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  • Tunica Tunica Tunica

    Well as I sit here in my computer room thinking about all that has gone down in the last two weeks I am a bit misty eyed that another meeting amongst all of us will not take place again until January.

    Already the brain cells are depleting and faces and names are mixing in that grey matter that once was a brain and now is more like mush. hehe

    One thing I will suggest and I suggested it once before. How about we get at least one picture of each player going to attend and make up a little notebook with all the players pics and name and a short bio. I simply cant keep all the faces and names straight and am sure a few other old fogeys like me are having the same trouble.

    I would be more than willing to make it all up if I could get my hands on the pics and stuff....

    The 2 weeks went by very quickly for me. With me playing almost all the holdem events and taking one day off to go visit my parents (3.5hrs away) and one day off to spend on Beale Street which was an absolute ball. But all that led to my seeing PSO'ers a lot less than I would have liked.

    I got quite a kick out of Stricky.. she is a lot of fun and I hope to see her again. Well other than my dreams that is. lol. Wild Bill, W4W, Indy, Zeroth, Joybell, NewJane, Etc etc etc.. sheesh.. I know I left a few out but it was absolutely great to see all of you and spend some time with each. Oh and of course the great PokerGoddess.

    Oh and I must appologize to someone. I can't remember who it was I was against but I moved all in with 67 spades once to steal a small bet and got called by a much better hand. The flop came 66x and needless to say I was a bit embarrassed. I wasnt expecting to get called much less have to show that hand. ANyways whomever it was I beat with that hand I appologize.

    Memphis stuff...

    For those of you who like music you should take a day off and go to Beale street in Memphis. In case you don't know it is known as the birthplace of the blues. There are tons of music memorabilia shops, t-shirts to cd's. and of course everything in the world you can think of to do with Elvis. In the evening there are many clubs that feature live blues entertainment. I even ran into DevilFish and his girlfriend at BB Kings club. Where we all danced and carried on into the wee hours. In any case it is highly recommended.

    Just off Beale street is a theatre called the Orpheum. They have many types of stage playes etc there and while looking at it we noticed they had a show called Will Rogers Follies. So My GF and I decided to attend that nights performance. Well I was in shorts and sandles and was seriously under dressed compared to many of the patrons who were there in fine evening attire and gowns. Oh well.. I hadn't realized it was gonna be so formal. But in any case it was a very good show. Highly recommended.

    One thing I wanted to do while there this time was stop by the Gibson Guitar shop. I used to play in bands and such when I was a kid and have just recently started playing again. I just bought a couple of Gibson's and wanted to tour the plant. HOwever recent storms ripped the plant to pieces and they were closed. Oh well maybe in January.

    Meanwhile back at the tables....

    I got to tell you that Monday I was really tired of poker. After playing for almost 14 days every day just about I was looking forward to getting home and resting.. course now posting this I am thinking welll I could get in a couple of sats while I sit here...hmmmm

    Anyways I cant think of any more to report about Memphis that I can think of at the moment so will end this.

    Oh there is a Seniors event going to be held in October that I might just go play in .. but am really trying to get a seat in the Aruba WPT event and I think the two conflict. Oh well... one of them I will play.

    Again it was a ball, with the PSO events, the sweetheart people there (PSOers that is) and all I had a great time and hope we all can get together to do it again soon...

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    Dont forget about the Fall Classic at Canterbury Park in October! Minneapolis is 100 miles closer to you than Tunica...... it runs for a couple weeks.....and there is a $1000 main event. Something to think about!



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      Hey Rick,

      It was me that you moved in on with your MONSTER 67 sooooted!! LOL. No need for you to apologize. I think you really made a good play there. I was the small blind and you were the Big blind. All folded to me and I raised about 3x the bb. You had to put me on a steal so you decided to put a stop to it and move in on me. I think I had KQ. I sensed you didn't have a hand or at worst I had 2 overs. I called and the flop hit you HARD! It was a classic cat and mouse hand and you won.Well done!!
      You played very well all 3 tourneys (cashed all 3 if you guys missed it). If it helps you remember my face, we talked alot of fishing. I know several of the guys you fished with on the B.A.S.S. circuit. Congrats to you on an incredible week of poker and hope to see ya in January.



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        Rick, great job in tunica. You are a great player and i enjoy talking to ya alot. Cya in January bud!




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