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Tunica, Tunica, Tunica

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  • Tunica, Tunica, Tunica

    Rather than start off by bragging about my exploits (which will happen, never fear) I want to start my report with Congrats to Ranger Rick (9th) and Buncher (14th), who both cashed in the 300 Buy-in NLHE tourney in Tunica. Also to Zeroth who won a seat into the 2k buy-in event next weekend. One more also to all of the Pokerschoolers who won single or multiple Sats. Way to go guys and girls! Once again, we showed Tunica that Pokerschoolers are in fact a force to be reckoned with.

    That done, lets move on to Me. When the human traits were being passed out, I noticed that the lines for brains and good looks were really really long, so I skipped those and just went through the ego line several times. So when I meet people from Pokerschool and they do things like praise my previous trip reports, or compliment me on continually finding new and different ways to use various euphamisms for the gluteus maximus as modifiers, my head swells to enormous size, and the reports get longer. Those two things having happened, I believe that this report will continue the trend.

    My chauffer (the lovely Stricky) picked me up on Wed Morning, and we headed for Tunica, as excited as kids at Christmas. I brought the hippie music, and the trip down was the usual mish mash of loud music, poker talk, and solving various world problems. We arrived, checked into our seperate hotels (believe me, that was her choice, not mine :lol: ) and off to the poker room. Where there were already many pokerschoolers in evidence. I know that I have commented on this before, but doggone it, Laughing, hugs, and good conversation with both old and new friends is mighty fun, and I wish there were quite a bit more of that kind of stuff in the world.

    While still sober, I managed to play 1 $65 satellite, making a chop on the end to finally break my cherry in Tunica satellite play. A 500 chip is a great start to the week.

    Wed night passed in a blur of many beers, much laughter, more than a few hugs and a drunken party of a 3-6 holdem game consisting of 8 Pokerschoolers and two civilians who had no earthly idea what they were getting into. We carried on, having far too much to be poker players until the early hours of the morning. Bad beats abounded, real players salivated at the thought of seeing us at later tables (which we would make them regret), and we got the weekend off to a successful start.

    I dont have any notes from the tourney at Sam's Town on Thurs. I know I busted out in the middle of the field somewhere, after putting in my chips with the worst of it, but I seem to have a big Thursday-sized hole in my memory regarding poker. Beer in truckload lots and meeting a lot more of the aforementioned old and new friends is no doubt the cause, or at least, a perfectly good excuse for what appears to be early signs of 'old-timers' disease. The only real memory I have is the sign on wall explaining the rules of Hold-em had a gross typo, refering to the fourth card flopped as the "Tum Card". Far too many stupid puns later, I busted out and went back to drink and laugh and hug.

    Ahhh, never fear, I have better notes for Friday. A whopping 3 hours of sleep, led into the first of three PSO tourneys of the weekend. Just less than 40 sleep deprived, mostly hung-over people showed up and after a swimming pool full of coffee, we commenced playing poker.

    The worst beat of the tourney award goes to dabree (or Cruellah Caddy, or whatever name she is going to use this week). She was about 10 mins late arriving and blamed the beer beast for it. She sat down on my immediate left into her big blind and folded to a raise from an early position. Next hand (her small blind ) I busted her out of the tourney when my AT flopped two pair and her QQ failed to improve. Ouch.

    I also busted win4win from that table with a terrible call of his preflop raise, (my hand JT sooted, his hand AQ) the flop came TTx, we both checked. turn another non-threatening card, he bet a little and I called. river came Q, he bet, I raised all in and he called, figuring I was far too smart a player to be playing the JT. I guess he forgot I skipped the brains line.

    We were all having a good time, laughter and wisecracks were the order of the day, and many people stopped by to see what the fun was about. Unlike January, many of these people seemed to have a condescending attitude toward pokerschoolers, seeming to think that the school was teaching us that a flush beats a straight, rather than teaching us to win Poker tournaments. I believe we changed a few minds during the week, as Zipman personally signed up several new members, and I, for one, was kept busy (between stacking pots) answering questions and promoting our fine institution.

