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First B&M Tourney

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  • First B&M Tourney

    After catching the NLHE bug thanks to the WPT earlier this year and after hosting a couple of tourneys with friends ( for pics), I finally got to a casino to play a live tourney on Sat 2 Aug.

    Trump Taj Mahal in AC will be hosting the US Poker Open in Sept (which I heard about through Poker Pages) and they are running satellites for all of the events now. A single table sat at $35+$10 to win a voucher to cover the $300+$35 event (plus $15 cash) sounded like a plan.

    My friend Don and I (and our wives) got to the Taj around 1:30pm yesterday and went straight to the Poker Room. There was 1 seat left at a $35+$10 table but when I went to sign up they said I needed a Taj Card to play in their tourneys. While waiting on the LONG customer service line to get a card, I wondered if they will make the pros get a Taj Card before the $10,000 Championship Event being taped for next season's WPT! "Here's your card Mr. Hellmuth, now you can play."

    By the time we got back to the Poker Room there were no $35+$10 sats to sign up for as they said they were holding dealers and tables for the 3pm $200+$20 Super Satellite for the $10,000 event. After killing some time watching the wives at the slots (and watching them earn free buffet dinners), we headed back to the Poker Room a little after 3pm. They had about 30 players for the Super Sat, so once 10 got knocked out, they setup a $35+$10 table.

    It took only a couple of hands to get used to the flow of the physical game which was my only concern as I hoped I could hold my own with the game itself. I was a bit nervous when I got my first hand which was 2 pair on the flop. It turned into a full house on the turn, but I was so surprised/nervous I didn't bet as much as I should have. Everyone was a bit surprised when I turned over the card considering what I had.

    Anyhow, two guys got knocked out pretty quickly and a couple more were out before we hit the third blind level (aka 30 mins in). As hoped, I held my own, took some decent sized pots, stayed out of dangerous situations and actually made it to the final two.

    Out of the T3,000 (that's correct form when talking about the tourney chips, right?) at the table, I only had about T500, so I didn't think I had much of a chance, especially with the blinds at 75/150. I took a few chances, got a few good hands and shortly after the blinds went to 100/200, we were actually even.

    Well, the wheels came off the wagon at that point. I started getting really bad cards and got WAY too conservative. I lost a few big hands and got blinded down to about 300. I got JQs and went all-in. The other guy ended up pulling 2 pair and I was done. He walked away with $335 in vouchers and $15 in cash and I got to second guess everything I did those last bunch of hands.

    (Don got on a separate $35+$10 table that started well after my table, but finished shortly after I did in 7th or 8th place.)

    Another $35+$10 table was starting up and I decided to hop on. After two or three hands, I got KK, bet big pre-flop and, even though an ace came up on the flop, ended up going all-in. Well, the only other guy to stay in had AA, meaning I was done.

    I played over 90 min the first time and less than 5 mins the second time. When I got up from the table, I said "Second or Tenth, what's the difference?" Looking back, I probably shouldn't have played the second tourney right after the first (although they were saying that the 7pm Super Satellite would probably take tables and dealers away from the other sats again). And I certainly shouldn't have gone all in post-flop with an ace on board (not that it would have mattered with KK vs AA).

    It was a great experience and, if I conveniently forget about the second tourney, I think I did quite well. I'm only 1.5 hours from AC and will definitely head back when I can to play in some low buy-in events/sats.

    And, of course, if it wasn't for the 60 satellite tourneys and 10 multi-table tourneys I've played on PSO in the past month and a half, I'm sure I would have done a lot worse! So thanks for a great resource!

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    Great showing for your first B&M experience!

    While you say there isn't a difference between 2nd and 10th - sometimes there can be. Never underestimate the art of dealmaking when it gets down to 2 or 3 players. Maybe you can't negotiate an even split - but I think its always worth your while to at least negotiate the refund of the price of the buy-in to the loser. Anything can happen when it gets down to 2 players - and nobody wants to leave with nothing at that point. The closer your stacks are to even, the better the deal or cut should be for the runner up.

    My very first B&M sat, I was trailing the whole way - but pulled even when it got down to 2 players. As a newbie, I never would have suggested a deal. But my experienced tablemate suggested a chop down the middle and we both left the table happier and wealthier. And just a note: vouchers can almost always be sold to other players for full value or very close to full value.

    So congratulations again. It only gets better from here - and I'm sure you will have many success stories to post in the future.



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      first b and m

      davage congrats on ur first experience. sounds like u did pretty

      well.if u want to play in some multis for experience tropicana h

      as them every day but saturday and sunday. friday nights are

      nlhe. give me a holla if ur gonna play one ill come up and play


      the pokerghost.



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