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My Two Chips Worth

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  • My Two Chips Worth

    It has been a quiet week in Lake Woebegon, but that is according to Garrison Keillor. And, I have no idea where Lake Woebegon is, and until I discovered PSO, I actually cared about the fictional place. I have been trying a few of the tourneys at my local casino. I hadn’t been to a B&M card room since the only legal game in California was five card draw low ball, back in the mid Seventies. The local joint is having a summer tournament where the top 20 finishers get to play for $5000 and apparently free food for the month of September. Wahoo.

    But that is another story. I just wanted to try my hand at live play, just to see if I fit. They have 4 tournies a week, NHLE, LHE, LO/8, and 7 Stud. Since the vast majority of my play has been in our NL sats, I thought I would try that first…$15+5, with 2 rebuys at $15 each. Asked the tourney director about this and he felt that $50 was probably enough to invest. A lot of the other players seemed to know each other, but then like PSO, I’m sure the local B&M has it’s own “community.” I tried the NLHE tourney first, and was very satisfied with a 13/55 finish out of the money. Cost including rebuys was $45 as first time players didn’t have to pay the registration fee. I thought the structure was fair, similar to the $20 NLHE tourneys here, with the exception of 15 minute rounds, and two rebuys + addon. Anyway, played 5 hands in over 2 hours, and got my feet wet. Interestingly, they pay a $5 bounty to the player that puts another player out. Worth the price of admission alone.

    Next I tried their LHE, where the starting chips and blinds were probably consistent with our $20 NLHE, but since I don’t play limit at PSO, have nothing really to compare it to. Unlimited rebuys during the first three rounds. Managed to keep my hands in my pocket, and limited myself to just to 2 rebuys. Anyway, finished in the middle of the pack with no hands of interest. EXCEPT, I thought we had a 10 minute break, and went for a smoke. I didn’t hear the call back and when I returned, I had blinded off T4200. Lesson learned as it was only a 5 minute break. Are there any other reasons to quit smoking?

    Tried the NLHE again, and finished 11th, paying 9. Only interesting thing was flopped a straight from the big blind, and bet all in. The player to my right had kept telling me to protect my cards by putting a chip on them. When I went all in, no one called, and he proceeded to throw his cards on top of mine and declare my hand dead. The dealer would have none of this, and I got the pot, but my lesson was learned. Protect Your Hand! Actually, there was no malice, the player (also a dealer at the B&M) was just trying to reinforce the point he had been making. Again, a couple or rebuys, but no cash. Good experience, and I am liking it.

    Okay, so I like NLHE, and have very few LO/8 games here at PSO, except to play it a lot in my home game. Anyway, decide to try Sunday’s LO/8, again for the experience, and, it was a slow day in Lake Woebegon.

    I went in deciding not to go for a rebuy (2 max during the first three rounds). I managed to accumulate about 5 times the buyin by the break, and DID NOT rebuy. Therefore I am into the meat of the tourney with out of pocket costs of $15+5. I felt good. The best hand of note was folding jjxx in the small blind, and calling jjxx ds from the button to see the J8x on the flop with an 8 on the turn. I was jamming on the flop and getting called. As the rest of the tourney develop, by playing really tight, I made it to the final table, that only had seven players left, paying 5. Was thrilled to get there. While at the final table I did get to be chip leader, but lacking better O/8 experience, managed to end up in third. Strategy invest $20. Payoff, $295. The TD asked if I wanted to contribute to the dealers. I gave the dealers $30 (10%+). I have no, as in none, idea if this was an appropriate amount.

    I am happy with my play, and I am having a good time. It sure cuts down on the amount I smoke. The board leader has about 150 points, as he apparently plays every tourney. Me, I have about 40 points, and am nowhere in sniffing distance of making the final 20. But then, that is not why I am playing live tourneys.

    I have not strayed to the ring games, probably to the chagrin of the TD, yet.

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    Hey great report!! The accidental "almost mucked your hand" problem can be remedied when you get the PSO spinner! Just plop it right down on your cards, give 'er a spin, and NO MORE almost mucking problems. Guaranteed.

    You did super to finish in the money in the O8 tourney. Those can be tough for a first timer! And home games don't count when it comes to experience for a B&M tourney, IMHO.

    As to your tip, I think the norm is about 5%. So you did just fine. Pokergoddess might argue a different amount, but between 5-7% is what I have always heard is fair, even tho I tend to tip about 10% also. Guess that is the old waitress in me!

    Anyway, lucky for you it was a slow week in Lake Woebegon!


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      Great job!

      Just FYI the lake and Garrison Keillor are from MN




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