeling to walk into a room, and be greeted by a bunch of smiling happy people, who want nothing more than to play poker with you right away. (or is that a good thing?) Actually they gave us time to grab a beer, Hug a NewJane and then the poker game started.

    Road lagged and pouring down beers, I remember no highlights of play. I do remember meeting Mike's wife and her comment of "this is wildbill? he doesnt seem to live up to his name." So I was forced to take off my pants, tell fart jokes and make a pass at one of the their cats. Can't let down the fans you know.

    Off to the hotel and a good nights sleep. Morning comes and the Muzzeys and I learn an interesting fact about Minnesota. Apparently they arent fans of breakfast. We drove around for 1/2 an hour in search of a non fast food resturaunt for some eggs. We finally stopped and asked for directions and found a Perkins for our morning fix of cholesterol and carbs (eggs and pancakes).

    One full page into the report. I guess I should talk about poker for a while. We arrive for our first glimpse of the room shortly before the Noon starting time for the limit HE tournement. Neither the Muzzeys nor I were playing in it, but we did have time to wish NewJane, Sailor Moe, Andrew and the rest of the players good luck before heading into ring games.

    Jay and I sat at the same 8-16 table. (Channel Andy Rooney) Why is there so much 8-16, 9-18 holdem going on today and so few normal 10-20 games? What is up with two and three dollar chips anyway? (Andy Rooney mode off)

    Anyhow, Canterbury seems to run a pretty good room. Helpful floor folk, a wide variety of games, and a 4$ max rake are all nice. The players at the 8-16 game are more than a little loose, and, given that I cannot seem to match the flop with any hand I play, I quickly lose a rack+ of chips and decide to go sweat pokerschoolers in the tourney. Sadly, it appears that no one is still in with 1/2 the field eliminated. I believe NewJane was the last survivior and will wait for her to tell her bad beats in her own report.

    Sattelite play was in full swing and I decided to check that out for a while. Who is running the Sats but Jimmy Summerfield from Tunica. And he actually remembers me. How cool is that?

    65$ gets 300 chips winner gets 5 100$ lammers and 50$ cash. Play is interesting to say the least. My first, I didnt play any of my first 8 hands, so there were 5 of us left. (yup 1/2 the field gone in one round. Sound familier to anyone?) Then I doubled up. A few more hands and we are down to 4. That is pretty much were the poker started. 20 minutes to bust 6 people, and 30 minutes more before we were down to 3. At this point we I think I was the short stack with 800, and the leader had about 1200. Blinds were 1 and 2 hundred. But the other two didnt want to make any sort of deal so we played on and I busted out in 3rd.

    Oh well. Next sat. This time I think it took 12 hands to lose 1/2 the field. But then the 5 of us played for about 1/2 an hour to reduce the field to 3. chip count was 1200, 1200 and 600, again blinds were 1 and 2. I, as one of the big stacks suggested that 3rd get a lammer. and us two big stacks each get 2 and split the cash. 600 chip guy (with his wraparound mirror shades and carrot top haircut) says " I came to win" and refuses any deal. So the next hand he busts out. and I take the low end of a 300-250 split. Asshat of the trip award goes to the guy I split with, however. With his 1800 to 1200 chip advantage, I didnt mind that he get the high end of the split, but not only did he not tip the dealer a thing "you tip him. You're the one who is lucky to have anything from this" But he quickly offered to buy my lammers. For 80 bucks each. I thought for a second, then gave him a quick one-two punch to the body, and when he doubled over, crushed his nose with my knee. The dealers in the pit broke into applause and carried me around the casino on their shoulders. Not really, but I WAS tempted.

    Anyhow, I tried a third sat and was the first one out when, on the second hand my AK sooted lost to QJo making a flush. Shouldnt play drawing hands in the early crapshoot portion.

    I decide to return to the hotel and watch the Cubs game. I return to the hotel, and watch most of the game with NewJane. Our cheering didnt help, and they lost.

    Back to the casino, and I play a couple of more sats. No real plays or buttheads to note, but in third place of a 1100, 1100 800 chip final three, negotiate a lammer and the cash.

    Sundays NLHE tourney. 341 players. 120 entry fee. 1000 chips. blinds start at 10-15 and rounds are 30 min. Pretty good play for your money. My table is seems pretty solid. One calling station playing lots of hands. One guy who is raising often preflop but playing passively if he misses the flop. I am getting few playable hands but playing position, take a few small pots and go the first break 90 Minutes in with about 1300 chips. I did lay down AKo to a 4x BB raise followed by an all in raise. The original raiser had QQ, the reraiser had KK but an ace flopped. I could have tripled up. However, while I might raise all-in with AK in some circumstances, I dont like calling for all my chips with it. Just a quirk I guess. :lol:

