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Day o' poker part 2

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  • Day o' poker part 2

    So the event starts. To refresh the memory $50+10 NLHE with one $50 add on Start with 2,000 chips add on gets you 2,000 more.
    Ther are 259 players not enogh tables so we are playing 11 handed.

    I didnt mind playing with 11 people at first untill I found out my table had to be a stud table. And per my luck I get seat one. I like seat one but I also had to share it with the jackpot drop box. I now have a bruse on my knee from hiting it three times. I also find that Eric is in seat 10.

    Round one 25/50 chips at 2000
    I get the small blind first and get nothing First hand I play was from an early late position say 3 right of the button. I still do not know anything realy about my table there have been no hands show yet and only two flops seen. But it does seem the others are very pasive.
    On the button I get 99 make it 200 and get no callers. A once around the table and the table is very pasive, folding to any good sized raise. In the middle pos. It gets folded around to me I have K8h I make it 200 to go get two callers flop is 853 mixed I bet 200 more one folds and one calls. turn is a Q. I bet out 500 and the other player folds.

    round two 50/100 2600 chips
    UTG I have TT and bet 400 seat 9 cold calls and the bb in 11 goes all in for 3000. I think for a little while and fold seat 9 calls. 9 has JJ and 11 has AA. One right ot the right of the button I get 99 again folded to me and I make it 400 to go the button goes all in for 1200. I put him on AK AQ so a coin flip I call the 800 more. Oops I was wrong he had AA. he then went on to get KK, QQ back to back to back.
    I have about 1000 in chips left And I add on. A little latter I puck up Adkh. I bet out 300 and get on caller. The flop comes 269 all hearts I bet out 600 and he flat calls. the turn is another rag of hearts I bet all in for apx 2000 and he folds.

    round three 100/200 4000 chips

    did not find a hand to play in round three. Had 5's back to back but laid them down to big raises.

    Break time: Every one But Jane is on the short side for chips and we are looking to get a hand to dble up on.

    Round 4 200/400 2200 chips
    or table breaks and I go to a 9 handed hold'em table room to strech my feet!! I steal the blinds twice with AT. Not much more than that.

    Round 5 300/600 3500 chips
    Go all in with KT with 2400 in chips the bb calls with AJ I go a T on the turn and win. Steal one more blind. And our table busts. Get moved. First hand I am two to the left of the BB UTG goes all in for 3000. I put him on AK so another coin flip I have about 5500 and go all in to get it heads up and do. He Has AJ gets an A on the river. Im down to 2300 Under the gun I pick up A8s and go all in. I get one caller. He flips over AA flop has none of my suite turn is an 8 and the river was a blank.

    I go out about 100-85 out of 258. Eric and Mike both have busted out also. Aaron was still in he doubled up on an AK. and Jane was still going strong. I watch Jane and Aaron for a while. Arron busted a round or so latter. He was on a short stack and whent in with a small pair but did not make it. After Arron left I got back in on a stud table. was doing ok then they opend a stud hi/lo game and I racked up and whent there. either every one on the intrest list left or found a good game because only three people showed up. so after five min. The desided to open a Omaha hi/lo table up. Again no one came. Oh well I was getting ready to go home anyhow. I go to check on Jane found out she had busted. I couldnt find her so I said see ya to Eric and headed home.

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    Thanks for the report Matt. As always was good to see you.

    The hands I played (not many since I didn't get many cards this tourney):

    very first hand of the tourney I limp in LP with KJ suited. Four see the ace high flop, all check to me, pot sized bluff takes it down.

    A level later, I get 99 in MP and flat call an EP raise. SB goes all in. BB calls. EP folds. I fold. SB has AA BB TT. Flop comes with a 9. Ah well. I wasn't feeling "lucky"

    Lose a good chunk of my stack with AK suited. EP raise to 500 (blinds are only 50/100) from a player to my immediate right. He's been a little loose. He had done the same earlier with 55 and gone all in on a high flop and lost to TT (he did his rebuy). Flop comes KT9. He checks, I bet 500. He calls. Turn is a Q. He goes all in for 1000. I think, and toss AK face up. He tables JJ.

    Down to about 1K now. I get KQ off in MP. One EP limper. I make it 400 to go. All fold to him. He calls. Flop King high. He Checks, I bet all in, he folds.

    Three limpers when I get JJ in the cutoff. I go all in. All fold.

    Rebuy and am at first break with 3400, under average.

    After break get absolutely nothing and am blinded down to about 1400. Big blind of 79 off. One limper, SB (still the loose player from earlier) completes. Flop comes 683. I have 900 left after posting the blind. SB checks, I go all in. Limper folds. SB calls with J8 off. I'm behind. Hit the five on the river to double through.

    Again go through a dry run and am down to approximately 2700 when the following hand comes up. I am UTG+1. UTG is still the loose player. I had just folded a hand two hands prior that I should have called (he had gone all in with A8, I had AJ, thought long and hard and decided to toss) on and am again facing desperation time. UTG goes all in for 3300. I look at my cards. AK off. Quick call on my part. All fold to BB who calls. Cr-ap I think. Cr-ap. UTG flips over 99. I can live with that. Please don't let BB have AA or KK. He doesn't QQ. I have a chance. King on the flop and I triple through.

    I steal two blinds and hit the 2nd break at 9500, exactly average.

    Unfortunately the Canterbury NL tourney blinds double each level. So right after the break the blinds were 1000/2000 and of course I'm moved into the BB. So I'm at 6500 right away. Cr-ap, more cr-ap, and more cr-ap. I fold a 22 in MP that if I had gone all in with would have held up against an AK - but hindsight is 20-20. Two hands later, three minutes until the next level, two deals until I face the 2000/4000 blinds that will set me all in and I am dealt 44. Can't sit back and fold my way into the money. All in. Called by QQ. Out 51st.

    Huge field by the way - never seen that many people at Canterbury. Makes me wonder if the WPT has had that big of an effect.

    Was great seeing everyone, and meeting a couple of people for the first time.



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