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Ameristar / Vicksburg, Mississippi

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  • Ameristar / Vicksburg, Mississippi

    Headed to the casino ofter work Friday. Play a couple of hours of 1-3 NL ($300 max buy in). Nothing interesting happened and I left down about 1/2 a buy-in. Ate supper and settled in for a long night of poker (again 1-3 NL). Getting playable hands but very little flop help. Table was fairly loose and slightly passive. 3 bets preflop were rare but most pots opened for a raise. Stack creeped down until I left at 4 a.m. down just under a buy-in. Not the start I wanted.

    Hit he bed for about 6 hours then shower, breakfast and back at it again. Playing short-handed 1-3, I made up for last night 2nd session with a few nice pots. Table was still loose but more aggressive than last night as expected for short hand play. Table finally broke when we were down to four and they opened a 4-8 limit table. Up almost a buy-in though.

    4-8 was horrendous plus I had a headache. Left after 2 hours down ~ 50. Late lunch and a nap to clear the head.

    Back at it a couple of hours later feeling much better. Started slowly and a couple of 2nd best hands had me adding a hundred to my stack. Down to just over 200 again when a crazy hand develops. I'm in hijack with 88. Standard raise to 10 from MP with one caller when I come along. Cut-off calls and buttons raises to 20. BB calls 20 and original opener makes it 30. I call the additional 20. Cut-off calls and button makes it 60. BB folds and openers goes all in for ~75 leaving my to call 45.. Cut-off and button calls. Flop comes 3 J 8 rainbow and I move all-in for a little under 150. Cutoff folds after a long pause and button tanks but eventually calls. Turn and river come out unremarkable cards and button shows KK. I show my set then the BB shows AA. Cut-off claims to have mucked AJ.

    I am such a luckbox! My call of the last 45 was marginal at best but this promised to be a monster pot if I hit so I went with it. I took a short break to eat a late supper and call home then back to it again but nothing else happened and about 2 a.m. the headache returned so I cashed out for the night up just under a buy in and positive for the trip.

    Woke up not feeling great but decided to try the short-handed morning game again after breakfast. This game was geared to hitting the $200k bad beat jackpot so loose pre-flop with little action post flop was the rule for 2-3 hours until the people returned and we were back to 8 handed. No memorable hands during that time and my stack was up a bit and down a but but never over 100 either way. Then I caught JJ for two hands in a row. The first time I had one caller to my pre-flop raise and took in down with a 3/4 pot c-bet. The second time I had 2 callers and the flop came O J x with two spades. Checked to me I fire a roughly 2/3 pot c-bet and get one caller. The turn brings a 2nd queen and I fire in just over a 1/2 pot bet. The player next to act counted chips out to make a raise but just called. The river bring the case jack and I pause briefly then check. Opponent fires a $100 chip and I immediately shove in my last almost 200 which had him covered. He tanks a bit and I am here hoping he has at least 1 queen, preferably 2 due to the bad beat jackpot. Unfortunately he mucks and I show the quads which another player called. That I the first time I ever held quads and hoped for a beat.. Ended up a couple of hours later up just over a buy-in for that session and close to two buy-ins for the trip.

    Twas a good trip. Hope I can go back soon.

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    Sounds like a good trip, lol at hoping my quads are beat... getting a share of that 200 grand would be nice


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      Interesting reading, Joe. I have never played live, but it sounds like fun.
      Bracelet Winner


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        NICE JOB

        sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg



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