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Foxwoods: WPF Day I

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  • Foxwoods: WPF Day I

    Tuesday, Oct. 29th, 4:30PM
    Lists checked, double checked. A few e-mails to
    parents and friends know I'll be gone a few days.
    A last internet kiss goodbye, and I shut down
    the computer.
    That's all it takes for a modern day, semi-high tech
    bachelor to set out on a 5,000 mile trip to play
    cards for a week.
    My first hurdle is overcome when my checked bag,
    with assorted items of contraband, passes both
    agricultural inspection and general check-in.
    Once in the air I am pleased to hear that the flight
    to Newark is only 8 1/2 hours, not 91/2 as i had
    thought. That's coming back, but that seems
    forever away right now...

    After a short hop to Providence, I pick up my rental
    car and I'm checked in at Two Trees a little after
    2PM Wednesday (Yes, I have lost a day with the
    I have been planning to do this on the first day:
    1) Get some rest before going to play poker.
    2) On Wednesday, play ONLY 50-100 dollar buyin
    satellites to get used to handling real cards again.

    I lie on the bed for what seems like several hours. I
    look at my watch and it's been 20 minutes. Yes, rest
    period is over!

    I follow the signs to the Grand Ballroom where the tournament
    and satellite play is taking place. This is WAY far away from
    the main poker room. When I get there it takes awhile fo
    figure out what's going on. There is a tournament, a supersat,
    and one or two single table sats running, and a WHOLE BUNCH
    of morons swaggering around shouting, complaining, telling
    bad beat stories, shouting some more, harrassing the floor
    staff.... and these folks aren't playing in any of the games!
    This was my 2nd clue that Foxwoods was really unprepared to
    deal with what they got this year. (My first clue was that the main pokerroom is 1/2 mile away from the tournament room, with no
    communication between the two.) There were not enugh
    dealers to keep satellites running. There were several lists,
    some with 40-50 names on them.
    So much for my plan. What I was expecting, what I have seen
    in every big tournament I have been near, was to have a couple
    of sats for the next event going, and then NLHE sats starting
    at least every hour, or as soon as 10 players signed up!
    That way you can play 10 or 12 NLHE sats in a day.
    Anyway, the chaos was just too much so I went upstairs to the
    main poker room to find.....more chaos!!! All the tables full.
    Lists with 40 names. Idiots swaggering around yelling,
    complaining.... you get the picture.

    Then there is an open seat in a 20-40 Omaha 8 game. The smart
    thing to do is go back to my room, watch TV, and get some
    sleep, right? I take the seat. My first hand in the BB is
    A23T and I lose $70 before bailing out. At that moment they
    announce they are starting a 5-5 blind PLHE game! Joy!
    I sit down thinking to play a few hours and call it a night. It
    turns out to be a very conservative game. Very little action.
    Stealing the blinds at 5-5 isn't going to make me rich. After
    nearly an hour of this another player says, "let's straddle!"
    and throws $10 on the table UTG...
    I am in middle position and look down to find AA. It is folded
    to me and I make it $40 to go. I get two callers!
    The flop is 9-6-4 and the straddler bets $100. After a few
    seconds thought, I raise $200. This is a weak bet, but I really
    don't want to lose much my first night, so if he re-raises
    the pot I am prepared to fold and quit for the night.
    He folds.
    They have been announcing a supersat starting at 7:30PM.
    (OK, there is SOME communication between the rooms.)
    I have been ignoring the announcements because generally
    I hate supersats. They are usually unlimited rebuy events
    and at $200 a pop that can be expensive. But wait a minute!
    They are saying that this one has only one add-on for
    2000 chips! (Initial buy-in is 1000 chips).
    At 7:25 it is my BB. I am exactly $100 up in the PL game.
    (So $30 up over all) Just enough to pay the juice for the
    supersat. I figure if i play the super, I will get in some good
    NL experience and my maximum financial exposure will be
    $400. I do not consider the fact that if I win I probably can't
    use the seat! (Into the 10k main event that starts 11/14).

    (I've had too many experiences where I've lost my whole
    post after writing for an hour or so! The rest of Day I will
    be posted later today.)

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    great so far, can wait for the rest.

    what do u mean lack of communication? At foxwoods? No way? lol


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      Re: Foxwoods: WPF Day I

      Originally posted by Hukilau
      I lie on the bed for what seems like several hours. I look at my watch and it's been 20 minutes. Yes, rest
      period is over!
      I don't even last 20 minutes :lol:


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        If you are concerned about losing your work as you type it into the forum, you could write it in a word document and then copy and paste into the pokerschool forum.



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