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WPF Omaha/8 trip report

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  • WPF Omaha/8 trip report

    So the moment had finally first Omaha hi-lo tournament! And not just any tournament...the $340 buy-in at the World Poker Finals at Foxwoods, event #2 on the schedule. I'd been psyching myself up for this for months, so I was really anxious to get in and play.

    I got to Foxwoods around 1:00 on Sunday, intending to check into the hotel and then go play some sats, and maybe get my name down for a Omaha ring game. Well, I got to the casino, and for those of you who've never been, the place is HUGE. It's like walking around a giant shopping mall, literally, as there are stores and restaurants everywhere around the concourse. Getting around was a challenge, as I had to consult the map a couple of times before I figured out where the poker room was, and then had to look at the map AGAIN once I realized I needed to be somewhere else for the satellites.

    So, after putting my name down for a 5/10 w/kill Omaha/8 game that I knew I'd never get into (I mean, my name was about 40th down the list), I headed down to the Great Cedars hotel to check out the satellites. I got into an O/8 satellite after a little while...and proceeded to get no cards. I mean truly, no cards at all. It got to the point where I had to go in with AA5T against a sizable field (4 others, I think). Amazingly, I flopped an ace, they held up, and I scooped to get close to the chip lead. Yes, fortunes changed VERY quickly at these satellites. However, It was not to last, as I busted out fourth.

    (It should be mentioned, at this point, that I was in the middle of playing this satellite when gatorhb walked through the door. Needless to say, my concentration was totally shot.)

    Gator and I then introduced ourselves, and she pointed out JCastle, who was also playing a satellite. She then asked an Omaha/8 question, which I very graciously answered. (PM me if you want to know what the question was. ) We then sat down to play another satellite, and...yes, I'm secure enough in myself to admit this...gator outlasted me. Next satellite went better...I ended up all-in before the flop with AA-something-something, and managed to make them stand up again, giving me chips for a three-way showdown. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to win the really crucial hands. I went in twice against the same guy with kings against a hand going for low. First hand we split, with me flopping a set, but him backdooring a low. Next hand, I was even less fortunate, as he made a low straight to scoop me and take me out in third. Funny story: Tony Ma, who had just been busted from the NL tournament, comes walking by our table, complaining about having been crippled by a 10-2 offsuit that made a straight around the 10. 8O See, it happens in the real world too.

    So, I played one more, and it became a running joke that I was not playing any hands. I think I folded the first 30 hands -- of a satellite -- and none of them were even close. I did manage fifth, by winning a few desperation hands, but by that time it was obvious I wasn't gonna win my way into tomorrow's event, especially with the sats being the crapshoot that they turned out to be, so I cut my losses and called it a night.

    Next day, I met up with gator before the tournament, and she was horrified that she drew the same table assignment as me. We then meet up with JCastle, and then with MyTurn, who were also playing the tournament. (There were rumours of a fifth PSOer playing the tournament, but they're as yet unsubstantiated.) So we get started...and I do something I haven't done in I can't remember how long: Play the first two hands. (To be fair, I was in the blinds both times.) I ended up breaking even on the two. We play a couple more hands, with one person who hadn't arrived yet arriving each hand, until we get to hand number 6. Before the hand, I look up, and see none other than T.J. Cloutier heading toward out table. 8O I look around, and realize that the only open seat at our table is...immediately to my right. Hey, at least I've got position on him, right?

    First big hand came up shortly thereafter. I limp in early with A-2-4-8, five callers total. Flop comes 356. HELLO! I bet, call, call, raise from late position, I reraise, fold, fold, raiser calls. No more help for either of us on turn or river (I was really hoping for a 7 to cinch it), I turn over my A-2-4, and she turns over...another A-2-4. Made a bit, but not the killing I was hoping for on that flop.

    I was on the wrong end of the next big hand. I call a raise in the BB with A-Q-T-T, 4 callers total. Flop comes JT8, giving me middle set. I bet, called in two places. Turn is a K, giving me the nut straight. I bet, called in two places again. River, of course, puts runner-runner clubs on the board. I check, UTG bets, is called by the other player, and I have to fold. UTG turns over his nut flush, I curse the poker gods for a bit and take a walk.

    One orbit later, I came back with a fun hand. I limped in with A-Q-J-9 in the SB, 3-handed with TJ and the guy who beat me in the earlier hand. The flop: J-J-A. And TJ bets out. I, of course, flat call...what else could I do? I raise, he's out of the hand almost certainly. Other limper folds. Next card is a horrible card for making any more money: the case jack. I end up checking it down, and I say, "Well, I've got the jack." TJ: "I know that!!" Table had a good chuckle at that.

    The table breaks, and we go our separate ways. I end up going to a table where I play five hands (all folds) before breaking again. THEN, the next table breaks after about 8 hands -- but not before I scoop one with a rivered nut flush...when the guy who had been betting the whole hand had three of that suit in his hand. (Oops.)

    Then I get to the next table, which would be the last table I play at in this tournament. I hold my own for awhile, but then the crucial hand comes up (see the Advanced Forum for details on how that went down). That knocks me down to about 700 or so. Then, after splitting on another hand, and the limits at 150/300, I go in with A-2-3-x. Flop comes J94 and I'm ready to shut down, but everyone checks. Turn is a 5, giving me a wrap wheel draw, but putting me in for 300 more. And those of you who watch my act regularly at PSO will know that I NEVER make river low draws, so that's that. I ended up having to go all in with A-A-Q-5 one suit, only to go out when jacks pair and someone happens to have one. I busted around 110. However, I did manage to finish first out of the PSO contingent there, so that was something anyway.

    One final story: I ended up playing a NL satellite with gator (don't ask why), and I folded EVERY SINGLE HAND outside the blinds. And they weren't marginal decisions, either...I was getting 92, J4, K3, you name it. The only hand I played was AJo from the small blind all-in...only to get called by JJ in the big blind. Impeccable timing no? The only other thing that was memorable from that experience was when gator learned the importance of protecting cards, even when they don't need protecting. She was in the big blind, with one limper, when the dealer, who mistakenly thought everyone had folded, asked her to make change for the small blind...and took her cards while she was doing so. Of course, this left the one limper as the only person with a hand, and the floorperson decided to ask her if she wanted the whole pot. I know I was shocked when she said yes, weren't you, gator? She was unimpressed but refrained from using the JCastle approach to conflict resolution, which would have involved yelling, gesturing, mixing of everyone's chips, flipping over of tables, and, if I'm not mistaken, the grinding out of a cigarette in the floorperson's jacket. :twisted:

    All in all, though, it was a valuable learning experience. Can't wait for the next one.


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    nice report, chris...tough break, but you gotta hit hands in omaha at some point. i was gonna go to AC for the uspc, but i got freaking law school finals the guava nectar has been spilled....


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      Nice report Chris. You'll do better next time, I'm sure.




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