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Final Tunica Post

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  • Final Tunica Post

    Before I get into the activities of our final day in Tunica, I thought I would take a minute to reflect on just how awesome it is to go somewhere that you have never been before and to finally meet so many really great (and diverse) people that share our thirst for poker and laughs and companionship.

    People that otherwise would probably never get to know one another. People that are willing to share their experience and knowledge openly even though by doing so they are probably taking the chance that this information may may some day make it tougher for them to compete with you.

    Dana and I had a great time and we would like to thank everyone for making us feel welcome. Thanks also, to Zip, Goddess, Mark and Tina and everyone else that helped put this together. The whole trip cost us $142 for 3 nights lodging and about $500 for our plane tickets to get there from Florida. If we had planned it right I am sure we would have been able to eat free each day. We won about $500 thank god there were other forms of gambling that bailed us out as our poker tourney lossess added up to $690.

    The staff at the Horseshoe were great to us and I am sure our group will be welcomed back for future events.

    OK enough mush for one day.

    PSO Final Event Sunday NLHE

    We awake at 5:30am with the most sleep we have gotten all weekend. I am waiting for Dana to finish getting ready and I realize that our room actually has windows and possibly a cool view. I open the curtains to see the thickest fog I have ever encountered. Actually it may have been a cloud as we were on the 31st floor. Either way you could not see more than 10 feet. I stare out into the whiteness and wish it wasn't really our last day. Hell we still have money left. I decide that today I will stop being so careful and try to play a little looser (thats looser not loser which I have already mastered). I will take some chances. I will play Forrest Gump poker. Yeah thats the ticket.

    In my first two tourneys I was never more than one hundred chips over the starting chips of 800. I had been afraid to take any real risks like I do online. Part of the problem is that I do not have much experience with starting out with and managing such a small stack. Another is I am absolutely clueless at reading others and at making it hard to read me. WildBill, Zipman and Win4Win made it clear in different earlier conversations that:

    1. I am very predictable and easy to read
    2. I am really very predictable and very easy to read
    3. I am a complete moron that folds AA in the small blind and QQ in late position to a big mouthed Jonnhy Cash dressing, cowboy hat and poker bracelet wearing bozo.

    I think about Idoru who I met on the limo ride over and do not ever remember ever playing against online and how he has cashed in both tournaments thus far with a very focused and deliberate game. I remember watching WildBill, TrumpinJoe, Debonair and Buschman (and a couple others) during the previous days and I wish that I had their experience and confidence in "Live" play. I think about Win4Win who is many years my junior but has been around this game for many years. I think about all the resources available to me at PSO that I have not utilized and all the poker books everyone talks about reading and all the times I chuckled at fellow members who were working hard to learn as much as they could about this great game.

    I try to open the window and jump but it won't budge. Just kidding I got it wide open but my beltloop got stuck on the knob and Dana pulled me back in.

    We head over to the Horsehoe (the mosquitos really aren't that bad, although I did see on the news where a local mosquito cult had been arrested for attacking a hemophiliacs convention at another casino). But who believes the news anyway.

    Everyone is there and I meet a few new members including Kahlua. We get our seat assignments and my table consists of (I don't remember everyone but here goes) IndyBob, a new guy (sorry) Win4Win, Kailene, Stricky, Kahlua, Iceman and myself (oh yeah there was also the invisible guy in seat 10 that I made sure I was going to outlast. This guy had no game. All he ever did was post blinds and fold, what a moron). Actually I was just like this guy during my first 2 tourneys

    Anyway the game starts out with slightly more action early on than the previous 2 days. Kahlua takes a good size pot from the new guy and I belive another from Indy Bob before they fold to her river bets. The new guy (I really am sorry dude) goes all in and is busted out. The first real excitement comes when Indy Bob (who is somewhat short stacked, maybe 400 units) goes all in and then Win4Win (who has him out chipped at least 2 to one) takes about 4 torturous minutes deciding whether to call. He does call and Indy Flips over 99 to Win4Wins 10 10. The flop was (and it really happened this way) 9 (Indy Bob yells YESSS) 10 (Indy Bob yells NOOO) and another inconsequencial card. The turn and river do not help either and Indy Bob's trip 9's loses to Win4wins trip 10's.

    Bob presents Win4Win with his bustout prize (a garter) and places it on Win's leg like he was a bride. Later I learned that Indy's other two days bustout prizes were condoms (day 1) and Vaseline (day 2).

    The floorman moves PokerGodess into Indy Bobs old seat and we now have PokerGoddess and WinWin right next to each other (PERFECT). The game continues and Kailene is bullying everyone and building a formidable stack. I have one good hand with Kahlua (I had a K with 2 on the flop) and build my stack up to about 1500.

