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Day 2 - The First PSO Event

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  • Day 2 - The First PSO Event

    I want to preface this post by telling anyone that reads this that this is a long post and I am not capable of offering any wisdom on poker in it. Tunica was our first real "Live Play" experience and I am writing this more for inexperienced people here that care to hear about what I did, saw and even learned during my trip.

    Day 2 - PSO Event 1 and other stuff

    The alarm goes off at 5:30 and somehow I manage to rise and shower and convince Dana that we are on a vacation and that it is fun to get up at 5;30 am to play in a poker tournament with a bunch of people from all over the country that we only know by scree name. Actually I am extremely lucky as my wife does enjoy playing poker and she accepts that I am a complete addict and live in a complete dream world.

    We still haven't unpacked (actually we never did). Unpacking is overrated anyway. With ours eyes still half shut we attempt to find clothes appropriate for todays event (believe it or not I brought more clothes than her and for once I actually wore them all). The hotel iron acheived a high temperature of 98.6 degrees so we threw on the least wrinkly clothes we had. Thank god for hawaiian shirts. My tooth has decided to remind me that 45 years of average dental care is not sufficient and I pop about 5 ibuprofen (No way I am taking a vicadin for this event, I will save those for ..... well whenever).

    My diet though the last 24 hours has consisted of pretzel dust and sucking on 14 milk duds, so I am ripped and ready for any challenge.

    We get ready to leave and do the famous Gump family "are we forgetting anything" mental inventory and pat down while holding the hotel room door open for about five minutes. Once the door is shut Dana thinks of something we forgot to bring and goes back in to fetch it.

    We stumble over to the Horseshoe (I was able to swallow a few mosquitos on the way over so my daily intake of protein had now been met). Actually they taste just like chicken and I am thinking of writing a cookbook for this yet undiscovered delicacy.

    We are a little early so i sit down at a table with a couple PSO'ers and get a cup of coffee and listen to their tales of the night before or minutes ago as many of them have been up all night. I try to introduce myself to anyone that I had yet to meet in person and (forgive me if I leave anyone out) I meet Buschman, Ranger Rick, Sailor Moe, GoBama, GoBlue (ok enough go's for one day), Todd 21, AcesUp, Debonair, Trumpin Joe, Stricky, Big Bo, Highway1, zeroth, and Ric.

    The tourney gets started with 4 tables (I think we had 38 players) and my table is very scary. If I am not mistaken I am sitting with Nashville, Ric, Debonair both of the Blues and Sailor Moe. We start out with 800 chips. I think to myself "hell I play with these guys online all the time so this should be no problem." I am playing tighter than tight and watching GoBlue and Nashville initiate most of the action. Generally someone raises the blind and everyone else folds. I quickly realize that playing live is very different than online. My biggest adjustments are trying not to be so easy to read (which I failed at miserably) and trying to judge the stacks of others.

    At one of the other tables someone goes out 1st and someone else yells player out. Overall this is perceived as a pretty funny statement and the 1st player out (sorry i forgot who you were) takes it in good humor. In my opinion nothing of any real consequence happens at our table (except that a few of us are getting rather low on chips) Debonair goes allin a couple times and each time he survives.

    Nashville is to my left and we are talking a little (ok he was talking a lot LOL). After listening to him comment on a couple of plays by himself and others I am now convinced I have no idea what I am doing and pray that I get AA for 30 straight hands. This obviously does not happen. I am in the Big Blind and look down to find JJ. The blinds are pretty big and only one player calls and I decide I am going to go for it. GoBlue who has about the same amount of chips as me calls my all in and he turns up JQ off. When I see this I am overjoyed as surely I am a favorite to win this pot. The flop brings A 10 7. Great! still good, but I am a little worried about the str8 draw. Turn brings a 4 and then the mighty river brings a K and I am gone in about 24th place. I hand GoBlue my bust out prize (a box of chocolates) and find Dana (who had busted out just a minute so before me).

