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Foxwoods goes Wild(Bill41)

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  • Foxwoods goes Wild(Bill41)

    It's a little bit sad that the best part of my trip to Foxwoods for the Tues night NLHE tourney was the drive to the casino, but sometimes the truth hurts. It is a beautiful drive, through a couple of small CT towns and a lot of woods, and suddenly, the huge Blue and White buildings in the distance. Pretty.

    But the view is usually the best part of the Foxwoods experience for me. I remember the olden days, when it was a new casino, the small, smoke filled poker room with the MIGHTY juicy 10-20 hold-em games with a great deal of nostolgia. Nowdays, the poker room is huge, smoke free, the lists are long, games are much tougher to beat, food and beverage comps are pretty much non-existent and it just isnt much fun to play ring games at Foxwoods anymore. For me anyhow. Several people I have talked to disagree with me.

    Enough whining, on with the tourney report. After the aforementioned pretty drive, I walked into the casino about 5PM (thanks to the people who warned me to arrive early)

    Holy Southwest Airlines Batman! To sign up for this tourny requires several different waits in line. First we all line up and they hand out number cards. Then, they start announcing when the holders of the appropriate number cards can line up again to actually sign up for the tourny. Then they scan your players card, the computer prints out a seat assignment, and you move to another line to hand over the actual cash and receive said seat assignment. I had a flashback to several overnight stays in concert venue parking lots, waiting for bracelets which would allow me to purchase tickets to see Springsteen, or the Dead, or even Jimmy Buffet. Odd musical tastes for our friend Bill, huh? The good news is that while waiting in one of the lines CannedHam came by, and we had a beer and told stories while waiting for the tourney to start. As far as I can tell, he was the only other pokerschooler there.

    Anyhow, the tourney has changed a little bit since the last time I played. 200 entrants max (the change is it always sells out now) 80 dollar entry fee (only 60 to the prize pool, who else charges 25% juice for a poker tourney?) I did a little math, 200 x 20=4000. Nice little profit maker, these Foxwoods tourneys. 500 chips and blinds start at 25 25. During the first two (30 minute) rounds unlimited 40 dollar rebuys each get you 500 more chips. Then you can have a single or double add-on (@40 again for 500 chips) and then the rounds go to 20 Mins, and the real tourney begins.

    By golly, those first two rounds are crapshoot city. 2-3 players from my table are all in on virtually every hand. I tripled up the third hand when KK held up. And then rarely saw playable cards. When the rebuy period ended, One serious asshat at my table had rebought 11 times, another 5, three others 3 times each and I think another guy once. One guy had left after losing his chips and myself and the other guy who hadnt played very many hands were the only two who had not rebought. Sadly though, after my double add-on I had 3100 in chips and was barely average for my table.

    It tightened up only minimally after the rebuys ended. I was forced to watch the people with hands clean up on easy chips as for a solid hour, I folded all but about three hands (and it aint hard to lay down 94o, Q2 sooted, 75o type hands when almost every hand is raised, called, and bet all-in). I played AK sooted, and won a nice pot. I stole a couple of blinds. I played 77 from late position, flopped a set and won another nice pot. When the second break arrived, I had not lost a hand I played after the flop, and only had 7K in chips. Blinds are going up quickly and I am having a hard time finding playable hands.

    I get a nice ego boost when I come back from smoking my cigarette during the break and hear a couple of the players talking about the guy in the pokerschool online shirt who seems to be able to play a little. Respect is a wonderful thing, especially if I can pick up a couple of more showable hands.

    NOT! I go even more card dead. For the next hour, I steal several blinds from the people who foolishly think I am so tight I need AA KK or AK sooted to risk a chip, and quickly lay down my K5 Q4 type hands on the two occasions I was reraised. Another break arrives, we are down to about 60 players, I cant find CannedHam (Bad beat?) now I have under 8K in chips and the blinds are 300 and 600. 100 dollar antes are coming at the next level. I need to find some hands and soon.

    Ten minutes or so of total crap, then I find TT and the guy to my right who had shown some questionable hands so far, went all-in for 5K. I thought for a second or so, and went all in myself. I had him on a middle-ish pair and certainly wanted no more callers. He turned over JJ. Flop came 10 High (woohoo!) and the river was the 4th ten. Sadly, that was the straw that broke our table and off I went to a new table where I had no image at all, and the smallest stack with 11K.

    No playable hands for a round or two, I try a steal from the cutoff, and have to fold to a reraise. Now I have 7K. My next button I see KJ and go all-in. The small blind has the audacity to call with his AK of diamonds and IGHN.

    Somewhere in the 40's when 27 get paid. Oh freakin well. Not terrible for the fact that I had yucky yucky cards most of the night. If I could have made a hand anytime in the last 2 hours I imagine that I would have liked life a lot better.

    I paid 10 bucks for a cruddy burger, greasy fries and a beer. Comp? forget about it. 2 whole points for the tourney entry, Tunica sounds better every time I compare it to anywhere.

    I am looking forward to Canterbury now. And to cashing in a poker tournament again.


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    Great report as always Bill! I will be seeing you at Canterbury Park!


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      Billl, you wild thang!,

      I'm glad they have come up with a "take a number" for tourney registration! It has been chaotic my last couple of trips. With the closing of the Mohegan Sun's poker room and the new players brought in by TVL and ESPN everything is overcrowded/sold out!

      I had hoped to be at Foxwoods yesterday, but somehow went over the handlebars of my bike that morning and am nursing some major bruises. But I will be off the disabled list in time for Sunday's tournament ( $65 buy in = $50 prize pool/$10 comps/$5 juice).

      I haven't played the new Tuesday structure yet but the average player will rebuy for $200 or more, making the $20 juice less percentagewise.. And the prize will be close to 15G for first.

      I rarely play this tourney as it won't be over until long past midnight and I follow it with a 2 hour drive home. I usually just play the side games.

      The 10/20 games are still great ... I think the best game there. Most of the monied newbies don't want to play 5/10 and lower, and the toughest players have moved to the new 20/40 games. Thus leaving a vacuum (soon to be filled) in the 10/20.

      Next time don't eat the greasy burgers at the race book "fast" food. Go to the "Bistro" or the bar at the "Cedars". Much better food, much better service.



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        As usual....a super report.

        One thing for sure, Canterbury will have MANY more PSO'ers!

        See you there, you wild thang!


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          WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!

          YOU DROVE?



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