    I am seated next to Iceman and we talk a little (by the way Joybell he actually almost smiled once). He jokes that having Forrest to his left with a big stack is not a good thing and I chuckle. He tells me that at the 1st convention a couple experienced players told him they could tell when he wanted to play certain hands by reading some of his actions. I noticed that he never looks at his cards until it is his turn to act and I try doing this (and I succeed most of the time but sometimes I fall back to my old ways) I soon realize that it just doesn't matter when I look at my cards as I am probably the most animated easy to read idiot to ever play this game and will just have to depend on stupid luck anyway.

    My demise began quickly enough when I raised someones blind with a 200 bet and someone reraised me and I folded my marginal hand (I am such a wuss). On the next hand I am in mid position with Jh Qh. I think for a minute and decide I will live a little and call the blind with this stupid hand.

    PokerGoddess and Kahlua are both in and the flop comes 8h, 9h and I believe 5h. Perfect I have flopped a flush and a possible str8 flush) and laugh inside knowing that this is one of those situations that reminds you not to play QJ suited so you do not have to make a fool of yourself when the almost perfect flop hits. PokerGoddess bets 100 and Kahlua quickly calls. Now a smart guy would probably call or fold here but hey we are dealing with Forrest Gump and his decision to loosen up and take some risks (remember I do live in a dream world).

    I think for a nanosecond (as I am incapable of being rational this whole weekend) and go all in thinking that these two ladies will run as I am sure neither of them has 2 hearts and that maybe one of them has the Ace of hearts but will not call my huge bet on a draw. PokerGoddess folds and Kahlua (if you have never met her you would never picture that this friendly lady is a poker shark) looks over and says you have me outchipped but this is a good call. My heart sinks as she turns over Ah 6h. What a moron I am (at least I outlasted the invisible guy). I pray for the ten of hearts for my straight flush but alas it does not show up and I am now down to 175 chips.

    I could go on and on about how dumb I am but what is the use. Two hands later I go all in on my blind and luck out a pot with an ugly BS draw against Win4Win. I now have about 425 and am feeling a little better about my chances. A couple hands later I call the blind with a small pocket pair but the flop crushes my hopes and I fold to the bet. I fold several hands and the big blind is my next hand. I am down to 175 again and the floorman moves me to another table where I will be the big blind on my 1st hand.

    I sit down in seat nine and notice that my lovely wife (with an average stack) is in seat three. I get dealt 7c 10c and 4 people call the blind (including my wife). The flop comes with total ugliness and someone makes a minimum bet to bring me all in, everyone else calls and I pray for some ridiculous runner runner that never comes. Everyone checks the turn and river and Dana wins the pot with pocket 3's. Well I am gone but at least I have helped her to almost double up. I tell her to keep the box of chocolates that she is holding for me in her purse and I congratulate everyone and leave the table.

    Three days, three terrible finishes, I walk it off and go lose some money at 3 card poker and some slots. While mindlessly pushing the buttons on the slot machine I try to console myself that this is my first real live event and that at least I wasn't the first one out. I had to find some kind of positive note however small. I stop feeling sorry for myself and head back over to watch Dana play a little.

    The tourney is down to 2 tables now and she is hanging in there with the big boys (perhaps ignorance is bliss or perhaps the real poker player in this family is not me). Either way I tell her that I am going to head over to the GoldStrike poker room and play some ring games as I know she is better off if I am not there to make her nervous and to justify any of her plays to me. I know this sounds silly but I really believe she plays better if I am not around.

    Besides I am a selfish, self centered, ego maniac, louse, who wants to go redeem himself by playing at a ring game and hey we only have a couple more hours left.

    I get to the poker room and there is immediate seating in a 3/6 hold em game. I sit down and quickly realize this IS your fathers Oldsmobile. The Sunday morning crew is not the same as the Friday night and Saturday night maniacs. I am sitting with 6 old guys who all obviously know each other (kinda like the scene in Rounders where they all end up at the same table at Atlantic City) and two tourists (that obviously have recently caught on to the hold em craze created by the WSOP being on TV) are seated to my immediate right. The game is tighter than a PSO final table and I immediately start seeing flops with questionable cards. I actually steal a couple pots by calling all the way to the river and then betting the river when the card makes a big hand possible. Todd21 sits down next to me a wins a couple pots and then moves on to a higher stakes table. All is gouing well for me and my stack is about double my starting count. I crack the poor tourists AA with a 10 3 off and he mumbles that he can't belive anyone would see the flop with that crap. He is a good sport but I can tell he is just as confounded as I was my first night at 3/6 when I thought everyone was a loon for seeing so many flops.

    About and hour has passed and each minute I do not see Dana makes me dream of her winning the PSO event. I think of how proud I am of how well she has done each day and I smile knowing that by now she must at least be at the final table.

    The other tourist and I get into a raising contest when I hit a set of nines on the flop. After he reraises me on the turn I realize I may be screwed as the only over card on the Board is a Q. Sure enough he is holding pocket queens and my stack takes a serious hit. During the game the casino roof is rumbling continuously from a monster thunderstorm and my childlike mind dreams that our flight will be cancelled. Time is getting short and I take my chips up to the counter (down about $45) and there is Dana.