    We wander off to a 3 card poker table and Acesup joins us. There is only one other person at our table and the dealer and pit boss are both chatting it up with us. We win about $120 and the pit boss asks if we are here for the PSO events we tell her yes and she comps us a free buffet ticket. We grab up our chips and run off to eat. The buffet was torturous to someone with a throbbing toothache. There was every kind of food imagineable (and some things i couldn't imagine)but I managed to eat an omelette and some mashed potatoes(without chewing LOL). We head back over to the PSO event and it seems like no one has busted out since we left. Full of free food and exhausted we decide a nap is in order and head back to the GoldStrike. Along the way we swallow a couple more mosquitos for dessert and sleep until about 5 pm.

    We get up and to check out the GoldStrike poker room. The Casino is absolutely packed as is the poker room and the lists are incredibly long. Forget about eating for at least 3 hours as every eatery is jammed packed with very long lines. The floorman tells us at least 3 hours. I sign up for 3/6 holdem and Dana signs up for 1/5 7 stud. We head downstairs and play a little roulette (-$100), carribean poker (+$75) and play a lot of slots (-$75).

    The GoldStrike poker room seems more comfortable to me than the Horsehoe. It is upstairs all by itself and they have self serve free hot dogs (with all the fixins), popcorn, and coffee as well as many video poker machines. What more could a man ask for, poker, popcorn and pork products and of course waitresses with a lot of cleaveage revealed. The main horseshoe poker room seemed small and cramped and there is nowhere to sit around while you wait to be called. The pit area of the Horshoe has a lot of tables and this is where most of the PSO'ers were playing. I think due to the MAPC satelitte events and big daily events I got the wrong impression of what this is usually like. I mean no ill will to the Horsehoe, they were great hosts and I am positive it is THE poker destination in Tunica, I was probably just intimidated by the whole set up. The Horseshoe appeared to have many, many tournaments on a daily basis, but most of them were to win a chip to the big event and a small cash prize. Everyone kept telling us that you could probably sell the chip but I needed more concrete proof as I was only going to be there for a couple days and definitely could not make the big event even if I was lucky enough to cash in the satellites.

    Finally at about midnight I get the call to sit down at the 3/6 holdem table. Dana decides that she no longer wishes to wait and tells me she is going downstairs to play a couple slots and then go to bed.

    My first experience with live Tunica 3/6 holdem was interesting. I brought my PSO tight ass attitude to the game and quickly realized that I will need to see a lot of flops with inferior cards to hang around. I watched people play and raise and win often with starting hands we would never play at PSO. It was not uncommon to see 6 people see the flop and there was no way you were going to bet everyone out. I can only remember a couple of uncontested pots. Just about every hand was called to the river by at least one player.

    The game was friendly and fun and (IMHO) harmless as my starting stack of 100 $1 chips was never in jeopardy. I often played and won with hands that I was generally embarrased to turn over but hey, When in Rome do as the Romans do.

    My opinion is that if you like to play poker and do not want to risk a lot of money, then this is the game for you. You will probably not win much or lose much but (IMHO) you can gain some experience and get comfortable with the whole flow of Live Poker Play. When you move up to higher stakes play you will probably need to unlearn a lot and go back to playing more premium type hands, but this table helped me to see that suited connectors and unsuited connectors can be very good hands if it doesn't cost too much to see the flop. I won more pots with these type hands than I did with AA, KK, AK, or QQ.

    Nothing of any real significance happened, I never really had any great hands. One guy sat down with $100 and raised and bet every hand he played until he was out after about 15 hands. One lady had about $800 in chips and said she had been at the table since 9 am. Another guy had been there 36 straight hours (he wasn't faring very well though). When I realized it was 3 am I decided I would just play until 5:30 am run up to the room, shower, get Dana and go to the PSO event at 7am. I cashed out at 5:30 am with a whopping profit of $92.

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    Thank you for writing one heck of an informative and very entertaining, funny account of your experience.
    This is the best reading I've done all day here at the library.


    (who is now wondering if I will violate vegan ways by adding mosquitoes to my diet... :wink:



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