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    WOW!!! What a trip. 6 nights and 7 days later I am finally here in Texas again. Atindell, Te Rouge, fancypants, grumpyone, dee, and myself went to Vegas and had a blast.

    For the first three days of this trip I only played 4-8 Omaha with a full kill for about 1 hour. It wasn't until Monday came that I decided I was ready to play some tournament poker and so it was off to the Orleans for the 12:00 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. The buy in was $20 with $10 unlimited rebuys and bounties. Crazy isn't really accurate when describing the play that went on in this thing. PSO is mucho tight when compared to it. I managed to flop one wheel straight flush and hit quad 5's once and squeak out a 13th place finish out of 72 players. Not bad for my first live Omaha tournament. The sushi and waitresses were worth the trip alone. Atindell and I met up and both decided to play the 7:00 No Limit at the Orleans as well. Even crazier. I think I heard at least 10 all in's on the first hand dealt. Over 100 people entered this tournament and the best I can tell, I went out somewhere around 65th. I made a mistake in this tournament and it cost me a better finish. With the blinds at 1500 and 3000 I was on the button and the table folded to the player to my right. He was short stacked as well and the raise put him all in so rather than raise my pocket 10's all in, I decided to just call. This allowed the big stack to my left to get into this pot with A J offsuit and I got no help on the flop. I bet the hand all the way and he rivered a J to put me out. My bad!
    Tuesday was a bit better in that I won something. First was the 12:00 Limit hold em event at the Luxor with a buy in of $25.00 with one $3.00 add and no rebuys. Caught some great cards early and couldn't catch a cold after the break. I went out 9th out of 29 players and finished out of the money again. After this I decided I wanted to go to the Mirage and try a satellite to get into the 7:00 event. Atindell and I went and joined a sat for $15.00 and the next thing you know I had a certificate for $60.00 and $60.00 cash. We decided not to play in the Mirage event that night because of the unlimited rebuys and instead went to play the 6:00 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo at the Mandalay Bay. The buy in for this one was $25.00 and no rebuys. This one was pretty wild and the blinds changed every 15 minutes so with only 30 players it went pretty quick. Not knowing that the limit had been raised to NO LIMIT and having a good hand in the blind I caught a great starter. A 2 4 5 double suited. Thinking that the guy two to my right was only going to call or raise I was kind of shocked when he said "All In!" I decided to go for it and was really shocked when I flopped two pair and one of my flush draws only to see a king of clubs come on the river and get beaten by K K K. The guy turned over K K 7 4 rainbow and naturally I laughed and walked away mad. I went out 11th and was fairly upset about the raise that simply got lucky. No more poker was my theme the rest of the day and I was looking forward to the 12:00 Limit Omaha at the Orleans the next day.
    Wednesday came and I was ready to go. I had seen the types of hands that were being played and was ready to take another shot. So off we went to the 12:00 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event at the Orleans. The buy in was $30.00 with a $3.00 add and one rebuy of $20.00 and the tournament paid $5.00 bounties. My new strategy was loose early and to tighten up after the break. So I did and on the very last hand before the break, I got a good starter. 6 6 2 4 double suited. Flop came 4 4 9. I was first to act and bet all I could and got one caller. The turn was a 6 giving me the full house and I bet all I could again knowing exactly what this player had. River came and killed me. An ace. Ouch! I bet again just to see and sure enough, he had A A with no low. Called me all the way with A A K 10. No suits, straight draws, NOTHING! Right then I told Atindell that I would put that player out of the tourney. I did. After the break I hammered my way to the final table and all of the things that I have learned about tournament play at PSO helped me to win my first Omaha tournament. 64 started and I finished on top with a chop and I got my first trophy. What a rush! Then I decided that I wanted to use my tournament voucher at the Mirage tournament because we were leaving the next evening. The buy in was $120.00 with one rebuy of $100.00. Limit Hold Em was the structure and to make a long story short I played as good as I know how. I made excellent decisions on when to fold and when to steal. I made good hands pay off the most and I put 7 people out of the tournament. That was as good as it gets. To win a tournament with 20 or so people watching (thinking of course that the chips were real) and making every decision the right one was what all this has been about. Thanks PSO. I was bluffed badly on one hand when I decided to call a $3000.00 raise with 10 7 diamonds. The flop came J J K and I checked. I thought that he might try to steal it so when he bet, I came over the top of him with a re-raise. He instantly raised me back and I thought then that he had a K or a J. I folded and he turned over 7-4 off and acted like he had just won the world series of poker. Unfortunately for him, he ran into me on the next hand and gave it all back losing to trip 2's. So I had won 2 tournaments in the same day and was very tired. No more poker was the best play I had made all night.
    All in all, I entered 7 tournaments and won 3 of them with winnigs of over $2000.00. Good trip. An even better experiece. Thanks again to all of the players that have helped me along the way.


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    Awesome trip and congrats on all the success! 3 tournies won in one week of play just has to feel great. Again, congrats!


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      Just tremendous Chino!!!!

      Not surprised though, as having played with you, and watched you play, at PSO you have a talent for the game.



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        :lol: :lol: :lol: Well done


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          aw gator, i was going to do that :

          wtg chino, nice one



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            Well done CHINO

            sounds like my kinda 'vacation'

            you have done us proud


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              Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my novel.

              Hope to see all of you in Tunica.



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                Re: VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!

                Originally posted by chino
                off to the Orleans...The sushi and waitresses were worth the trip alone.
                I too greatly enjoy the poker room waitresses at the Orleans...but I never found any sushi there...where is it?


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                  Re: VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!

                  I too greatly enjoy the poker room waitresses at the Orleans...but I never found any sushi there...where is it?[/quote]

                  take you a smooth right into the main casino and once you get in there look to your right and whammo! there it is! and i kid you not...the best sushi bar in the world. there is a white sushi chef from arizona that makes a roll called the diamondback. it is the best roll i have ever had. no kidding. hope you find it next time cuz its worth it. cya.



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                    Chino great post - and even greater performance. I mean what a tourney stud!!!!

                    As a woman I totally missed the waitress factor at the Orleans. And I am real disappointed that I missed the sushi. But as a middle-aged woman I liked the Orleans because I was considered the "young chick" playing their tourneys. I mean I was a real hit with the over 70 respirator crowd :wink:

                    Texas is proud of your performance. Well let's face it, it is hard to stay proud of the longhorns for long - I mean we have to have a miracle interception at the one yard line to save that game - ugly.

                    oil doe


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                      [quote="oil doe"]
                      Texas is proud of your performance. Well let's face it, it is hard to stay proud of the longhorns for long - I mean we have to have a miracle interception at the one yard line to save that game - ugly.

                      UGLY is putting it mildly. Who the heck called that play anyway? I think Lord had rushed for 697 yards at that point. What are the odds that the coach won't be around much longer?



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