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    Put your Tunica PSO Trip Reports here!!!

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    I flew out of Grand Forks, ND and caught my connecting flight in Minneapolis, MN. Met Idoru99 and his wife at the gate for the flight to Memphis. We arrived in Memphis at 8:35pm......found the limo.......found Forrest Gump and Jennay.......and my bag got there this time! Woohoo life is good!

    We hop in the limo and head south! We all get to know each other in the limo and the short ride just flies by. We pull up in front of the Goldstrike and pile out to gather up our bags. I realize that I forgot to stop at the ATM in Minneapolis b/c my girlfriend cleaned out my wallet at the airport in Grand Forks before I left......and I have not even a dollar to tip the limo driver with....starting out my visit with bad karma! ops: Thank goodness Forrest and Idoru99 are generous fellas and cover him......thanks guys!

    I am standing in line to get checked in and spot Res Ispa over by the door.......and here comes Torax out of the elevators. He stops to chat and I introduce him to my travel companions. I get my room key and head up to dump my bag and catch NewJane coming out of the elevator and get a big hug! :twisted: We live 80 miles apart and have to travel 1800 miles to see each other!

    I finally get over to the Shoe and spot PSO'ers everywhere. The rest of the early evening is pretty much a blur! Lots of catching up and conversation and poker talk. If you dont like hearing bad beat stories then dont come to a PSO get together cuz youll hear a million of em! LOL The action was incredible and every table was jamming! David "The Devilfish" Ulliot was even there for the pot limit action. I finally get to bed around 3 am or catch a nap before our morning PSO event.

    Up and at em early Friday morning and feeling good. Sit down at the tournament table and go over my game plan.....which I promptly forget and give all my chips to wildbill! 8O Life sucks....i'm an idoiot. I'm about the 6th or 7th person out so I have plenty of time to watch. I take a little nap and catch up with everyone in the evening. I finally found myself sitting in a 10-20 game at the Goldstrike at around midnight. Torax was taking a beating thanks to the weak calling stations on his left. I managed to pick up a little under $600 in a couple hours and got the hell out! :twisted: Once again its off to bed about 4 am to catch a nap before the 7am PSO event.

    I get a rude awakening at 7:15am by a phone call from Zipman telling me I am late! 8O 8O 8O Ooops! At least I have lasted longer than yesterday!!!! I dont really catch any cards during the tournament. I pick some good spots and steal most of the chips I get during the event. Finally find myself short stacked at the final table and go all in with 88 only to find the BB holding TT miracle and IGHN just out of the money. :roll: Nap time again! We scope out the ring games at the Shoe.... Zipman sits in a tough 10-20 game..... Torax and I notice a nice little berry patch...... a passive 4/8 game with a couple clueless people.....and young kid who was running bad and giving poker lessons......and a grumpy bastard who sat there on tilt and mumbled about how bad the dealer was making him lose. I am wearing my new PSO hat and proclaim to the table that I only learned to play poker on the internet 2 weeks ago but this is much easier than I thought it was going to be! :twisted: LOL The guy sitting next to me asks me about PSO and I learn that he and his friends from Dallas had just joined a couple weeks ago and had no idea about the PSO gathering going on. They are excited and agree to play the morning PSO event. Jake and I both managed a nice win and I got out around 2 am. Once again I am off to bed to sqeeze in some sleep before the PSO event.