    She tells me she came in 7th and just missed the money. She explains her last couple hands to me and I listen with genuine interest (as she has done for me a million tiimes) and I tell her that I am going to be teased about this forever. We agree that she did all she could toward the end but the cards just weren't there. She has outplayed me completely the whole weekend and I am very proud of her. Dana has only played a little online but she has retained everything I have ever told her about poker and unlike me she has practiced what I have preached.

    We head back toward our room and stop and order up a taxi ride for 2:30 pm. We have about an hour to kill and she says she wants to try 357 poker. We sit down and win about $400 in 45 minutes. It seemed like a silly game but she kept hitting great hands (obviously my bluffs did not work here).

    We play the BIG MONSTROUS "SPIN THE WHEEL OF CASH" slot machine and it hits for $120. We really didn't care about winning we just got a big kick out of playing this huge machine. This was our 4th trip to a casino (twice on cruise ships and once to vegas) and every time we have won our losses back on the last day. We jokingly decide that next time we will only gamble on the last day (SURE).

    We get our cab and head for the airport. Having come in at night (and having never left the two hotels the entire time) we had never seen the land that we were visiting.

    We get to the airport and of course our plane is delayed about an hour. Additionally it is going to be one of those cute little bitty 50 passenger planes and the attendant tells everyone that most carry on bags will need to be stowed.

    Being a smoker I quickly try to locate the nearest smoking lounge (if there is one). I pray that I find one inside as the strip search procedure is almost enough to make me quit the filthy habit (almost). Fortunately they have one place where you can smoke. It was about a 2 mile hike and it was a restaurant where it was obvious that no one was there to eat but everyone felt compelled to buy something so they wouldn't look like they just came there to smoke. I am no different and order a coca cola in a urine sample cup for $3.00. As I am leaving someone says Glen and it is the North Carolina guy that I sat next to at the Goldstrike in the 4/8 omaha game saturday night. We exchange poker stories and joke a little about the maniacs and then go our separate ways.

    Our flight takes off and once again we have last row seats that do not recline. We do have a window this time though. Apparently the air conditioner vent for the entire plane is under my seat and I spend the entire flight sitting Indain style (which is not easy when you are over 40 and have the flexibility of an anvil). Our plane lands but my legs are asleep and I try to walk and endure that sorta painful, sorta kinky tingling feeling that starts at your toes and goes all the way up to your rear end. I look like a wino as I slowly and surely take each step. We have the good fortune of having a connecting flight that we can still catch (barely).

    The Atlanta airport is packed worse than it was when we came through last time and there are literally hundreds of poor souls standing in line trying to get a flight home. No one is smiling and the variety of miserable faces entertains us while we sit snuggly knowing our plane will be here soon. I make my trip to the smoking terrariaum and realize that the ventilation system isn't broken, they just plain don't have a ventilation system. I swear the same people were still there but I could be wrong.

    The final flight was mostly uneventful except that the stewardess tells us that if we do not get there by midnight we will be diverted to Jacksonville til the morning. I guess our little airport closes at midnight.

    We make it just in time and drive home to find our house in the kind of condition you would come to expect when you leave two teenage boys and two dogs alone for 4 days. It appeared that they had been up for 96 straight hours playing video games and surviving on delivery pizza and coca cola. I will not get into the details of what happens when you do not walk two dogs for 3 days and you have two boys that refuse to do more work than the other. Somehow the fish survived by eating the plastic plants.

    Our trip was over and in just 6 hours we would be back at work dreaming of when we can do this again.

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    Gump! You certainly write one great report with poker news and humor. Enjoyed them all...daisy777


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      Glen and Dana

      It was my great pleasure to meet both of you. Thank you for the excellent trip report......and the great conversations. I wish you would be able to make the trip in Jan. to the convention.....but alas......some of us must keep working to keep the world spinning.

      Hope to see you two again soon!



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        Bully? Who me?

        I really enjoyed your trip report. I was seriously ROFLMAO! And especially during the last day when you said I was 'bullying' everyone. :lol:

        My previous performance had been similar to yours and I woke up Sunday with a "what the heck" attitude and decided I wasn't gonna be a weenie any more. (Plus I had covered all my buy-ins & losses in the Goldstrike Fish Bowl on Saturday playing 3/6 HE -- the fishes just couldn't wait to give me their money!)

        So this 'new attitude' is why I was able to actually build a stack and make the final table, at which time I knew I was toast. I had the pleasure of sitting next to your wife, at least for my last 2 hands, which were 66 and 99, and both lost when the board failed to contribute any help (to me, at least). I'm still very proud of my 8th place finish. (I was almost close enough to smell the money.)

        So thanks for the honorable mention in your report and you are forgiven for misspelling my name (everybody does). I'm really looking forward to the next PSO get-together.


        P.S. I'm in Atlanta, so I can give you some tips on navigating the ATL airport/hell-hole. Of course the biggest tip is, don't go there -- we drove to Tunica from here. 8)



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