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Zeroth in Tunica

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  • Zeroth in Tunica

    I have posted my one and only actual poker story from Tunica up in the General section under Ranger Rick's kindly notice on my success in the finals (Zorath in Tunica) but I have some other thoughts about the last two weeks I will post here.

    In no particular order:

    1. If you haven't made it to Tunica for a PSO weekend and you live anywhere close (I drove 750 miles one way) and you have that first weekend in January even semi-open...Make the Trip!
    Its not only just plain fun but you can learn a lot about poker.

    2. Many, many thanks again to all the PSOers who spoke to me about my game and my table presence, I can honestly say that taking those tips to heart got me "in the money" in the finals and probably in the earlier tournament too.

    3. Zipman deserves all the praise the gang has lavished on him but somebody has got to get him some sack time in January if he is going to play in the Big One. I mean Zipman those bags under your eyes could scare a blind gecko.

    4. If we have to schedule PSO-only events for 7 AM again, I strongly suggest everyone sign up. They are fun, the dealers cannot believe we can be that nuts at that time of morning and there is some really good poker.

    5. WildBill can laugh at anything and get you to laugh at it too.
    He also takes Wild chances at the table, you can take all his chips if you know when he is on a draw and vica-visa you are drawing dead against him the other times.

    6. Stricky has a great sense of how to play heads up. She has really distilled it to an art form.

    7. The Horseshoe Poker folks really know how to treat their customers.

    8. If you bust out early in any tournament, take a break and come back later to check out how your PSO buddies are doing. I must thank Ranger Rick again for hanging in there with me during both of my tournament runs, especially that he was there at 2 AM Monday morning when I busted out of the finals.

    8a. Early in the week, I was down to the final three in a satellite and I looked back to see five of the boyz behind me watching me play, that sort of support really can give you a lift when you need it.

    9. Late night games in any poker room with the table seeded with PSO members is just a hoot (and also profitable).

    10. Cruellah wins the "no I really am leaving tomorrow" award with Zipman a close second.

    11. and Torax hands down wins the poker stare prize; he made the final two tables for me in the Sunday PSO event. I tried and tried to read him and afterwards he tells me he was doing the same to me. He is my 'scare and confuse em' hero.

    12. New Jane---good, great, sorry, I understand, and fair sailing.

    13. I vote for a Memphis get-away either January 8th (Omaha) or January 12th (7 stud) and later for those who are staying.
    I really needed a day off during those two weeks.

    13a. I am booked at the Goldstrike from Jan. 6th to Jan. 29th.

    14. Poker Goddess really is (and I know you were done working Sunday night but you too were right there by my table--thanks.)

    15. Before the Sunday final Ranger Rick, Sailor Moe, Indy Bob and I got together to wish each other good pokering. Again, support from buddies really helps--win or lose.

    16. Highway you are right about Bad Beat Stories, now tell me how you are surviving the week with Indy Bob.

    17. Speaking of Indy, I assume we keep getting reports on your personal Poker Tour.

    18. TrumpinJoe.......ditto buddy.

    19. Kaelaine brings Dad 'because you can't be sure about internet people' and Dad plays some of the best poker of anyone. Hey now that you know us, it doesn't mean you have to leave Dad home in January.

    20. Thanks again and again to everyone, I had a great time; I used all your tips and advice AND

    21. If I can make it in the money, SO CAN YOU!

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    Zeroth in Tunica

    "no, but I'm really leaving tomorrow"..finally came on Sunday,
    August 10th. Like my long trip up to Tunica, my return trip to Bonita Springs, Florida was just as fun. Along the way
    I stopped at flea markets and yard sales, buying local canned and pickled products...Chowchow, Peach preserves, Bread and Butter Pickles, Hot Pickles Peppers, Onions, peaches, pecans etc.. By the time I reaches my front door the car was pickled! ( wiping the Georgia Peach juice dribble now)

    More delicious though, were the moments spent with PSO members who appeared in living color, beyond the constraints
    of a computer screen...names like Zipman, New Jane, Kaleine,
    Indy Bob, Torax, Pokergoddess, Forrest Gump, Zeroth,WildBill, Holdem 101, Kahlua, win4win, Hyway, TrumpinJoe, SailorMo, Todd and all the others who brought with them, their unique
    personalities and charm to a place on a Delta where life is
    filled with the twang of a guitar and a Cowboy passin through..
    to a place called the Horseshoe were Jack Binion lives, bigger than life, where people play a little game called Poker.

    Special thanks to Zipman and the staff members who took Southern Hospitality over the edge and to the woman behind the reservation counter who looked at my endless stay room
    reservation sheet and said "Thank you Ms. Gordon, have a nice day".

    The entire experience floored me.

    Bree (CruellahCaddy) aka d.a.Bree


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      Zeroth, great trip report bud! You did awesome at tunica! i only wish I could have stayed longer to watch ya bud. You are a great poker player, and I don't ever want you to sit at my table again!!!!! Anyway, good job bud. I can't wait to see you in JAN.

      Cya bud, Jake



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