    I actually make it up on time Sunday morning. I have a tough starting table with 2 mean PSO ladies on my left taking turns raising. LOL (Kaelaine and STRICKY) :wink: I stay out of trouble for the most part and gather a few chips.....while making a couple good laydowns to Kaelaine's re rasies (AQ to her AK and 99 to her AA). Finally Indy Bob puts me to the test when he moves all in ahead of me and I look down to find TT on the button. I need some chips and figure I am slightly ahead here. I will have 850 left if I am wrong so I make a tough call. I am thrilled to see Bob turn over 99. Here comes the flop and the first card visible is a 9!!!! NOOOOO!!!! :evil: The second card is a Ten! YESSSSS!!! Bob and I both yell loud enough to wake up most of the casino. Nothing else comes along and I put Bob out with set over set. It was time for Bob to present his bust out gift and I was worried to say the least. The first day it was condoms.....the second day it was vaseline.....I beathe a sigh of relief as he places a lacey garter on my leg in front of everyone gathered by all the noise we had made! ops: From there our table is broken and I am moved to a table with Debonair......TrumpinJoe.....and the hottest player of the weekend Ranger Rick all sporting big stacks. Not really catching many hands when I get to the table and the bigger stacks are keeping others in check with big raises and re raises. Any hand I pick is going to be for all my chips. I put in 400 of my 2050 stack in the BB. UTG goes all in for 1200 and its folded back around to me. I have 1650 left and have to call 800 to play. I squeeze out 77 and start thinking and counting. I need the chips and decide to call hoping to see any ace or 2 big cards. Bad I am against 99 and dont get any help. Back to where I started. I fold my SB. On the button its folded around to Ranger Rick in the cutoff who limps. I find AJh and go all in for just over double the blinds. The blinds fold and Rick thinks for a few seconds and folds. I pick up the blinds, antes and his 400 limp and I am okay for a bit. Ranger Rick makes it 600 to go from UTG +1. I look down and find AA. I decide I am either going to try to double up or go home with this hand. I count out my chips and have 175 less than Ranger Rick. I am afraid if I raise all in there is a good chance he will fold. No one behind me looks too interested in their hands so I smooth call the 600 and we take a flop heads up. Flop comes T high rainbow and I am pretty happy. Rick checks.....I check. The turn is a diamond rag making 2 diamonds on board. Rick checks and tells me he is giving me a chance to steal. I bet 450 of my 800 and he immediately says he must move all in. I put my last 400 in and Rick shows me AKd for the nut flush draw. No diamond on the river and I double up. :twisted: Muwhahahaa! Rick takes his 175 and doubles up twice in short order......and continues to build his stack back until he is one of the chip leaders with a nice run of cards.

    We are finally down to 10 players and will go to the final table as soon as the hand that was just dealt is over. One player is all in on the SB.....Debonair has the BB......folded around to Ranger Rick in the cutoff ....he calls. I get out of the way and Debonair raises out of the BB the minimum. This seems to annoy Rick since there is a player all in....he finally calls. The flop comes K J 4....check check.....turn is a 4.....check check......river is a 4.....Debonair checks.....Ranger Rick moves all in. After much thinking Debonair (had Rick covered by a couple thousand) calls and shows KT for 444KK. Rick shows JJ for JJJ44. 8O Rick goes to a 9 handed final table with more than 40% of the chips in play!

    I have Kaelaine to my immediate left and Ranger Rick to her left with his monster stack. Pokergoddess is on my immediate right with Torax to her right both on a short stack. I dont get involved until I get JJ UTG+1. A standard raise would take too much of my stack so I move all in. Kaelaine decides to make her stand and goes all in for a little less right behind me. Everyone else folds and she flips over 99. The flop brings a J and the turn has her drawing dead. My stack is healthy and I bust a tough player putting me in good shape to make the money if I dont get too stupid.

    Jahana makes some good moves, gets great cards and manages to build a nice stack. He goes all in on a hand and shows down KK. The very next hand I am on the button and see TT. I put in a small raise to clear the SB and figure Jahana will call in the BB with anything but trash. Instead he moves all in and has me covered slightly. 8O I figure whatever he holds I cannot be in great shape. I dont see him making this move with anything less than AK here especially since his hands were shaking so badly he could hardly stack his chips to get them counted out! :wink: LOL I finally decide to fold.....he shows KK again!!!! Whew.....I avoid disaster. Torax goes all in a couple times and survives.......then finally moves in with 99 and gets called by Ranger Rick in the BB....who hasnt looked at his cards. He turns over Q4 and there is hope for Torax until the flop comes with two Q's. : Well played improved each day!

    Yea! We are in the money! :lol: As happened on the previous days (for the most part) it was agreed to chop the money and let the Shoe have the table free for the big tournament getting ready to start.

    Sunday night I played some 10-20 holdem with DocH. It was a pretty good game. 3 way action I got to make it $50 to go with KK only to see and A on the flop.....and watched the guy that reraised me with A3h take down the pot! I finished the night down $27 and head to the room at 3am for a quick nap before catching my 6am ride to the airport! Thanks IndyBob and Stricky for the ride and the laughs!!!!

