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It only hurts when I laugh...

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  • It only hurts when I laugh...

    Canterbury, NLHE....$50 buy in- $50 rebuy ( one)

    Ok, I admit it ... I was probably distracted by 5 good looking PSO men who clustered around me while someone took our picture. ( As soon as I figure out how to attach that, I will do so...) Til then, they shall be known as 57Sauce, Idoru_99, MnRon,TheHazyOne,and DragonDawn. It was SO nice to see Matt,Mike and Aaron again, and to get to meet for the first time Eric and Ron. You guys are the best!

    I am not gonna clutter up the forum with hands I played ad nauseam...but I had a big hand right away with a Q high straight and doubled up, only to watch most of that taken back by the same guy when his 9 on the river gave him trips to bust my K-K. That hand left me short stacked early, so I rebought my one and only allowable buy. That gave me about 2K for the rebuy and T-1100 that I had left before the K-K disaster. I picked up AK spades after a bit, and when the spade came on the river, I got paid off in two spots and went to the first break with around T-9000. I felt prettty good with that size of stack. I will say that the table I was at had some good action. I got paid off a couple times when players should have layed a hand down lots earlier. Not that I am complaining!

    AT the first break, the 6 of us stood around and talked poker I was faring better than the guys, but we all went back after the break feeling pretty optimistic.

    I am not sure how it all happened, but I ended up with a pretty huge stack about the time the second break happened. This is into the tourney 6 levels. Blinds had started at 25-50, and increased
    every twenty minutes. So by break #2, I felt very comfortable with about 25K in chips. More than average I think. When we returned from break, the screen said we had 81 players left out of 259 starters. Man, that went FAST!! And it would escalate even faster.

    I played SOOO good. I felt very proud of my patience, and my aggressive play when I needed it. I made a good player lay down a bigger pair once, and that seldom happens to me. I got lucky with a straight with my A-7 hearts..that went from 5 hi to 7 hi when the river brought a 6...and busted a guy.

    Now, the bad part. We get down to 38 players. I have about 40K I think. A few thousand over average chip count I suppose. A new player moved to the seat to my left. He had about the same amount of chips as I did, and he and I were the chip leader at my table.

    I am not sure what happened next. I was on the little blind, the blinds were 2K-4K. Some guy raised and made it 9K to me...and I had AQ offsuit. With only the big blind left to act, I decided to call. Well, of course, the big blind goes all in. To call would take all my fold would mean I would forfeit the 9K I had called. I thought for a long time and something or other happened to my sense of reason at that moment and I called all in. The first raiser turned over 6-8 offsuit, and the big blind had Q-Q. The board never brought an Ace, and I was busted.

    I had a couple of moments of actual sick stomach. I realize that had I folded that hand, and just acknowledged that the 9 K call was probably a mistake, I would still have had probably 30K left , still had more than the average chip stack, and would have had enough chips to make the money if I played smart...But I called, busted, and am still not over it.

    I have kicked myself for two days now..not only for calling when I could have just as easily layed it down and been not much the worse for wear..but it ruined what had up to that point been probably the BEST tourney I have ever played, and the largest. I played smart, maximized the hands I had, waited. And the great combination of good cards and good luck came together for almost 4 hours, and I could almost see the money being counted into my hand. And then, something took over and I played the old way I used to play and here I sit, writing how I busted 37th or so instead of writing how I ended up in the money.

    And that is no laughing matter...

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    Ouch......Bad cookie!

    See ya in Tunica sweetie!


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      Great start to the tourny.

      I'm sorry to hear you called off your chips. You might have read and thought of the post and EV reviews done on the advanced forum relating to A,Q and calling against two other players. I have learned the hard way "don't call away chips multi-way with A,Q." One of the players surely has you beat with a pair and the other has some kind if hand. You are at best 2:1 dog agaiinst 2 other players all-in. You can't have any further action as all betting is complete. It's showdown poker, best hand wins and you are chasing. Tournament, You're broke, you're done. Better luck next time.

      I know what it was "you were still excited about being amongst all them men, lost your mind." That's the ticket! :lol:


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        Tough break Jane. It was great seeing you, and thanks for being such a doll!

        I didn't get to watch you play, but to accumulate 25K by the second break is wonderful (I only had 10K and that went fast as you know because of the rapidly doubling blind structures). As for the AQ hand - at least you are able to recognize the mistake you made, and hopefully you learn from it.

        Well done and can't wait to see you again sometime soon!


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          I was there and watched the whole thing transpire. I was trying to think of something to say to Jane that would make her feel a bit better, but I knew that nothing was really going to do the trick :/

          If it makes you feel any better, when it got down to the final 3, one of the guys suggested a 3-way chop, but one of the others would have none of it. Each would get about $5000. The guy that wanted to play on ended up getting only 2nd after piddling away his big chip lead and ended up recieving about $800 less then he would have if he had made the deal.

          My day was kinda sucky - I only got about 6 playable hands - and won one big pot with AA. i had AQ 2 times, 66 once jt twice and kt once. The rest were all rags and I never had the chance to really steal any blinds as I always ended up sitting to the right of people with 3x as many chips as I had. I'm actually surprised I made it as far as I did with the crap i was getting

          But I still had a blast and it was really cool to get to meet some other pso members


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            Jane -

            Sorry to hear about your finish. I had a really good feeling about your chances on Sunday. Come on back in September and get em!

            You played great for nearly the entire tournament. Focus on the positive, work on the negative and you'll find the money in the next one!

            In any event it was great to see you again! See you in Tunica!

            For my day, the cards and odds weren't cooperating - I held only one big pp (and doubled up on them) made one big read error (my study group would be ashamed of me), and lost a couple of big hands when I was the favorite (AKs vs A2o; A9s vs KJo.) Wait till September!



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              Your experience was most unfortunate. There's really nothing to add to what others have said about the play of that final hand, so.................

              WTG Lady Jane!!! No mistake is a loss if you learn from it!! Believe me when I tell you I know from sometimes bitter experience.
              The rough part for you is that one error undid hours worth of fine play. Hang in there, store it in your memory bank, and you'll make the right play every time hereafter.

              PM me if I can help. 8)




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