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USPC $500 NLHE, Atlantic City

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  • USPC $500 NLHE, Atlantic City

    I'd like to say I finished in the money, but I'm still not lucky enough to dodge the bad beats

    I looked around on the breaks for other PSOers, but couldn't identify them(we need a better system).

    I didn't think I'd make it to the Taj in time for the tournament, but I dashed off the bus from the airport into a taxi over to the Taj. I made it there at 10:57am with 3mins. to spare. Well, actually there was more time because they don't have a good system for entering tournaments and I waited on line with a bunch of others as the tournament started. I got to my seat and only missed around 14 hands (my stack was short one set of blinds). Well, in those hands were probably my AA and KK for the tournament.

    Ok, here's a detailed description of my tournament...

    Again, in a major tournament I got some pretty lousy string of hands.

    Level 1 (5/15):
    I saw a flop for free with A5o, saw the turn for free, and turned a wheel. I didn't make much off the hand, but at least I won one.

    I raised with AJs in mid position, was called by the SB, and bet the nothing flop, was called, the turn was a 3rd spade, and I folded to the SB's bet. He showed me AsQs for the nut flush, as I escaped the hand only losing a little.

    99 in BB and I check to 2 limpers. Ace and Jack on flop, and I fold to a strong bet.

    I raised with AKs from mid position. 2 callers and I check it to the river and I win with Ace high.

    Level 2 (15/25):
    I raised from late pos. with AKo. 1 caller bets out flop that has both a queen and jack, and I fold.

    I raised & took it with AQo.

    66 in late pos. A raise & re-raise before me so I fold.

    33 in UTG+1. UTG raised, so I fold. Good thing because late pos. re-raised all-in with AA and UTG called with QQ(UTG lost most of his stack).

    The next hand I have 22 UTG. I fold surely facing a raise from 1 or more aggressive players(and yes there was a raise & call; TT lost to AJ flopping a jack).

    Level 3 (25/50):
    As4s in SB. 2 limpers & I call half-bet. Flop is ugly with 2 spades. All check to me and I raise & take it.

    A5o in BB. I see the flop for free against 2 limpers. Flop is AcKc2c. One limper checks, the other bets T200 and I raise T600. All fold.

    88 in early pos. One limper before me & I limp. Mid-pos. player raises and late pos. moves all-in. I fold. Mid-pos had TT and lost to late pos. AA.

    AQs and I raise & take it.

    ATs I fold to an all-in bet by an early pos. tight player.

    Level 4 (50/100):
    K7s on button. I raise & steal it.

    Level 5 (75/150):
    77 in mid-pos. I raise T500 & take it.
    QQ in early pos. I raise T500 & re-raised all-in by mid-pos ATo. I call and almost double-up to T3175.
    K9o in SB. I raise & steal it.

    Level 6 (100/200, 25 ante):
    Q7o in cutoff. I raise & steal it.

    A7s on button. I raise & fold to all-in move by rock in SB.

    Level 7 (150/300, 50 ante):
    1st hand after the break & at level 7: AKo all fold to me on button I raise all-in with my now smallish stack of T1175. BB calls with A8o. Board: QQ8TA, and I have to catch and ace on the river to not get a bad beat.

    A9s in late pos. UTG(stack arount T6000) limped(T300). I move all-in for T2600 more. UTG thinks a long time then folds. BTW, UTG was the player who won the tournament.

    AKs in BB. UTG raises T1000 to T1300 total. All fold to me & I move all-in for T2400 total. UTG almost folds as he thinks a long time trying to read me. He calls with KQo. Board: QxQxA.
    He luck hits 2 of the only 3 cards in the deck that could help him, and since the ace came on the river he needed both queens. I bust out 62nd with a bad beat in another tournament.

    Pro John Hennigan was at my last table with a large stack, and he was raising a number of times over limpers or weak raises. At 100/200 blinds and 25 ante He raised T500 in SB after all folded to him. The winner of the tournament was in the BB and called(his stack almost as much as John's). John bet T800 on the flop with an open-ended str8 draw with his 64o(I think - something like that). BB re-raised T2100 and John called. Turn was check-check. John bet the river & was called. He had hit the str8. So, was his call of the T2100 re-raise a good one with his straight draw?

    Tournament list of my hands:
    PP: 99,66,33,22,88,77,QQ
    2 AKs
    2 AKo
    1 AQs
    1 AQo
    1 AJs
    1 ATs
    1 A9s
    2 A7s
    2 A5o
    1 A4s
    Folded: A2o, A3o, A6o
    1 KQo (Bet and raise before me, so I folded this)
    Kx hands not played: KTo, K9o, K6o
    1 QJo
    2 JTo
    1 T9o

    How does this set of hands rate for 6hrs. of play?
    I'm just a little frustrated with seeing others getting AA multiple times(I saw 9 AAs in this tourn., with one guy getting it 3 times in 2 levels of play), and KK all the time.


    After I busted-out, I went back to Harrah's and checked-in, had a dinner, and relaxed a little. I headed back to the Taj and played some 20/40 stud. I started down a little with some horrible cards and some bad beats. I came back to end up a couple hundred. My big hand was TA/TAxx/x (a guy raised my 4th st bet, I smooth-called then check-raised him on 5th st. I got a bunch from him and another player who called to the river).
    Sunday I played around 3 hours at 30/60 stud. I played well with the cards I got getting top-pair beat a number of times. I was up around 1000, but fed half of it back over the last hour with some nice hands that were out-drawn and some draws that didn't come in(e.g. str8 draw, flush draw and top pair Kings; made kings-up and still lost to a guy backing into a flush after he started with a dead pair of Jacks).

    Overall, I broke even for the trip with my live stud play paying for the tournament entry. It would have been nice to be up $64K after winning the tournament, but...

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    Good report DocH.

    Play well, steal a few, & try to avoid bad luck.

    Two out of three ain't bad. Thank goodness your ring game paid for the tournament.

    Better luck next time.


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      Great report but how in the world can you remember all those hands and bets and levels. Just bad, bad luck at the end.

      Last night I played 5/10 dealers choice for 5 hours and I can remember maybe 6 hands with any detail at all.

      Hand 1 - 7 stud - Rolled up 6s - Boat on sixth street with 3 callers check raised the fush drawer on the river. It was a thing of beauty.

      Hand 2 - Holdem - AJo UTG 2 bets preflop and flopped top two 1 caller to the river who flopped top and bottom pair.

      Hand 3 - Omaha/8 - AA23 one suit big scoop. 3 low draws and one was jamming at the end with a K high flush. Biggest pot of the night and I can't remember the board except that I had the nut low on the turn and the 2h on the river gave me the nut fulsh and the scoop.

      Hands 4 5 & 6 - These three could get me kicked out of PSO because of how poorly I played them so we won't talk about them. Lesson learned - When sucked out on, never tilt with a $300 lead and one hour left to play. First 4 hours +300 Last hour (-200) net +100 and another sleepless night.

      Anyway, thanks again for the report and better luck (to go with your solid play) next time. I would write a report now and then if I could remember more. What your secert?




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