    It was great to see everyone again.....and to meet new PSO'ers! I cant thank Zipman enough for taking the bull by the horns and putting this together! The Horseshoe staff was great for the most part (sorry Stricky :?) considering they were overwhelmed with players. More than twice as many people showed up than they expected! Lists for games were often more than 50 players deep and every table was full at both the Shoe and the Goldstrike. For those that missed the WPO you havent seen anything yet when it comes to the PSO convention. There are 4 times as many people but they move the action to the Goldstrike ballroom upstairs so it isnt nearly as crowded. I hope to see 200 PSO'ers in January......especially since we now will have our own PSO event there!!!!!!

    Hope everyone had a good time and we get to see each other soon!


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      Wow – the weekend went by so fast. It is a bit of a blur now. But I’ll do my best to document what my feeble mind can remember.

      First off – I really wanted to say goodbye Monday morning to as many folks as possible but I only caught up with a few. So for those of you I missed – it was really great to meet you and I hope to see you again in January!

      The weekend began with an easy flight from Minneapolis to Memphis. Met up with Win4Win at the Minneapolis airport and Forrest Gump and Jennay when we arrived at the Memphis airport. Forrest and Jennay’s flight got delayed 2 hours so they arrived just about the same time we did. My wife and I made 5 for the fun limo ride south and we were at the Gold Strike before 10:00pm. Checked in and headed over to the Horseshoe. I was introduced to several PSOers on the sidelines and playing in the SATs that were running. Forrest, Jennay, Zipman and I sat down for a sat.

      I get exactly 5 playable hands this sat – QQ at the 2nd level (I double up) AJo twice (which I fold to preflop raises at the 1st and 3rd levels), 88 which I raise all-in preflop and get the blinds and finally A10o, which I go all-in on (short stacked) against 55 and lose. I come in 5th and am not too happy about it, but I really didn’t get enough cards to make a serious run at it.

      I head back to my room at the Gold Strike at 1:00am and get maybe 2 hours of sleep. I spend most of the time tossing and turning thinking about the sat and worrying about tomorrow’s tourney. I really want to make a good showing.


      At 6:30am, I’m out the door and meet several more PSOers. We start at 7:00am, and at the first level I get AQ clubs in late position. I flop straight and flush draw and almost double up when I hit a straight against a set.

      I don’t remember too many other hands, other than to say that the dealers were very kind to me that morning. AA and KK at least twice and QQ at least 4 times. I didn’t press with weak cards at all until the final table and the flop seemed to almost always hit me. We played until almost noon (when the next MAPC event started) when Bushman, who had a significant lead over WildBill and I, graciously suggested a 3-way chop. Facing those two, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Ranger Rick played very well and finished 5th – more on this later.

      I take an afternoon nap, and get in a $3-$6 game with Joybell and Bree after dinner. We have a great time, and I finish a little ahead.


      I actually feel more tired than I did yesterday morning. My goal is to make the final table again. Two days in a row would be awesome. We start at 7:00am. Holdem101 is at my table and playing very aggressively. I get AQs in early position at the first level. I raise to $60 and he is the only caller. The flop is Qd, 7c, 4h. I bet $200 and he raises all-in. Egad! 8O I ponder the situation and turn my cards up with the intention of folding to let the rest of the table see my dilemma, and am warned strongly that in a real tournament, this would result in my hand being declared dead. ops: Holdem101 tells me I can play them, but I’m behind and I toss them in the muck. He shows KK. A big dent in my stack, but it could have been much, much worse. I then go card dead for the longest time. I’m the 2nd short stack at the table at the 6th level and the antes are eating into my meager stack, when I find A8o in mid position. Jennay is in the BB and the short stack – I have her covered by about $250. I raise all in and she calls with AQ – ouch! The flop helps neither of us and I am now really in trouble. I get down to $175 and am able to double up twice. Shortly after I am in the big blind with J8 clubs. I get two callers and with about $600 I get to see a flop for free. The flop comes 5c, 9c, Jd. I push all-in and am called all-in by Res Ipsa. He shows 55 (Presto!) and while I am really behind, I do have a good draw. The poker gods smile on me as I catch a club on the river and nearly double up again.