    That whole paragraph leads to my quote of the week award. Debonair's lovely wife Kathy overheard one of the condescending type civilians telling his buddies how he got busted. "I fired a bluff at the pot, but I forgot that the other guy was one of those pokerschoolers. Those SOB's have been stomping my brains out all week." Heh. I'll bet a nickel we see that guy in Pokerschool soon.

    Anyway, on to the final table on Friday. Only three CHAPS made it. Stricky, Sailor Moe and myself were flying the flag and taking on all comers. After the deck beat me up early in the tourney, I coasted through the middle rounds and when we got down to 10 players, the deck decided to beat me silly. I busted two players on one hand when my AA stood up against KK and JJ. Several hands later though, another AA in my hand doubled up Indy Bob, when his 99 manged to hit a 9 on the turn. I busted him on the bubble a few hands later though.

    Stricky went out a disapointing 5th, Ranger Rick 4th, and with time running out before the big tourney, Buschman, Idoru99 and I chopped the remaining three places. Buschman was the chip leader, so I gave him the ugly hula doll I had brought as a bounty.

    Another side note of congrats. Idoru99 cashed in 2 of the three pokerschool tourneys. Ranger Rick cashed in all three. Way to go guys!

    And just in case one of the two or three people who manage to read this far think I put my ego aside, I was forced to calculate that I am still the overall money leader in Pokerschool events. It is all about me after all

    Part 2 later.


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    ooops. Forgot to put in a gratuitous butt reference.

    The asshat of the week award goes to the young, mid twenties guy who had apparently watched far too much of the WPT on television.

    He was observed on the Caribean Stud table, wearing sunglasses, with a pulled low baseball cap, not only staring down the dealer, but the other players at the table while making his play or fold decisions.




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      Get it straight asss clown! You sucked out a straight on the were drawing the whole way! LOLOL

      Love ya man!

      J.J. aka Dead Money aka Bill's B1tch!


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        Hey Bill -

        Looking forward to the rest of the report. You are a one-of-a-kind man! And for that I am thankful :P

        BTW, your ugly hulaman wound up with me. He now stands on top of my computer monitor. He smells a little, but he sure can wiggle.

        See you in January!



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          I would have that Hula man tested Mike. You don't know where it has been.... especially with Bill.

          It sounds like a great time was had by all --- Too bad I had to miss it. :?



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            Originally posted by win4win
            Get it straight asss clown! You sucked out a straight on the were drawing the whole way! LOLOL

            Love ya man!

            J.J. aka Dead Money aka Bill's B1tch!
            J.J. - You are correct. I did in fact make a straight on the river against you. But, in my defense, you did check the flop and make a bet that gave me 6-1 odds to see the river and make the straight. And I had nearly triple your stack at the time. But I will admit to being a suck-out dog. And just so you dont think that I let people get away with calling me ass-clown, call you a butt-monkey. :lol:

            (In my best Paul Harvey voice)

            And now, the rest of the story.

            Zippy Bob, our fine organizer, claimed that the only reason he changed the Sat AM tourney from the announced Limit Hold-Em, to No Limit, is the fact that I was whining like a wuss girl that I wouldnt get up after 3 hours sleep to play a limit tourney, followed by the 200 (+200 rebuy) Horseshoe event. I didnt whine all that much, 8) in fact I was mostly lobbying for him to change the tourney to one of those silly 4 card before the flop games so I would REALLY have an excuse to sleep.

            The fact does remain that he did change it, and so I, and 35 others, walked our seriously sleep deprived selves into the tourney area at various times between 6:30 and 7. I was so delirious from lack of sleep, I didnt note who brought the Krispy Kremes, but I for one sure apreciated it. (Another box appeared Sun morning too. Thanks again, whoever you are)

            Long story short, the deck didnt hit me over the head Sat morning, plus I played a lot like a donkey and I busted out 18th. I hereby apologize to Sailor Moe who got no bounty from me, I had only planned on 2 no-limit events and was saving the Hula-Pig for Sunday.

