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WPF Day I (Part Deux)

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  • WPF Day I (Part Deux)

    So I pay my $230 and get 1000 in chips. We can
    get one rebuy at any time during the first two
    rounds: 2000 chips for $200. In this type of
    structure, I usually take the rebuy right away, because
    I want to have to have enough chips to intimidate
    people and I want to have enough to take someone's
    entire stack if the occasion arises. Tonight, however,
    I want to be sure I play for awhile, something I don't
    usually take into consideration in a NL tournament.
    Just as well. Early in this tournament I get all-in with
    two pair that gets cracked by A8 suited making a flush
    on the river. Rebuy.

    We started with 68 players and after the rebuy period they
    announce the following prize structure:
    2 seats in the main event worth $10,200. 3rd place gets $5,000
    in lammers. That's it. The first entry you win is
    non-transferable. After that you can take your winnings in

    A little later I get AA in middle position. Early position
    bets 400, i go all in for my 2k and he calls. (He has me
    outstacked.) My AA holds up and I double through.
    Exactly one circuit later, I have QQ and the same player
    bets 400. I go all-in again. This time a late position player
    thinks long and hard before folding and the original better
    folds immediately. The thinker mutters, "Can't call with QQ."

    A little while later Tony Ma moves to my table. Tony is well
    known on the tournament circuit, and he's already been
    in the money in one event here. He is very sociable and
    friendly; talking almost non-stop, but you can see that he is
    always watching the other players and thinking about what
    they might have.
    A strange hand develops. Most hands have been headsup
    play, but on this hand an early player limps, Tony limps,
    and I have 45s in late position. Normally this hand is
    unplayable, and many top players would not play it here
    either, but I am not a top player so I limp too, looking
    for the perfect flop.
    Which is what I get! A23 mixed suits. The SB, who had limped
    behind me, goes all-in with 2k. Other limpers fold, Tony calls!
    I bet all-in. Tony has me slightly outstacked. He thinks, he
    talks, and then thinks and talks some more and then calls.
    He has flopped a set of deuces! The board does not pair and
    I am up to 8,600.

    We get down to 3 tables and I am at 7,700. I move up and
    down, getting a nice stack and then three different times
    getting pocket pairs beat by overcards going all in. Just before
    a ten minute break. I get lucky and double through on a hand
    i should have lost with. Then suddenly we are at the final table
    with a chip count that looked like this (by seat number):
    18,000 (me)

    I realize that I actually have a shot at something here! It
    also dawns on me (finally) that I probably can't afford to
    win a seat! The main event is still more than two weeks
    away, and I have a non-refundable air ticket back to
    Honolulu on Monday! So I think I am playing for 3rd place.
    But then I somehow get all in with 10-10 against 2 opponents.
    One of them is all in too, so we flip our cards over.
    AK and A7. Hot dang! I'm in the lead!
    The flop comes K9J and my heart sinks. Turn is a blank
    and then... a Q on the river makes me a straight!!
    I win a hugh pot.
    Soon we are four handed. Two big stacks (I'm one of them)
    and two small stacks. We take a bathroom break and we
    all agree to put up $300 for 4th, so that player will get $900.
    I am glad to do this, since I am still thinking about dumping
    chips so I can get some cash instead of a 10k entry i can't use.

    Let me say here that the tournament director stated clearly that
    Foxwoods would not condone ANY deal making. Our $300 save
    was done quickly and seemed reasonable, but the "no deal"
    rule was put to the test the next night, as you shall see.

    Back to the tournament... when it came down to it, I was unable
    to make myself lose on purpose, the two small stacks were
    happy to take the cash, and I found myself in this awkward
    position: I had played very well and now had an entry into
    the big event, but I was down $700 in real money (entry, rebuy,
    save for 4th) and still was comitted to playing at least the
    $565 NLHE on Friday!
    But now it was 1:30AM Thursday morning, I hadn't slept
    since sometime Tuesday back in Honolulu, and I had a
    non-poker event coming up in a few hours, so it was back
    to Two Trees Inn for a few hours sleep.
    My last thoughts before slumberland were, "Something will
    work out, it has to. Or at least I hope it.......zzzzzzzzzzzz "

  • #2
    Huk, I love the story so far and i hope everything works out but great playing and maybe you can stay and win the whole damn thing! LOL That would be nice but im here rooting for you and i cant wait to read part 3 if there is one. Your Poker Pal ChrisJ


    • #3
      Thx Huk, great read.


      Looking forward to the next installment


      • #4
        excellent report huk, cant wait for the next part about the second super sat. i hope you do well in the main event, we all know you have the talent for the game........ best of luck to you!!!!!!!!




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