      Shortly thereafter I bust out Zeroth who passes on the Wildbill’s “Hulaman” bustout prize he acquired from Zipman, who acquired it from Bushman (no one seemed to want to hang on to it) The Hulaman is now located on top of my computer monitor at home. I find my eyes are drawn to his legs, his grass skirt and his little wiggle as I type. 8O All of this I find quite disturbing and yet I just leave him there. A sure sign I require professional help. ops:

      Back to the game. I make it to the final table, and decide to use my somewhat tight table image to my advantage and play more aggressively. After all, I met my goal and as far as I’m concerned the pressure is off. Blinds move up to $500 and $1000. I avoid the big stacks and try to pick on the little stacks as much as possible. We get to six-handed and I am in the big blind and I get 4 callers. I look down and see KQo and decide to go for it – I push all in. All fold and I am in great shape! A few hands later I have 88, push all-in and get called by the short stack who has AJ. The poker gods continue to smile on me and my 8s hold up. Soon we are down to 4 and it’s close to noon. We decide to chop it 4 ways - between Ranger Rick, Todd21 and someone whose name I can’t remember (sorry man!) Just for bragging rights we count up the chips and I have Todd slightly outchipped. Two tourneys and two chopped first place finishes. Are you kidding me?!? :twisted:

      I spend the afternoon watching the tourney and chatting with Zipman and crew. I meet a woman named Cloey who stopped to talk with some other PSOers – you might remember her from WPT Aruba as the travel agent that finished in 10th place. I sit in another $3-$6 game at the Gold Strike with an elderly couple playing in the 1 and 10 seats. She plays any two suited cards and he calls to the river with any straight draw and to the showdown with any pair. I also get the pleasure of playing with Kalaine and Joybell, although they certainly do not make the table softer. The woman in the 1 seat sucks out on Joybell several times and it is all Joy can do to keep from throttling her. Joy is a wonderful person, but let me tell you - this lady has teeth. Earlier in the day I raised her big blind with AQ and I thought she was going to reach over and rip my throat out! I get no cards at this table and everyone folds to my raises when I do. Despite the potential, I finish the 3-hour session even. On the other hand Kalaine did quite well and put a dent in the retirement account of the 1 and 10 seats. I leave the poker room about 8:00pm, grab some dinner with my wife and call it a night.


      Up early one more time. My goal today is another final table finish and the overall player title. I get some positive feedback from RGGator (Randy) and Debonair about my aggressive final table play on Saturday. Randy was sweating me a for awhile and mentioned he was a bit surprised by some of the cards I was playing. We sit down to play – I’m in the 2 seat and Randy is in the 4 seat. Shortly after we begin I get AQo in early position and make it $60 to go. RG thinks long and hard for awhile, shakes his head and then folds as does the rest of the field. A few hands later I am dealt QQ and once again I make it $60. Randy looks at his hole cards and in a good natured way begins to needle me - “I saw some of the junk you were playing yesterday and I’m tired of it ” and raises it to $200. I consider myself a fairly tight player, especially in the early going, but I think Randy is tighter. “I’ve got a hand here Randy” I say and think about what he might be holding. Despite his patter that might indicate he is holding a less than premium hand, I really respect his play - and put him on AK, AA or KK. The Gator has just opened his jaws WIDE. For the third day in a row I find myself tangling with lots of chips early and I am not happy. I recall that there are 16 ways to make AK and 6 ways (each) to make AA or KK. So I figure the odds are 16:12 (or 4:3) that Randy is holding AK. I decide to call and see what the flop brings. The flop is J 7 4 of mixed suits. If my read is right and he is on AK, I should go all-in here, but now I begin to question that read. After pondering for a bit, I check. Randy also ponders for a bit and then bets $200 into a $400 pot. I’m fairly sure I am behind now, so I fold showing my QQ. He shows AA and I’m down to about $600. So, for the 2nd day in a row I’m down early. In the next three rounds I win the blinds twice with AJo but other than that I am completely card dead.

      After the 5th level, I am short stack at the table. Torax, Zeroth and a few others are doing a great job of pressing the blinds and keeping me on the defensive at the same time. I don’t have the stack or the cards to re-raise, so I keep folding as my stack dwindles. Just a word here about Torax (Jake.) This guy has the ultimate poker stare. His eyes seem to drill into the back of your head. It reminds me of how Pro linebacker’s look just before they crush some poor unsuspecting wide receiver from the blind side.

