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How I got to Aruba...

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  • How I got to Aruba...

    ... Well, I'm not actually there yet but I'm on my way.

    There were some requests in my post in the general forum for some of the details about how I won my trip so here goes:

    I've been playing on UB for the past two months with most of my time spent on the low limit H.E. ring games ($1-$2). Every time I was up a couple of bucks (which doesn't seem to be too hard given the quality of play at that level) I'd enter one of the Aruba satellites which range from $12 - $36 and pay 1 - 3 Aruba super-satellite entries.

    However, I wasn't doing so hot in the satellites (played a half dozen or so without even placing top three) so I gave up. I think my problem was I was playing them too much like I would the ring games, pressing hands that weren't always all that great. So I laid off the sats for a while, came back over here to PSO and played some sats and tourneys to try and get my NLHE game back in shape.

    I also continued to play the ring games and built my bankroll up a couple of hundred dollars. So I decided I'd use that money to enter the super satellites directly ($100+$9 buyin). So last Thursday after what I considered to be a decent showing for myself in the Big One final (39th) I committed my money to my first Aruba super sat.

    For those of you who aren't familiar with the particulars, the super sats pay out one Aruba trip for two (plus one buy-in to the $4,000 WPT event - total value of $6,000) for every 60 people who enter the tournament. The tournament I was in had 400 people and thus, six Aruba trips (the extra money was divided up between 7th-14th places). There are also re-buy sats for the same $100 entry but they pay out a trip for every 60 buy-ins/rebuys.

    The start of the tournament seemed to be a bit of a crap shoot. You only get $1000 to start and blinds start at $5-$10

    To make a long story short (well not really), I made the final six that first tournament I entered. I'm not real good on stories about particular hands (I foget too much like what position I was in, exactly what came up on the flop, etc.) but feel that I played a good solid game sensing the right times to get a little agressive to keep my stack size up and minimizing my mistakes.

    I was chip lead very early in the tournament after taking out three players in the first couple of hands (KK with an AKx flop and slow played an AA to entice two others all-in pre-flop). I don't think I ever dropped below 40th place after that and spent a lot of the time in and out of the top 10. By the time I was in the money I was 7th which is also where I was going in to the final table. I tightened up a bit (not so much that I didn't steal the occasional blind) and watched some rather stupid all ins.

    The guy who went out in 7th was in desperation mode at around $10,000 with blinds somewhere around $1000-$2000. He went all in with A-6o and was called by one of the big stacks with A-8o (I was just about peeing my pants with excitement at that point). No 6's came up and I was on my way to Aruba.

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    Well this is just great news. It always makes me smile when a PSO member makes good in poker tourneys anywhere!

    A couple of details...when do you go and who are you taking with you?? I might be free those dates!! : :roll:



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