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Vegas for the 4th

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  • Vegas for the 4th

    Well, I treked out to Vegas this past long weekend, ostensibly to hang out with some buddies before the rest of them got married, but with a secondary goal of getting some more live tourney play.

    Wednesday: land in Vegas. No games that day. Tired and crash.

    Thursday: I get into a satellite for the evening NLHE game. $25 for the sat. Lets see, I get 300 TC. Blinds are 10-15 to start and levels increase every 10 minutes. Pretty fast playing structure w/ money getting shallow fast.

    I bust two people almost immediately and go into the chip lead. I looked in good shape and had the table in control. However, luck is better than skill in this format. I played aggressive and a player made a questionable call -- called a large raise pre-flop w/ J-Q with a flop that came 7-8-9. I put him all in on the flop -- and he called, and made the gutshot. Owch, suddenly he was the chip leader and I was one of the short stacks. I eventually go out 3rd when I get all in w/ AQ vs his K10 and another's AK. 10 hit the flop and I'm out, but i feel goot about my play.

    Friday: Jet-skiing all day. No pokah today, too beat up and sunburned.

    Saturday: I wake up early and play the 10AM and 12PM tourneys at the Luxor. It's limit until the final table, where it turns no-limit. 30 players in both games.

    First tourney, I finish 9th (pays out 7 places). I was unable to accumulate enough chips early on, so when it go to no-limit, I was already short stacked. I pushed in with pocket 9's and got called by pocket 10's. Doh.

    Second tourney, I finish 2nd, taking $170 or so. I was the chip leader at one point, but lost some of it as I tried to run over some people. Still, I felt quite confident at that table and it showed.

    In the evening, I played 4-8 at the Bellagio. Quickly won two racks against the table. I had the table read pretty well and felt I had it under control. You had some loose-aggressives at one end and some tight passives on the other. I was in the middle, which made it ideal for me to 3-4 bet it and isolate the LAP to my right. Worked wonders for most of the evening, but I think I started getting too tired at some point. Couldn't see the board properly and lost a good chunk of my winnings when I made nut-straight and couldn't see the pair on the board. (Even when the dealer pushed the chips over to the other player, I still couldn't see it.) I looked at my watch, 7 AM, maybe I have played too long... so I call it a night.

    Sunday: I'm determined to play in the NLHE tourney that evening, even if I have to pay for it. I haven't played much live NLHE, so I wanted the experience.

    First, I get into a satellite. Finish second in that one. Darn, still no cheap seat. I was still unused to playing live. Here at the PSO, it's easy to see how much is in the pot, or what the minimum raise is, but I made these "fishie" errors now and then, where I'd raise, forgetting that the limit had changed and my raise would be too low. A more embarassing moment came when I thought that a player had raised all-in (I had him covered) and I had already started putting chips out and then turned over my cards. Doh! Turns out he hadn't gone yet, and having seen my cards, decided to check-fold! Damn!

    Eventually, I pay up and get into the main event (i had to leave a juicy O/8 game too). $120 buy-in w/ unlimited rebuys for the first hour.

    My goodness.. I decided I didn't like rebuy games all that much! We had hands where 4 people would go all-in then reach back and buy more chips. I had to rebuy when my pocket tens were busted by pocket 9's. Eventually, the rebuy ended and I paid another $100 for the double-addon. I had $1800 after the rebuy period ended, which was maybe average.

    First hand after the break, I get KK UTG -- woo woo! I decide I'm going to limp-reraise. There were some aggressive players in the game that I felt would probably bet this for me. So it went like this -- me, limp, call, call, fold, call, raise (yes!). It comes around to me and I push the whole stack in. I am content to take the pot now, but the player who raised calls me! Doh! He flips over AQs. The flop comes two to his suit, but no ace or queen. I give a quick jump when the river turns over a red card, but upon closer inspection it is the wrong red and I bust him out and take the fairly large pot down. Yay!

    I get my stack chopped in half when we have a 4 way pot. I have AKs on the button. We have a few limpers to me, and I make it 1500 to go (i have about 6K). Suddenly, coming back around the table there is an all-in, a call, and another call. No way I can call here, so I let it go. Good thing, because I'm up against QQ, AA and K10 (!!). The aces hold up and the other two are on the rail. Whew, survived that.

    A few orbits later, I'm getting short stacked, so I push in w/ 99. I get called by AA. Owch! But I get a lucky and spike a 9 on the flop. I double up.

    Our table breaks and I move to a new table. I need ot start opening it up more as the limits get higher. At this point, I decide I have to take some chances, as the limits are relatively high compared to my stack. I steal a few times and make a few all-in bets that accumulate some chips.

    However, I became short-stacked again on one hand -- I had A-3s on the button. It was folded to me and I raised to 1200 (had about 6000 left). The small blind calls (I had him covered) and the BB folds. The flop comes A-2-8. I bet another 1200, and I get raised all in. I study the board, and the opponent for a bit, and announce "I call". He groans as he turns over Q-2. But, the turn brings a Q, and he doubles up w/ his two pair. Damn!

    A few hands later, the blinds have increased to 500-1000. I have about 2150 left. I wake up w/ A-10s. One of the bigger stacks, two to the right of me, opens w/ a raise to 2000. Player to his left folds, and it's to me. I think for a moment and decide to re-raise my last 150.

    He turns over pocket nines, and my AT doesn't get there, and I'm out, about 15 or 16th place (pay was to 9 places).

    The only thing I wonder is if ATs was good enough to go all in w/, or if I should have waited until I could have opened w/ a raise. In any event, I was happy with my play. I had a great time and can't wait to play at the Mirage again

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