      With the blinds at $100/$200 and just about to go to $200/$400, everyone folds to me in late position for what seems like the first time in 2 hours. I pray for a real hand but find Q9 offsuit instead. The big blind will get to me in 7 hands, so I could wait, but I decide to go for it and hope the SB and BB have junk. I’m all-in for $475. The Kalaine immediately folds in the SB, but Jennay in the BB has a mid-size stack and calls for an extra $275. She has A6o. Flop is 9 5 A, turn is another 5 leaving me with two outs and the poker gods laugh at me when a Q hits on the river. I finish 16th. My run at the overall title is over, as Ranger Rick has a very solid stack at this point.

      I watch for awhile and then walk back to the Gold Strike to put my name on the $3-$6 list, I stop at the main Horseshoe poker room for my buffet comp (LOVE that Horseshoe buffet) and by the time I get back the tourney is over! It was split 6 or 7 ways. Congrats to Ranger Rick for his 3 consecutive money finishes!

      I have a great lunch with several PSOers, and then head back to the Gold Strike with Joybell, Bree and Holdem101. My name had been passed up and the list was now 20 deep so I wanted to leave for the Grand or Sam’s Club. But Holdem suggests that we wait until the 2:00 tourney starts, because many players get up from the tables to play in it. I am skeptical, but I don’t mind waiting a few minutes. At 2:00pm, the players move from the cash games to the tournament and not only did several players leave the cash games, but many who were on the list in front of us also were in the tournament. So Bree, Kalaine and I found ourselves at the same table while Joybell played at the other $3-$6 table. Holdem does not play poker on Sundays, but was nice enough to get us seated and ready to go. Thanks buddy!

      The only thing I did not like about the table was the lineup. Three PSOers, a local semipro waiting for his $10-$20 game, a complete rock (even worse than me) 2 other good players and 2 not so good players. At my local card club I would get up and find another table, but there were no other tables to be had. I play tight and aggressive, but find myself slightly down after 3 hours. It was nice to see that I wasn’t the only having problems – the semipro had also lost half his stack. A seat frees up and Joybell is able to join us. I’m glad for her company, but it makes the table even worse. A bit later, a friend of the semipro sat down and said to him “John, I would have passed on this seat if I had seen you sitting here.” The semipro, referring to my PSO buddies replied “Its not me you need to worry about Dave. These ladies play better than most of my $10-$20 opponents.” Way to go Kalaine, Bree and Joybell! :wink:

      Eventually the semipro leaves and we get a few softer player in. Finally I start getting some cards and the chips begin to flow my way. By the time we break for dinner at 9pm, I am up $145. We get comped for the Gold Strike café and Kalaine, her father, Joybell and I enjoy an excellent dinner. Unfortunately desert was a bit bitter – Kahlua and her husband entered the café and stopped by our table just as we were finishing – she let us know that the Holdem bad beat jackpot hit our table about 45 minutes after we left! We venture back upstairs to find that the 2nd best hand and a $6,000 payout was at Joybell’s seat. Oh well, I know that if we were playing things would have turned out differently and it wouldn’t have hit but it is still disappointing.

      I’m really bushed so I call it a night after saying goodbye to everyone incase I don’t catch them before I leave tomorrow.

      Damn, I’ve got to go home today. I thought I would be sick of poker after 3 solid days, but I could spend a couple of weeks at this playing with such great people. My wife sleeps in, so at about 7:15am, I head over to the Shoe to see who else is there. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only creature of habit hanging around the now empty tournament tables this early in the morning. Guess I just don’t want it to end.

      I watch “Devilfish” play in a high (300/600?) stakes limit Holdem game for awhile and then head back to the tournament area. I bump into Bree and we sit down at a $75 sat. I get TT and get the blinds but little else. Bree’s AQ runs into AK and she busts out. The woman to my left gets her stack cut in half and I get a few steal opportunities on her that allow me to continue. After a few wild rounds that I avoid, we are down to 3. The big stack raises all-in on my BB and I find A7c. It’s the best hand I have seen for awhile so I call. He turns over A4h and I am a happy camper. Unfortunately, a 4 lands on the flop and the next two cards miss my 7, so I finish out of the money again. Sigh…

      I check out and run into Zeroth, Kalaine and her dad as my wife and I wait for airport transportation. We all can’t wait until January!

      Again, to all those I missed before I left (and I won’t name names incase I miss someone) – thanks for a wonderful time. I truly appreciate your companionship, humor, and feedback on my game, but most of all – your chips! :P LOL! See all you wonderful folks in January.



