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Day 3

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  • Day 3

    Event 2 LHE
    (Actually it was changed to No Limit by a democratic vote the day before)

    Having played 3/6 holdem all night, I hurry in to take a quick shower (well not real quick as I am unable to remember what areas I just washed due to lack of sleep and the fact that our country's environmentalists have regulated that shower heads are not allowed to dispense more than a cup of water per hour). I am not sure what the big deal is about how much water comes out of the shower per hour, the drain catches it all. Perhaps there is a plot to make all Americans smell like the amazing odor producing man that we encountered at the airport on Thursday or maybe it is just that all our lawmakers are really old and as we all know really old people shower about once each week.

    Anyway, I find my loving, patient and understanding wife awake and somewhat ready to go. She claims that she had trouble sleeping and I of course realize that playing poker all night and leaving her all by herself in a hotel room in a strange town is not exactly her idea of a romantic poker getaway. Dazed, sleepy, almost moist and now of course extremely guilt ridden I walk her over to the Horshoe for the 7:00 tornament. My tooth has started to throb again and my stomach is screaming for food (I did manage to gum down an extremely water logged hot dog at bout 3 am at the GoldStrike poker room).

    We don our bee keepers helmets (just kidding) and get to the Horseshoe without devouring any mosquitos. If you have ever been to a casino then you know that the place doubles as a meat locker. In other words it is about 58 degrees inside and during our pre hotel room depature pat down I forgot to bring my Carnival Cruise sweatshirt (by the way the only place colder than a casino is the inside of a cruise ship going to a tropical paradise).

    We get to the pit and find the usual cast of characters hanging around. Someone thought it would be nice to provide a huge box of Krispy Creme doughnuts which I droolled all over but could not eat. Wildbill and Indy Bob were bursting with energy and providing many laughs as we waited. Dana and I sat down and Highway sat next to Dana as we waited for sign ups to begin. If you have never met Highway you will not know that he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet (hope that doesn't ruin anyone's biker image). He looks over to me and Dana and says "one of you smell really good and unfortunately I think it is Forrest." We get a huge laugh over this and I can only think that maybe in my dazed and forgetful shower procedure that maybe I washed nothing and just sprayed cologne all over myself repeatedly. Anything is possible.

    The tourney finally gets going and I find myself at the same table in the exact seat where I totally embarrassed myself the first night by folding AA in the small blind. My tooth is killing me so I pop a magic vicadin and the rest is a little blurry. I am seated next to Joybell and I remember that Stricky and Iceman were there too (I must sound like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she comes back home). Joybell and I talk a lot and my chips slowly get eaten away as i am too petrified to call any raises or make any moves. I never really got any cards I liked although in my present state of mind it looked like I had a papa smurf with a smurfette kicker anyway.

    After a little while there is a big roar at the table next to me and New Jane is busted out (I am not sure if she was first out but I felt for her). The good news about her getting busted out is that she would now take on the official PSO photograher duties. She got a couple of pictures taken and then 3 large security guards made it clear that they don't approve of people taking pictures in the casino.

    Joybell and I talk a lot and I jump up every ten seconds to have a puff on a cigarette. She keeps telling me that Iceman (sitting across from us) is too serious and never smiles. She tries to get him to smile but he won't crack (after all he is Iceman).

    Iceman is wearing a black baseball cap and sunglasses and has a light colored mustache and from where I am sitting he looks like the grim reaper. Every time I am the big blind or any time I make a bet he comes over and I fold. I do not remember getting busted out as I believe I was just blinded out in the middle of a big pot between two players that had some chips in, but I did give that person a box of chocolates. I hung around a little and watched Dana play. She did not have much of a stack but somehow every time she was forced all in she kept doubling up.

    Her stack had gotten back to about 1400 and with the blinds still somewhat small I wandered off to play some other casino games and tried not to get in any trouble. I had $100 eaten up quickly at the three card poker table and decided to go back and watch some more of the tourney. When I got back Dana had just been knocked out. I am not sure but I think she finished close to the teens. I congratulated her on playing so well and we headed back over to the GoldStrike to sign up for ring games and play some slots and eat during the 3 hour wait. We gave up and took a nap until about 7 pm and went back to the poker room and we were still way down on the list. We sat around and played a little video poker and then I went to check with the floorman about any other games that might be available.

