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My son graduates

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  • My son graduates

    Poker is somewhere in this story...

    June 13, 6am up preparing to leave Sacramento for L.A. today my son graduates from UCLA. My wife, 2nd son, and daughter are also excited and we all endure sort of a pleasant drive south. I say sort of because I was up till 1 am or maybe slightly later playing poker online, so didn't get much sleep.

    After meeting with our UCLA student, we all drive to the campus for the 5pm ceremonies. 2000+ were graduating that night, it is difficult to even spot our son in the horde. Yea! One down 2 more to go.

    Off to Santa Monica for a celebration dinner. When the whole family is together I can be a tight wad. My wife and I had decided on Gladstone's for Fish (not exactly cheap but high quality, and moderate prices). But my UCLA graduated convinced me that another restaurant was not only closer, had exceptional seafood, and best of all was not as expensive as G. for F.

    UCLA claims to be the number 3 higher education university in the country. Well, they forgot to teach my boy how to pick a restaurant. It was Very Expensive, $300+. Since we had plans for some family fun the following day, I could see the 3 day trip budget Run-eth Way Over.

    10:30PM drop my 2 sons off at my UCLA student's apartment for the night, drive to hotel.

    In route to the hotel, I announce to my wife that I will deposit her and my daughter at the hotel and go to the Commerce Club and attempt to win back the cost of dinner. My wife and I have been married for 26 years, this isn't the first time I have 'deposited her' for the night. Fortunately my track record is very good, so she didn't even hesitate to encourage me. She did ask, "will you be too tired to play well"? I was honest, I knew I would be getting tired shortly but, promised to quit if things got away from me.

    11:20pm, I LoVe Playing poker at THE COMMERCE CLUB! To me there is no better place to play poker. 100+ tables, every limit with many tables to find a game that suits your playing style. Soft competition usually. During the past 3 years while my son attended UCLA, I would make 3 to 4 solo trips per year. Each trip I would play at the Commerce Club. To be honest, though I was looking forward to the graduation trip, with my whole family along I didn't plan on playing poker at the Commerce Club. So far every past Commerce visit was a winning session! Would Commerce be good to me again?

    My usual attack plan was to start playing TH 9-18, and when I had won $500 profit move up to the 15-30. Only once had I failed to play the 15-30, but still finished the 9-18 a winner.

    6 or 7 tables for 9-18 and the waiting list had 10 names. It was 45 minutes before I had a seat. I was half asleep.
    12:05am My first TH 9-18 hand. I was lucky, there was at least 2 players playing almost every hand. One would usually chase all the way to the river. My first playable hand was QQ UTG, Mr. "Any2cards", called my pre-flop raise and chased all the way to the river. Unlucky me, he caught his 2nd pair on the river. Happily he turned over his 94o . Ouch, we had gone 4 bets on the flop 2 on the turn. I checked the river, the guy didn't even bet, after catching his 2nd card. I had bought in for $360, that hand cost $90 down to $270. While waiting for a hand to play, our table suddenly became short handed 6 or 7 players. One of the loose players quit, but Mr. "any2cards" was still in the game. Finally at 5 players and no names on the waiting list, our table broke. We drew for the available seats at other tables. I was unhappy since I had yet to win a hand, and the player I wanted in the game was now at another table.

    1:10am My new table, didn't have the action of the previous table. The average player age was much older and the game was tighter. But my first playable hand produced a nice pot, and I was almost even. About 45 min. to 60 min. Mr. "any2cards" arrives to occupy the latest empty seat. I am very happy to see him, and welcome him to the game. Except there is one major difference, I am now up about $120+ and I have a few extra chips to play back at Mr. "Any2cards". The fun begins.....

    I loosened up my starting cards options, and most pots found myself heads up with "Any2cards". I will say he did know how to check raise and bluff on flop or turn to sell his bluffs, but usually he was just building the pot up for me.

    Ok to the end, 3:45am. Mr. "Any2cards" has had enough, he had purchased 4 racks of chips. 1 reload at our first table, and 2 reloads at our 2nd table. Mr. "Any2cards" leaving signaled the end of my session. I was $800 to the good. For a brief moment the 15-30 was silently calling. I was very tempted, but I was also very tired.

    4:30am Back at the hotel, I happily climbed into bed next to my wife. On the night stand I left her a note and a $150 toke.

    The note:
    "Mission Accomplished, enjoy your breakfast with our daughter. Please wake me at noon...... luv ya"

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    Great Report!



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      Great report!
      The only thing I could think of at the end of it was "The money is on the dresser Chocolate."



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