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        "Diamonds Aren't This guy's Best Friend"

        *** Whine warning - skip to for good news ***
        I would tell you about the absolutely horrible cards I received in the tournaments, but I told so many PSOers about them that I won't tell you I got only 2 pp in 3 sats. 44(folded to all-in bet early) and 77(bust-out 4th after I re-raised A4o all-in); one AKo(lost to KTo flop K river T) :evil: At least I didn't bust out of Saturday's tournament - that's because I couldn't get in since it was sold-out before I got into town. I did manage to get "lucky" and get into a sat. amonst the horde of players. After doing the most with nothing and my 77 didn't hold-up, I checked-out the tournament action and talked with a few PSOers.

        Later, I decide to play some live hold'em because it was next to impossible to get into a sat. and they weren't to good to me anyway. I consider myself a stud player and NLHE tournament player, but the live hold'em in Tunica is not the shark tank I experienced a few years ago in Vegas. Even with rather cold cards and a few horrible beats, I managed to make a good profit at 10-20 ($936) in 5hrs. I even got to meet Mr. AA again once. The final table of the tournament was right behind me and I could turn around and watch the big hands.

        Sunday morning I was looking forward to playing a long time with fellow PSOers, but Debonair's over-the-top all-in move after my raise got all my chips in early and gave me some more hours sleep. How did he know I don't like to commit a lot of chips pre-flop early 'cause I need the big post-flop advantage to have a chance of winning(KK vs QQ pre-flop is not enough for me)? It's not like he could read it somewhere. 8O After some more sleep, I came back to check out the final table action, but it was chopped. I got into another 10-20 holdem game, and came away with another $803 Who needs sats anyway :!: BTW, Todd21 I had AA when you flopped the nut flush with your A :c: Q :c: :x

        PSOers hit the buffet - thanks rggator for comp - and talk about the action. Of course we get in heated poker strategy debates, and Wildbill and I continue after eating with our differing opinions on how to play TT early in a tourn. OK, who was it got us going? Well, that's the beauty of these trips, live-action poker discussions. I can't get that at home

        win4win joined my 10-20 game for a little bit before we hit the buffet late at night. It actually wasn't too bad eating then going right to sleep. J.J. was up for the night since he was leaving early in the morning.

        Monday I get to play in the big tournament. It is $300+40 with unlimited re-buys(first 3 levels) and double add-on. Can you say "Don't come without a fat bankroll"? I don't get much during the re-buy period, but manage to double-up through a guy calling all sorts of raises and constantly re-buying (I had KJs flopping a King and he called on flop and all-in on the turn with Qx flopping bottom pair). I had my goal for the re-buy period and would play tight and not have to re-buy except for a bad beat. Well I got one. I had AK and my pre-flop 4xBB raise was called by the BB. I flopped Kxx and made a pot-sized bet. The BB called. The turn was another blank, but the BB came out betting T700 all-in into a T500 pot. This looked like a steal move, but I wouldn't necessarily call it. Since this was the re-buy period and I had this guy covered I called. He showed J :d: 7 :d: for a flush draw, and of course he got a diamond on the river. I re-buy my stack back to T1350. After a T50 limp-fold, a few missed flops, and a re-raise and I take it with my AQo, I get 3 hands in a row just before the end of the re-buy period: TT, JJ, TT. A limp and blinds for the first, a call and fold to my flop bet(no overcards to my JJ), and a laydown to my re-raise by the guy on my right. I took a few chips off this guy with raises. At the end of the re-buy period I have T1595 and double add-on to T3195 to double my stack(that's $1240 into this tourn.). Everyone at my table added-on to bump their stack to around the same except one tall stack. 3 hands into the next level(blinds 50/100) I have JJ on the button. The guy to my right raises to T275. OK Wildbill, I played this one aggressively. Instead of calling to see no overcards on the flop, I raise it to T1000. I expect the guy to fold again since he has been and that was during the re-buy period. Instead he calls??? We see a 9-high nothing flop and after his check, I move all-in with T2045. He calls and proceeds to get running diamonds for his A :d: K :d: and I'm now down to T450. So, I'm looking for a hand to go in with before the blinds hit, but 72o 83o 92o 64o - like hands don't cut it, esp. after it's been raised. A few hands later I'm in the BB with A :s: Q :s: , and the same guy on my right raises the minimum to T200 from the SB. I go all in, but his Q9o flops a 9 with two spades and no Ace or spade saves me. So my tournament comes down to 2 diamond draws that came in against me.

