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hi and lo at Canturbery

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  • hi and lo at Canturbery


    So this trip report started of on sunday. The monthly NLHE. I'm not planing on seeing any PSOERs since half of them are down the Mississippi river Dragon Dawn said he might show up but had a thing he had to attend.
    So the tourney is a 50+10 buyin one 50 rebuy. Last month the field was huge so my brother and I got there early to get a seat. While waiting for the event to start someone asked me If I would sell my seat. (the event sold out) I asked how much? He offered 100 bucks for it and I took it. 10-20th payed 100 bucks and I wasnt "fealing it" that day so I took the $40 proffit. My brother had a shot to sell his also "I drove 2hrs to play and I'm going to play" Well he was in for 1hr and busted out. oh well.

    Broke even for the day after selling my seat.

    I dont remember alot of hands I share what I can.

    Skip to thursday. Limit Omaha hi/lo 25+10 no rebuys.
    I am "fealing" this one I think my Omaha game has tremendesly improved the last year or so and I have been doing well in the PSO events Ive been playing In.
    127 players to start.
    Start with 800 chips 15/30 limits play no hands
    next round 30/60 play a few med hands from late spots but catch nothing. now at 100/200 and I got 250 in chips Yuck! I go all in on the bb with A6XX catch somthing to win half the pot. Player Break and our table breaks. 70some left.
    The blinds are at 300/600 I can just cover them its at this point am going to call or raise allin with any A and lower than a 4. The BB is all in preflop and I am UTG i get A369 I raise All in I get one caller from the button dont remember the board but the button and I chop with A9 to win there was no lo.

    I was gald to be part of it LOL. I have a little over 1000 in chips now the blinds are at 500/1000 I raise all-in with an A3 to catch a lo with 4 players in I get half. The next hand I get 2346 In the sb I raise and the action is four way flop comes A22 I gett all of my chips in and the rest call turn is a 5 and the river x
    I scoop a monster pot. We are down to 20 and 9 pay I am a little better than avge here. My next BB I have QQ98 and see a free flop, It has a Q in it and I bet the top set the whole way river pairs the board and there is no lo I got the nut FH, another monster scoop. verry next hand I get A235 A5s Flop comes 2s39 turn Is a 4s I got the nut lo and the nut flush draw, the other player bets and I raise. He mutters curses and folds.
    I now have the chip lead at the table!! We bust and go to 10.

    The first thing that is done is we make a deal for the #10 player. There are only 9 payouts so we skim $5 from each spot so 10 gets $45. Im the chip leader at the final table with apx 30,000 there are two stacks not far behind me. There are 4 stacks that will bust with the blinds if the get no help the others have between 10,000 and 15,000. blinds are now at 2,000/4,000. I am still getting great hands and flops to match them and soon we are down to 5.

    The next hand I get AATJddbls I raise The last of the small stacks calls all in and one of the bigger stacks calls. The flop comes KQJ. the Other big stack bets I raise and he reraises me, putting him all in and I call. he shows JT99 for the smaller st8. Down to three.

    Then the deck got a little cold on the flop part Getting goot hands and nothing to go with it sucks. after a few hands we are about even. We make a deal to chop three ways. 590 for the small stack (he didnt want to claim taxes so he wanted less than 600) and 650 for myself and the other player. We play one last hand for the "winner" and I get my luck flops again (figures I would have busted at least one of them that hand) I get a flush and am declaired the winner!!

    so that was my thursday $35 tourney walk away with 580 after toking the dealers (somone has to) and if you read this far you need a life lol,


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    Great report Matt and congrats on the win! It looks to me like you cashed 2 tourneys in a row

    I sure wish that casinos would stop 10-99ing the 25 or 30-1 payouts from poker tourneys or start 10-99ing every SOB who hits his roulette number. Even the freaking racetrack only 10-99's you if you get 300X your bet. (Can you guess who doesnt play roulette or bet horses? :roll: )This is a subject I could rant on for a long while.

    Anyhow, this monthly NLHE sounds pretty interesting. Given that the IL area tourneys have dried up (I think Jay won all the money :lol: ) I think I will start lobbying the CHAPS to make a weekend trip. Do they have anything on the Saturday as well?



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      WOOHOOO matt!!

      I concur with the Wild definitely won TWO!!

      Congrats. And oh, guess I don't have a real life, cause I read it all the way through, also


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        Congrats Matt - Nicely done!!!

        Bill - There is no tourney on Saturday at Canterbury, but there are fat cash games. They will be crawling with people who are tired of losing money on the ponies. The low limit games in particular will have lots of clueless people in them. Not sure what limits you like to play.

        Sunday at 10:30am, there is a $12 limit holdem shootout tourney. Not much skill involved, but with a 1:10 chance to win $200, I'm all over that.

        The monthly N/L tourney is getting huge - which means BIG payouts. I think the last one had over 250 entrants with most rebuying.

        I live real close to Canterbury. Perhaps if you get sick of paying the rake, we could get a little home game going.

        Make sure you let us know if you decide to make the run up here!




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