    I asked about Omaha and he aid there was a 4/8 game with a short list. I put my name down and in about fifteen minutes I sat down to play. I have always though that I was pretty good at Omaha Hi and really liked the idea of playing it for real money. I sat down and found out it was Omaha hi/lo with a 1/2 kill. Ok I think am pretty good at hi/lo too and regardless I was here to play some damn cards so I bought a rack of 100 $1 chips.

    For those of you who don't know (myself included at the time) a kill occurs when someone sweeps the whole pot. On the next hand the stakes go up to 6/12 (this was a 1/2 kill table)and the winner of the swept pot is forced to ante up $6 blindly. These stakes continue until a pot is finally split again and so on.

    The game was a blast. Hi/lo can definitely get some pots built up and for the first hour or so everyone seemed to play like they were from this planet. I won a couple and lost a couple and was about $75 up when the first alien showed up. He was a young loud oriental guy and he immediately started raising on every round. Amazingly he splits or wins about 9 out of the next 14 hands and amasses a pretty good stack. He sucks out on the river almost everytime and the rest of the table just sighs and hopes he keeps it up for when we get the nuts or close.

    I am seated next to a very nice 30ish guy from North Carolina who has a nice stack and obviously knows how to play this game and win. He has that awesome North Carolina gentlemens accent and provides good conversation as we continually fold to the maniac. Across from us is a quiet older farmer guy with about $350 in front of him who I can tell is a rock and plays here often. To his right is a quiet PSO'er with a ball cap on who never looks up at all. I try to initiate some conversation with him when I ask what his spinner says on it. He is down to just a few chips and no conversation is to be had. I will not say who I thought he was cause I would not want to misrepresent anyone. After a couple more hands (d.a Bree or Cruellah Caddy) sits down across from me. I had met Bree for the first time earlier at the PSO event and Dana and I had also talked with her a bit while she was playing 3/6 holdem with Joybell and other PSO'ers just a couple minutes earlier. We had discovered that she and I live about 10 minutes away from each other. After about 45 minutes both the mystery PSO'er and Bree run out of chips and leave.

    Maniac boy has settled down a bit but to make up for it 2 more raisaholics show up. The game is now out of control and the bets are being capped preflop and almost every round. Five or six people are seeing the flop and the pots are huge. North Carolina and I continue to play tight and I win a couple monster scoopers with good starting cards that stay the course. The maniacs however have found ways beyond belief to suck out on a lot of pots, raising preflop and every round with hands like A58Q, 228J and 249K and somehow catch nut nut on river and each of them have substantial stacks now.

    I have split a couple but I have to admit the idea of putting in up to $80 to see the turn card is nerve racking (actually it is rather exciting as I wouldn't be in without really good starting cards). I get hit by some ugly beats and am now down to about $120 in chips. I look down to see AA24 double suited and join in the fray (calling but not raising as there is no need to) 7 players are in to see the flop and the pot is huge (at least to me) Flop comes up Ac Qd 5h and the betting and raising continues the turn card is 9c.

    I am still feeling good but the damn flush draw has me scared as no one has folded yet and I am certain that at least one player has 2 clubs in the hole. I am in seat one and beg the dealer to pair the Board as I cannot bear the thought of one of these maniacs sucking out to win. The dealer lays down the 3c. I am in heaven surely no one has a pair of 3's down. The betting begins and 3 drop out, I raise and 1 guy calls and the then the maniac raises me as he obviously has hit the miracle flush he was hoping for. I reraise and they both call and I win a huge pot I believe it was about $275 - 300. I smile and watch a couple more hands and then I tell North Carolina guy that it has been fun but I do not think I can afford to play this crazy game any more.

    It is about midnight and I cash out (with a profit of about $250) and catch up with Dana (who never got into a poker game but played some carribean poker and slots and had won about $150 doing so). We play some slots and give about $75 back and actually go to bed by 2 am.

    We are both a little sad that we will have to leave tomorrow afternoon.

  • #2
    I have decided that Forrest Gump shall now replace me as the trip report guru. Not that I WAS the guru, except in my own demented mind.

    And yes, it was me who busted first on Saturday. After all these years of poker, I still have not found a sound defense for an opponent who flops quads. Way to go, Trumpin Joe!

    Thanks for the great reports!! Wish I had time to get a pic of you and Jennay together, but the security guards were bigger than me.



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