        I get something to eat, and then find another 10-20 game. I hover around a few hundred up, but mostly go over to watch the final 3 tables of the tournament. The guy who won it caught lucky a few times, and the hand that won it was his 77 vs. QQ all-in pre-flop and he proceeds to get a seven on the flop and the turn for quad 7s. It was a $43K+ catch for him as he got 1st with a $50K deal and $4K and the bracelet for winning a winner-take-all hand, instead of 4th place.

        After a little something to eat, I'm back in a 10-20 game. I'm up a little before a couple of bad beats get me down around $200. Late into the next morning everyone leave except a guy who says he likes to play heads-up. Well, I don't know if he still does because I constantly out-played him to make about $550 from him(it would have been more, but he won a very lucky hand). A couple of other players joined us just before they moved us to the poker room. I was going to call it a night and get some sleep, but the heads-up guy and the 2 new guys seem too good to pass up. They were and I was up around $950 when the cards went completely against me. A string of bad beats against the few hands I played, and over a few hours I was back to down a couple of hundred. Nothing I could do since I was still against mostly bad players and still playing good - no steaming, still patient. Not only against me, but mostly against others the long-shot draws kept coming in(Not only straights and flushes, but I had bottom pair make his 2-pair draw on the river 3 straight times). It was so incredible that the descent player next to me and I were just laughing so much at these guys' dumb luck. I thought that kind of play was for the 4-8 games. I decided to move up to a 20-40 game to get more reasonable play(even if it was tougher competition). That 20-40 game is vastly different than the 10-20. Much more aggressive play. I see flops cheap the few times possible(late pos.), but mostly wait for premium cards. I have KK hold up and win a few nice pots to go up around $1000, but then have a little roller coaster ride with losing hands like KK and flopped 2-pair to rivered inside str8 and rivered 2-pair(T4o calls my pre-flop raise with AK, flop is TK7 and he calls flop and turn to catch a 4 on the river). Then the cards go completely cold except for hands that get cracked. I'm down around $400 (should have quit up 1K). Well, I've been playing for 32 hrs except for 2 food breaks when they break our table. I sit down at a new 10-20 game, and I'm glad these guys haven't seen the big downswing I was on. With some aggressive play and a few cards, I quickly make around $1200 at this game. The big hand was 88 for me that finally flopped a set (missed all the 30+ pp flops since I started this long session, except KK flopping a set to get cracked by a lucky str8 on the river). I raised pre-flop to keep my aggressiveness up. The guy to my left re-raises and I call. Heads-up we see the 8-high flop that has no str8 or flush draws possible. I put this guy on an overpair who'll bet, so I check-call. The turn is a six nothing that only a 75 could make a str8 with. I check-raise, he re-raises, I re-raise, he re-raises, I re-raise, he re-raises, I call. I can't believe the action, and only stop since there is a very slim chance he has me totally faked out and re-raised pre-flop and bet the flop with 75. Was 3 raises enough by me? The river is a Jack, and I'm thinking he could have JJ so I plan for the check-call. He checks and shows me QQ, and I drag a monster pot. The guy sure seemed like a pro, but what's the deal raising so much with only a pair? I win a few more hands and get one cracked, and leave the game with $2070 for my $500 buy-in 32 hrs. ago.

        I pack and get 2hrs. sleep before catching my ride to the airport. I'm out of it on the ride and plane, and a zombie at work : . I took today off to recover from my vacation 8O

        I'm alergic to the smoke, so I had to recover from the lab experiment-like environment I was breathing in - I felt like a lab rat :x

        So, overall it was a good trip, and better than the WPO money-wise since my live play more than covered my tournament entries. However, I think I'll save my trips for bigger tournaments in places that have stud action also. Next summer lets have a PSO tournament in Vegas. We could hit all the daily/nightly tournaments around town also. Maybe I'll finally make it there during the WSOP.

        It was nice to meet all the PSOers, and hopefully next time I'll get to play longer with ya'll.

