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Any PSOers do Well at Taj USPC

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  • Any PSOers do Well at Taj USPC

    Just wondering if any PSOers have done well at any of the USPC events this year?

    I took part in the last super sat (9/1) before the tourney kicked off, and made final table. I felt good about my play, and got knocked out when I was a huge favorite, and would have been either chip leader or second. Details follow. Blinds were I think $500/$1000. I had $4100, after many garbage hands, and was probably third lowest chip count. First to act raised to $3500, and next, with KK I raised all in. Next folded (chip leader), and the next reluctantly folded (figured him for maybe one A, which he turned out to have). Next raises all in brining it probably to around $5100 or so (Figured him for high pair or AK, maybe AQ). Next folds, and the next guy who had been somewhat aggressive all night says "I don't even want to look at my cards". Well unfortunately, he does anyway. He thinks about his move for a while. Despite the fact that I really didn't want too many callers, I'm still not too worried. I figured some of the aces must be out there to get these raises, and that's probably killing their easiest outs. Well, Aggressive decides to raise all in. Next was already in with his last $200, so his hand was pretty insignificant. Back to first to act. He thinks about it for a while, and decides to fold, exposing AKo as he does. Although he took one of my outs, I'm feeling good that aces are being burned. So, it's my KK, next raiser turns AK (I think suited. Can't remember which suit, but it never came into play though), Aggressive's JJ, and Insignificant's QTo. I know my outs are gone, but so are most of the aces as one of the folders mentions he folded one. I figure I'm a huge favorite, which I was, but it didn't matter. Flop comes with a J and I'm done. Aggressive goes on to win the tourney. : (

    There were other interesting hands as well, but I don't recall enough details to cover them.

    It was great experience, and it made me feel like I could do ok in B&M tourneys (I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing). I had played a few small tourneys a while back without doing much. Since then though, I've definitely improved. I think PSO has helped my play substantially (At least my holdem play. Still not any good at Omaha). I obviously didn't have a choice on that hand. I was going all in no matter what. I figure I probably would have wound up in 1st or 2nd had I won the hand. 1st got a $10,000 seat in the final event, and 2nd got about $3800 cash. I think they made a deal when it got down to 3.

    Judging by the names I've seen that competed in the $10,000 event, I probably would have been better off in 2nd had won the hand (I notcied Daniel Negreanu's name in there. Hope you did well Daniel!). Although the buyin for the super sat would certainly have been worth the chance to mix it up with some of the biggest pros. Quite a few real big names there. Final table is today. Seidel, Hellmuth, Toto Leonidas, Johnny Hennigan, etc still in. I may try to get down there after work to see it happen. Should be quite exciting and educational. I think it's a WPT event.

    Would love to hear any other stories from PSOers who competed. I will probably be down for some of the smaller tourney events going on down there now and in November (Borgata, Tropicana, & Sands). Hope to run into some of you when I'm down there.


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    $500 NLHE at TAJ


    First off congrats on your play...there were some pretty darn good players there all week so the fact that you made it to the final table is a nice accomplishment.

    As for me, I was able to play in the $500 NLHE, the day before the main event and was able to finish 13th, in the money, out of 200 players. It was my first finish in the cash for a major tourney and I must tell you it was a great feeling, although I wish I could have gone further. There were all sorts of pros in the field, some more well known than others but just to play against some of them and do well, definitely gave me plenty of confidence for future tournaments.

    As for my play, I was pleased overall but the key hand that pushed me into the money was the following:

    I was UTG with AK and opened for a raise of about $1500 the time the blinds were 200-400. All fold to the BB who decides to push "All in", for an additional 3000. I decide to call since the BB was an agressive player who I figured might have been trying to steal with a worse Ace or even a mid pp, which would make me a slight dog. BB has 77 and the flop comes with an Ace, the turn brigns another, and so does the river, for quad aces. At that point I cruise into the money and after the dinner break I get a new seat, stuck in between Chip Jett, who is on my left, and Young Phan, on my right...yowser not exactly an ideal spot. After a few rounds the following hand comes up: I get dealt AQ in EP and once again make a raise of slightly more than 3x's the BB. The cutoff, who had been coming over the top of me all day long, went "AI"....normally I would fold here since I am a coin flip at best, but I was really getting tired of this guy coming over the top of me and I didn't want my image to be such that I would always fold my hand to a re-raise. So I went with it, and lo and behold he had help for me, and I now have a stack of about 3000 left after losing almost 10k on that hand. Luckily, i double up shortly thereafter and with 6k left, and the blinds at 400-800, i get dealt 66 on the button. I go AI, hoping to pick up the blind money but the BB has AA and I am out of the tourney. Overall the experience was worth much more than the money invested as I mixed it up with the likes of Chipp Jett, Ron Rose, Avner Levi, and a bunch of others and I hope to make the final table next time I play live.

    Until then...

    All the best,



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      Congrats on getting in the $$$!! It had to be great getting in there with those guys. And, if you weren't sure of it before, now you know you can swim with them! Did you get to the Borgata to check out their big tourney? Looks like they had a great list of names as well. There's also a big series of tourneys coming up in November at the Sands. I don't usually play there, but I may check it out anyway.

      You play down at AC a lot? I'm there probably once or twice a month (Taj, Borgata, and sometimes Trop). It would be cool to run into some fellow PSOers down there. I'm sure they've been there when I've been there, but I haven't seen anyone that was obviously from the school yet (hats, shirts, etc.). I'll probably be down at the Trop for their Friday night NLHE tourney on 10/3 with a buddy of mine who I'm trying to get to join PSO. I haven't been down for the Fri events in a while, and hope my play has improved (with help from PSO) enough to help me go farther. Was really card cold both times I've been there for the Fri events. No excuses though, I should have gotten farther than I did both times.

      Good luck in future events, and hope you beat those guys next time!



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        Thanks for the kind words...yes it was a great feeling but I still have much to learn. At least I know I can hang with the big boys now. As for the Borgata, I did get a chance to play in the $500 NLHE but I did not fare well, as my Aces got cracked by someone holding KJ who pushed in on the flop, when the flop came K62, and caught a J on the turn. Oh well that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes...

        As far as going down to AC, I try to get out there at least once a me the next time you go down and perhaps we can meet up. Until then my friend, may your winnings be numerous, unless of course you play at my table... :lol:





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