            I, being selfish SOB that I am, left quickly and didnt cheer on the remaining folks or watch the final table. Although I did want a little more rest before the big dollar tourney, it was most hypocritical of me to not cheer y'all on. I have thrived on the laughs and cheers of my fellow pokerschoolers at more than one final table, and I truly feel bad that I did not return the favor this time. It will not happen again. ops:

            So the 200 (+200) tourney started at noon. Big thanks go to Zipman for talking the tourney organizers into increasing the number of entrants. We managed to get about half a dozen of us pokerschoolers in, and it would have been more if the sign up the day before had been a little more organized. (Not Bob's fault, the Horseshoe's!)

            We started with 800 in chips with another 800 available via re-buy. My first table was not my kind of crowd. I kept trying to run my empty-headed chatterbox act (I hear every one of you saying "act? yeah right.") but got very little response. Couldnt get a smile out of 7-8 of them at all, but at least the guys to my immediate right and left would chuckle occasionally. And after the first hour, the guy on my right pretty much started talking a bit too.

            As to card play, I played poor cards badly. One playable (?) hand the first two rounds of the table, and I had to fold the AT I had put in a raise with to a reraise from the big blind. I lost my first stack late in the first limit, when my top 2 pair ran head on into a set. So, I rebought and settled in to playing a short stack. Does anyone disagree that it is far more fun to play a big stack?

            I continued to see very few playable hands, and just mucked cards and ran my mouth until the first break. I stole enough blinds to keep myself short stacked but couldnt really increase much, and the blinds just moved up.

            After the break I doubled up the first hand when I actually beat AKs with KK. But I couldnt build any momentum (or catch any cards) and I continued to struggle. Again, I stole a few blinds and went into the second break with a below average stack. I just wasnt getting the kind of cards I could move chips with and I know you all know that my standards arent real high in that regard. :lol:

            Second break came and went, and if I thought I was seeing bad cards before, I was really seeing them now. My stack was being blinded and anted away, and there was nothing I could do about it. With a stack that had dwindled to 3x BB, I found pocket 8's, and called a raise and all in call in front of me. I knew I needed help, but I didnt think I would get a chance to quintuple my stack later. The other two hands were AK and JJ, and I did catch my set, and suddenly had a few chips.

            They lasted until about 3 minutes before the third break, when I reraised what I thought was a steal. My hand AJ sooted, his hand QQ. No ace for me and IGHN.

            Part 3 (the last part) tomorrow


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              Great report....cant wait for the next part. Glad that we both agree I played great and you are a lucky suckout artist. LMAO Nothing to defend on your part.....I goofed and you got me. Where's my banana?! :lol:

              I am trying to get some PSOers together at Canterbury for the Fall Classic tournament in October. Jane is going.....and i think i have another coming with me.....and I am sure there will be several local members there. I'm going to saddle you with the task of getting CHAPS some decent representation there! I'll spare the riding crop for now.....but ya better get on it soon! I know Muzzey is interested.

              Your humble butt monkey!


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                Part the third.

                A little less poker talk, more stream of conciousness.

                Saturday night, despite severe lack of sleep I played a few satellites, and chopped in one to pretty much break even. Note that I have described no real ring game play on my part. Lists were 30-50 people long for 10-20 and 15-30 games. I am far too wimpy to even sign up for 20-40 but those lists were mighty long as well.

                Another 2-3 hours sleep and the Sunday Morning PSO tourney. Bob's salesmanship had sold a few memberships and we had a couple of new faces in the game. I had the worlds ugliest Hula Pig dashboard doll as a bounty prize. I dont remember who actually won it, I just remember that every time I looked for it, it was in the possesion of someone new. No one seemed to want it :

                Anyhow, at one point just before the break, (and before I busted) they made a PA annoucement that there were still seats available for the days NO LIMIT tourney. The literature I had received, and everything I had heard to that point had said Sunday was a LIMIT tourney. I badly wanted to play No-Limit, but the 500 entry was a little more than I wanted to spend. So I approached Debonair (who has, very successfully I might add, stakehorsed me in the past) and offered to sell 20% of my action. In a move that flattered me to no end two other players quickly whipped out 100 dollar bills and wanted in. Off I went to sign up, playing for a very unscared 200 bucks. (And 40% of whatever I could win) But the ticket said LIMIT hold-em. A check with the organizer revealed that the error was the original announcement and I was in a pickle. Limit Hold-em is not my favorite tourney game. After a quick word with my backers, I sold the ticket and resolved to play the 300 w/rebuys the next day.