        See ya around,
        Scott "DocH"


        • #5
          Hi Everyone....Da Goddess is home, tired and a bit wealthier!! It was great to see all the "old" PSOers as well as meet some that have been around but not yet "faced" and the newer ones as well.

          After just arriving home, from working 12 nites str8, with 3 7am PSO tourneys thrown in, driving the last 150 mi. home in heavy rain with widnshield wipers not working, needless to say, I'm a bit fatigued. Hopefully in the next few days, I can think of something more entertaining to write about.

          Again...A WONDERFUL bunch of old and new friends, many laughs, and lots of poker...who could ask for more? (Well, Wildbill could, but who listens to him?)

          Thanks Zip, you did a heck of a job. I KNOW how difficult the "powers that be" can be to deal with and you had them "wrapped".

 ya girl...even if you are a bit Icky!!

          IndyBob...Ur da Man..thanks again for your help!!

          Highway1...if you INSIST on raising the Goddess all's a good thing you showed down AA !!! Love ya baby!!



          • #6
            4th place finish

            I arrived Friday and was disappointed to discover that the Saturday tournament was sold out. They said that names would be taken for alternate seats beginning at 8 AM, so I decided to pass on the PSO tournament in order to get to the head of that line to be sure of an entry.

            I did get to play as an alternate. Initially it didn’t seem worth the trouble, as after an hour my 1600 in chips (with rebuy) were down to 600. But I survived, and after three hours was ahead with 1925. Then I started to roll, tripling up to over 5,000 and then again to 15,000. I made it easily into the money (final 27) and then to the final table.

            I did well at the final table, building my initial 50,000 in chips up to 80,000. There were four of us left with pretty even stacks when I made my first mistake, and at the final table, mistakes are unforgiving. I will spare you the details, but I was out in 4th with $5890. Not bad, finishing 4th out of 298, but of course at the time anything less than first seems like a loss. I’ll be replaying that hand for a long time, thinking what might have been, but mostly trying to learn from my mistake.

            I didn’t want to squeeze in another tournament between Saturday’s and Sunday’s, so I passed on the Sunday PSO as well. I was not very sociable with fellow PSOers, but I did want to thank you for publicizing the event, which gave me an incentive to attend.


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              Doncha hate a knowitall?!?!?

              I've really enjoyed reading everyone's trip reports! I do have a couple of corrections, however.

              Win4win, that was me on your left, kaelaine, not Kailyn31. But lots of folks were makin' that same mistake. She's apparently been around PSO for a while and I just joined in April. I wouldn't want her to get blamed for any of my bad behavior, or bad poker-playing. :wink:

              And I hope you're enjoying my Sunday bounty, since you trounced my pair of 9s (oooooooonnnnoooooooo).

              And [Idoru66] the Sunday PSO tourney was chopped 5 ways after I busted out 8th, Jennay was 7th, and Torax was the bubble-boy out in 6th place. And Torax does have the best "make you want to crawl out of your skin" stare.

              I can't believe I decided it was dinner-time just before the bad-beat jackpot hit at our table at the Goldstrike, but that really is just my luck. I should have warned anyone nearby about my gift of bad timing.

              My Dad really enjoyed the trip -- it was his Birthday present -- and meeting "such a nice bunch of folks". I keep trying to convince him to join PSO or read a book, but he's "older & wiser" and won't listen to me, so he got taken to the cleaners every time he sat down at a table.

              I don't have any great travel stories, just 7 hours of mind-numbing drive each way. And I can't wait to do it again!!!

              Looking forward to January,

              P.S. I still haven't gotten my pictures developed. ops: I promise to do so soon and get the photos posted.


              • #8

                I realized my mistake yesterday...sooooo sorry! I am enjoying my prize very much thank you muwhahahaha. OoooooooNooooooooooooo! :twisted: It was great to meet you and i am looking forward to seeing you again in Jan!


                • #9
                  Re: Doncha hate a knowitall?!?!?

                  Kaelaine: "My Dad really enjoyed the trip -- it was his Birthday present -- and meeting "such a nice bunch of folks". I keep trying to convince him to join PSO or read a book, but he's "older & wiser" and won't listen to me, so he got taken to the cleaners every time he sat down at a table."

                  Well I don't know if Dad is keeping secrets or not but when I watched him at the Goldstrike one day he seemd to be doing the cleaning...."


                  • #10
                    He ended up giving it all back, with interest... :



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