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First time back live in a while...

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  • First time back live in a while...

    Going to play a little $3/$6 FLHE today (yeah, big limit! but it is all I can afford!).

    I'll check in later with results...

    Wish me luck please!
    Double Bracelet Winner

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    I'll wish you something even better: Good Decisions!


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      Good luck, and good cards. Make sure to take a few flashers with you.


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        I always love trip reports, although FLHE confuses me.

        I hope it goes well!


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          I'm home!

          Played about 3.5 hrs total, and left stuck -$72 of the $180 I brought.

          Personally I'm quite proud of that...

          First of all, FLHE at the low limits especially, is a game that you will tend to see ANY crazy suck out imaginable. This is true mainly because the loose nature of most games creates situations where people will be getting odds to draw a lot of times at all kinds of weird things. It is jsut the nature of the game...

          BECAUSE it is the nature of the game, a lot of times a small loss taken now is better than trying deparately to "get even", which more often than not can create a BIG loss. Tonight, I elected to accept a small loss when I was still completely capable of playing my "A" game. The main reasons I chose to do that tonight were:

          1) It was not a 3/6 FLHE game, like I thought when I went, but a 3/6 with a KILL...

          A "kill" game is one where there is a rule that anyone winning 2 pots in a row must post double the big blind (from anywhere at the table) on the next hand. The betting limits then INCREASE, in this case to $6/$12.

          I was funded to play a normal 3/6 game, having $180. A kill game though usually requires deeper reserves than the 10 big bets behind that I normally bring to a straight FLHE game. This is because you can easily go deeper into your pocket than 30BB, and still have a chance to re-coup because of the kill. I simply didn;t have the $ though...

          2) The only 2 aggro players were on my immediate LEFT.

          This problem was compounded by the fact that both of the aggro's were also pretty WIDE in their start ranges, so with my normal limp range in effect, I could not feasibly muck very often to a single bet in typical 3/4/5 way 2 bet pots easily. I probably could have adjusted to my table by playing a lot tighter off my shorter stack in relation to a kill game, but I felt versus the guys building the pots hands like KJo/JTs/KQ were still quite profitable in LP/MP versus their I didn't.

          I just did not seem to hit often enough, and I fed too many pre flop raise calls into other people's stacks when I had to muck the flop or turn.

          An example of 1 of the aggro's, the one immediately to my right, was this:

          I am in the CO chair, when 2 standard players limp in (1 UTG +2, 1 on my right).
          Both of those are quite WIDE, so I raise it up with AJo in LP.
          The BTN aggro makes it 3bets behind me, and both loose players call.
          I call the bet myself, because there are 12 small bets in the pot.
          Long story short, it turns out aggro had made it 3 bets on J9s, flopped a 9, and lost to a turn K held by K4h.

          While this was not necessarily typical (he was also raising strong, and the other aggro was loose but not quite AS loose), it was happening often enough that I could not really TIGHTEN my limp range a ton, and still find as many profitable spots.

          I tried looking at getting a seat change, because 2 aggro's (and the only ones) on my left is not ideal at all, but the only guy who left our table before i did busted like my 4th hand there. That was before i had truly known the only aggro's were behind me. I actually left with a seat change button in front of me.

          I could have thought about a table change too, but it had taken me like 30 or 45 minutes to be seated when i got there. The list when I thought about asking was 8 players long. There were 3 x 3/6 tables going when I started, and they opened a 4th table too. When I went up to look at a table change (at cig break time), there was a list of about 8 people still. So I MIGHT have benefitted from a table change, but I truly felt if cards started breaking a little better for me, chances were this was a decent enough table to re-coup at.

          So all in all, it was not near my BEST night, but there were positives...

          I could have stayed, banging my head against the wall in a game that saw really common level jumps that put me pretty short. I did not do that however, so in some respects THAT is a win in and of itself!


          Money you win spends EXACTLY the same as money you do not LOSE.

          Next step...

          Jan 31st, starting a weekly series of 50$ BI MTT, with the ultimate goal of winning a WSOP ME seat (hopefully!) see ya!
          Last edited by JDean; Sun Jan 08, 2012, 10:47 AM.
          Double Bracelet Winner


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            Hey JDean,
            Sound like you had a good time tho.

            I have only played live Once at star city in Sydney.

            I am there with the missus playing all sorts of games(roulette,black jack,chocolate wheel etc.) drinking having a good ol time. So she has had enough and goes to the room to go to bed.
            I prob had had 9 or 10 beers.

            So I wonder up to the poker room and buy in for $120.00 with blind $1/$2. Everybody only has $5 chips other than a couple $1 ones to post the blinds.

            About the third hand in I get pocket 5s and just call a $5 bet pre flop,
            who hoo i flop a set. I think I might of donk bet him on the flop he calls.
            I give him the beer google stare. On the turn I bet into him again and he folds.

            4 or 5 hands later I get AQos there is a raiser before me so I do the toss a few chips in middle 3 bet. Only to be told by the dealer that is not allowed and I can only call now.
            I flop to pair top kicker and lead into him with a queen on flop, he re raises me and I shove.
            I cant remember what he had maybe J8 suited with a 8JQ flop.
            So I lost to two pair.

            So my whole live experience has only been about 12 hands dealt.

            The one thing i remember is the guy that beat me did ask to see my cards when I had the set.
            Me being a drunken bum was only too happy to show him.

            This happened about 8 months ago, The first time I ever played poker for money was about 12 months ago.

            So I did enjoy it tho, Next time I will be more prepared. or sober.



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