                Which leads to a kinda funny story. Mrs Debonair (the lovely and very funny Kathy) was with us when Bill and I were discussing whether to enter the tourney. 300 with unlimited rebuys could get expensive. He sort of looked to her, expecting to get an excuse to not play and she said "Did you come down here to Nit around?" I really like this woman.

                When it got down to it, we both wimped out anyway. Another funny story. I went down to the booth Monday morning to get my money back, and offered to sell the seat to the guy in front of me in line (for face value mind you). He didnt want to buy it from a degenerate looking guy like me though, and assured me that I would be better off selling it for a profit closer to the start of the tourney (which was sure to sell out). In fact, when he got to the window, he wanted three seats and only two were left. For some reason he didnt laugh when I asked if he wanted to discuss how much profit. (I was a good guy and sold it for face).

                I owe Trumpin Joe and Big Bo their money back though. Would you believe me if I said the checks were in the mail?

                Sunday night I finally got some ring game action in. Zipman the ubersalesman, talked the Goldstrike into taking a list for a 3-6 triple draw game. I have played lowball back in the distant past, and would love to learn triple draw cheaply. When they called the game though, there were only 3 interested players. After a bit of negotiation, we decided to play a 1-2 Pot Limit Hold-em instead. 4 PSO'ers, a dealer from our morning tourneys, a couple of people who could play and a couple of WPT watching clueless folks who thought that 1-2 would be cheaper than the 3-6 game they were on the list for. 8) Well we chewed them up in pretty short order and a couple of more PSO'ers joined in. The dealer and the other two civilians didnt play too badly, (and man, one of them was a hot girl from Kansas City, I may move) But several hours later, Zeroth, Zipman and I had most of the chips. Payment was apparently in reverse alphabetical order.

                I cant believe anyone has read this far. I had a great time in Tunica and look forward to next time. I met several great people for the first time and a bunch of great friends from last time. I got to talk about poker, learned about the accounting concept of "goodwill" (which would be a 3 page report in itself), and play both good and mediocre poker. I left a couple of dollars poorer this time (stupid blackjack table!) but I got full value for every dollar.

                Thanks to everyone who laughed at my feeble attempts at humour, apologies to anyone I offended, or even sucked out on (except JJ. He deserved it. 8) ) and a big dose of appreciation to Zipman for organizing a mighty great event.

                See everyone in Jan.



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                  Hula Pig rules!!

                  Really enjoyed your trip report, Bill. It was almost as much fun as being there! To fill in a couple of blanks for you, I came home in possession of the Hula Pig!!

                  If I recall correctly, I got it from Zipman himself when my measly pair of deuces (Quack Quack) beat his un-pair when the board came 2 - A - A. My rubber duckies jumped in that boat, big time! I believe he was shortstacked at the time and I would have survived the loss, so I felt bad calling his all-in and beating him so badly. :twisted:

                  So Hula Pig was my bounty and she now resides proudly on top of my monitor. I finished 8th on Sunday, my best finish of the weekend, but I was proud of that as this weekend was my first B&M tourney experience -- and you guys are tough!

                  OBTW Bill, I believe you went home with my Friday bounty, the Atlanta Braves Hat and pin that reads "Winning isn't everything, but losing sucks!" and it does, but if I've got to lose, (and apparently I do) I can't imagine losing to a better group of guys (and gals!).

                  Can't hardly wait 'til next time!



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                    I am glad the Hula Pig found its way to someone who is willing to treat it with the respect it deserves. :lol:

                    I dont remember how I beat you to win the Hat and pin, but I am sure I had few outs. I am, after all, the king of suckout dogs.

                    And I truly enjoyed meeting you and the big bouncer you brought. If I could have gotten you away from him.... Look out :lol:

                    Oh you mean that was the idea?.......




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