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Shane at the Orleans Open

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  • Shane at the Orleans Open

    This is not the full report, but a few teasers and highlights. No, I did not make the money in any of the tournaments.

    I played crappy in the 7-stud tourney, and did not do well.

    I played in the $230 (one rebuy- $200). NLHE event and finished about 140 out of 505 people. When that event was ready to start, I found my seat and thought "Gee, that person 2 seats to my right looks just like Kathy Leibert (did I spell that right?). Then people started talking to her and calling her "Kathy" and asking about the World Poker Tour. Then I realized she would be the button during my big blind. Oh JOY.

    I had two contested pots with Kathy, which I will post later. I once went allin against Kathy, when I thought I had the best hand. It was a bit exciting to be stared at while she fiddled with her chips and cards and tried to get me to talk while she was deciding what to do.

    In the money games, I was a winner. 8O

    One night I played 8-16 HE at Bellagio and bought in for $300. I was hit by the deck and at one point had $1000 in chips. I then got a bad case of "too many chips disease" and cashed out $857. (a $557 winner. -- That paid my $430 entry for the Orleans NLHE) I played mainly 6-12, 8-16, and a little 10-20 holdem.

    EXCEPT the last day I played in the HIGH LIMIT section at Bellagio. You know the "upper level" that has the rail around it? and the signs that say "Players Only Please"? That was me sitting in the corner at table #1. The air is a little fresher there, and the seats are a little more bouncy, and it was just fun. I was waiting for a seat in an 8-16 HE game, and said "sure, I'll play in a 6-12 stud game". So, they started this 6-12 stud game at table 1, in the corner of the upper level. It was a hoot.

    I got to talk to Barry Tananbaum for just a little bit. He is a very smart poker player and gracious person. Thanks for talking to me, Barry. I will post some hands in your forum.

    One night, I played 8-16 HE, until 5am. We had two drunk guys in the game, having a good time, drinking, and throwing red chips in the pot, chasing draw, calling with third pair, and just having fun. I had fun stacking the chips that used to be in their stacks.

    I am so tired, but like all poker players, I have just one more hand to tell you about. This story is called "The rack of Blue".

    A little background for non live Casino players. When You exchange money for chips, there are little trays that hold 5 rows of 20 chips. A full tray of 100 chips is called a "rack". So if you buy-in for a $100, then you get 100 one dollar chips, which are colored blue, in this little tray. Thus, we get a "rack of blue" or 100, one dollar chips. The minimum buyin for an 8-16 HE game is $100.

    I was in the Big Blind in the 8-16 HE game and had A-Q clubs. There was a new player in the game sitting 5 to my left, that had just sat down with a rack of blue (This is important) and posted 8 chips ($8.00) and was ready to play his FIRST hand.
    A tight aggressive player (TAP) 2 to my left opened with a raise, and the new player (NP) called, as did the button. SB folded, and I decided to just call and see what developed. Flop comes Ah Kc 4c. HHMM. That looks like a good flop for me, so I bet it. The TAP raises, and NP calls, and button folds.
    HHmm.. I probably should have 3 bet it, but I went into my wimpy mode and just called. Turn is the 7c. HHmm. That was a good card for me. 8) 8O I decide to check with the intention of check-raiseing. TAP bets it (16) and NP raises (makes it 32). HHmm.. I wonder what these boys have???. I decide to spring into action and raise. (makes it 48 -- 9 red chips ($5.00) and 3 blues.) TAP looks very concerned. In Oklahoma we call it the "Deer in the headlights" look. He asks me, "Top two pair no good?" I respond, "What do you think?". He folds, and NP calls. River is 3h. I bet and NP reluctanly calls. I show him the nuts. He slams down the J-10 clubs. and picks up his remaining chips and leaves. So, The test question for those of you that have read this far is "How many chips did New Player have when he left the table?"

    More stories and hand histories to follow later.


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    Great report, look forward to more!

    Answer: The equivalent of 2 reds and 2 blues. 8) 8O



    • #3

      I like the report.

      Why would you talk to the TAP, I'd sit there and look quiet. I wouldn't tell a player my cards when I want a player to pay for information. You lost a call or raise when you have the best of it. He only has 3 outs at best to fill-up since he told you he has A,K which is consistant with his action. I guess it works for you?

      Answer: 4 blue
      16 pre-flop
      16 flop
      48 turn
      16 river
      96 = action to call all the way


      • #4
        He left with 12 blue chips.

        Buschman, the river was only one bet. Although, I'm surprised he left with anything(river raise by him and re-raise to put him all-in).


        • #5
          Whoops, 16 was one bet - what was I thinking?
          You're right buschman, 4 chips.


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            How do you get four left when he posted only 8 preflop?

            I am not much of a B&M'r but I still can't make it add up to 96.



            • #7
              new player in the game sitting 5 to my left, that had just sat down with a rack of blue (This is important) and posted 8 chips ($8.00) and was ready to play his FIRST hand.
              A tight aggressive player (TAP) 2 to my left opened with a raise, and the new player (NP) called
              , as did the button

              I'll make it real simple Ckyzxr: pre-flop NP posted $8 and called the raise $8 ( 8+8=16 ).


              • #8
                Yes, buschman. He had four blue chips left after that hand. He got up and left. Only hand he played at that table.

                You are right. I probably should not have talked to the TAP. When he raised preflop I figured he had 2 big cards, or a pair 99 thru AA. When he raised me on the flop, then I figured AA, KK, or AK. With the check-raise on the turn, I think he would call with AA, or KK, and hope to pair the board, but I have destroyed his pot odds to call with AK. He was a good player, and I think he was going to fold an AK, no matter what I said.

                Shane aka Jeff


                • #9
                  Ahh, missed the preflop raise...doh! ops:




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