    Then the hands finally start to come. I double up by flopping a set of 9's in an unraised pot. Beating a slowplayed QQ. I doubt I would have folded to a standard raise though, but slow play costs chips. In this case a lot of them. KK held up for me and I won another nice pot. I bust another guy when my AK holds up over his ATo (I raised 4x, he called. Flop A 4 8. I put him all in for 800, he called.) Gotta love it. I have a little over 6k in chips and am 2nd at the table. Sadly the bigger stack is to my left and I am about to make my mistake for the day. with blinds at 100-200 I raise (4x) in mid position with KQs (hearts). (Yes I know, not a great play, but the table was tightening up and I had a big stack.) The big stack doubles my bet. My read on him was a small to medium pair, and I actually considered firing over the top and taking the pot right there, which I am sure would have worked in hindsight, but I called to see the flop. Flop was Q 8 2 with 2 spades. If I am right about his small pair I am going to take him down huge here. I check, he bets 500 (1/4 the pot) and I know that, not only was I right about the small pair, but he missed his set. (He has made this exact sequence twice before, and has also, hit his set and bet big) I come over the top all in. I expect him to fold, but he is thinking about calling! He seperates out the calling chips, leaving him with only 600 and thinks and thinks. Finally he calls and turns over 2 black 7's. He says he put me on a spade draw, and hates the sight of my Q. But here come two more spades, and his flush busts me out. I supress a sarcastic remark about how only Chris Moneymaker himself could make that call for all his chips, and go outside for a smoke. Jay Muzzey joins me instantly (I think I finished 140 and Jay was 139) and we decide the world is a completly unjust place.


    Jen is still alive. And with an average or slightly better stack.

    I go in and sit in a 6-12 for a while. Another hour and half passes and I win exactly one pot. Jen comes by on a break, there are 50 left, she has an average chip stack and I decide to leave the silly game I am in and sweat a real poker player for a while.

    Play restarts with the annoucement that the dinner break will be in one hour. Jennifer is playing extremely solid. At this point she was the only woman left in the tourney, and she has the complete respect of her table. They go to 4 tables. They get down to 36 players and start playing hand for hand (27 players are paid) down to 32. 30. 28. Someone busts on the bubble and Jen is in the money!!!!!!!

    Down to 3 tables and Jen still has an average stack. I am offering stupid advice and NewJane and I are sweating Jen's every move.

    Right before the dinner break, Jen makes a small mistake, calling away about 1/2 her stack before folding on the river. Not a disaster by any means but it meant that Jen went to the dinner break, with one of the short stacks, and with 20 people left. Jay and I continue to give her silly advice during dinner, and she wisely keeps drinking diet pepsi, smoking cigarettes, and ignoring her babbling coaches.

    Back to play. She has 9k in chips, blinds are 1 and 2k with 300 ante. She folds her first 2 hands and is now the BB. With UTG limps, one other early position also limps and Jen moves her stack into the pot and announces 'All in". UTG thinks for a while and puts in over 1/2 his stack to call. The other limper quickly folds. Jen turns over JJ, caller turns over 22(?) and the Jacks hold up! Jen more than doubles up. I dont know how 22 can call for 1/2 his stack here, but I know Jen is glad that he did.

    meanwhile players are falling and Jen is ladder climbing. Down to 10 players, they announce they will combine to the final table at 9 players. Jen is critically short stacked with about 10K (blinds 1500 3000 with 500 ante) and goes all in UTG. Sadly the BB woke up with AK and called and knocked her out 10th.

    And we had to drive back to IL. During the Cubs game again. But like Jen, the Cubs come through bigtime and are off to the NLCS. I know it has been 95 years since the Cubs won a post season series, but it seems like barely 90.

    Congrats Jennifer! As I told you repeatedly during the drive home, You Rock! I predict that your next great finish in a poker tourney will be in less than 95 DAYS in Tunica.

    Great prediction Jay. Next time, lets put 2 of us in the money.

    I have only 2 words for Jay and Jen. Male Child.

    I lost more in ring games than I won in Sats. I was the only one in the car who came home poorer than when I left. I suck at poker. I think I will give up the game. Not.


  • #2
    Awsome trip report Bill. Thanks a bunch!

    It was great seeing you again and finally meeting the Muzzeys.

    See you in Tunica bud. :wink:


    ps - you didn't consume nearly as much beer as I expected. I went out and bought an additional case just because you were coming!


    • #3
      Great report Bill as always. Congrats Jennifer.....job well done. :wink:
      2 Time Bracelet Winner


      • #4
        Originally posted by Idoru99
        ps - you didn't consume nearly as much beer as I expected. I went out and bought an additional case just because you were coming!
        I am sure sorry if I came across as a lightweight. In my defense, we didnt get there until almost 9:30 and the party broke up about 11. Next time I will drink with both hands to restore my reputation. ops:



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          Great report (as always) Bill.

          Congrats to Jen. WONDERFUL.

          IT sounds as if a beer drinking challange has been issued to Bill. I will email the Gold Strike and the 'Shoe, and advise them to lay in an extra keg and an extra case per day for the WPO.

          Only 3 months away to "travel day" for Shane.

          Shane aka Jeff


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            Quick, question.....What is a lammer? I will be playing at Canterbury this week and plan to play some sats. Thanks.


            • #7
              Bill it was great to see you once again!!!! Cant wait til Tunica! :twisted:


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                The use of the word "lammer" in this context is the same as a "buy in chip". When you win a satelite, you are paid your winnings in buy in chips and sometimes additional cash. (Good idea to have the cash for tipping).
                For example: $65 buy in sat. You are generally given a $500 buy in chip, and $50 cash. The other $100 goes to the "house".
                If you decide to do a split, for example, the top two finishers, one person will get the chip and will pay the other their portion of the split. So, if you decide to do this, make sure if you want the chip, you have the cash to buy out the other player. If not, you may want them to take the chip, and give you the cash.
                Hope this helps and best of luck to you !!!




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