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Won my first NLHE live tourny

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  • Won my first NLHE live tourny

    We just got back from 6 days in Vegas where I won my first NLHE live tourny

    Jim and I (Keryonjim) played a lot of poker for the week, including the Mandalay Bay and Luxor tournaments on Wed, Oct 23 (no luck for either of us there). I played the Omaha 8 tournament at the Orleans on Thursday night while Jim played the Mirage NLHE tournament there. He finished about 12th (not in the money) and I didnt' get anywhere in the Omaha tourny.

    On Sunday night, Oct 27, we both played the Sahara NLHE tourny. It was $40 buy-in with one $20 rebuy within the first hour. There were 30 people in the tournament. I wasn't getting any cards, but still had some chips before the break. I bought the rebuy and still didn't have a very large stack. Jim had no luck, got beaten on a couple of good hands and was out before we got down to the last table. After the break I got NO cards for an hour. I finally was moved to one of the other tables and caught AA on my first hand there. There were $100 antes and the blinds were about 200/400 at this point, so I was draining down to a small stack, so I went all-in on this hand. 2 callers. Flop had several high cards, KJ and a rag. I thought that I might be dead after a couple more straight cards fell. I wasn't, and I tripled my money. After that, I got TT and raised with one caller. They also held up. I made it to the last table with about the 2nd lowest stack.

    They were paying 5 places, so I was trying to be very conservative at this point and see how far I could get. Once it got down to 5, I started raising about $3000 with any A. And I was getting Ax almost every hand. Most of the time everyone folded. We got down to 4 of us after a short while and I started to be more agressive. There was an interesting hand with the other 3 players at that point. 3 callers for the flop, flop comes up AAx. First two players go all-in with the two shortest stacks. 3rd player thinks about it for ages (we could see his hand, which was A2). He thought that someone had A and a higher kicker and was afraid to call, even though he had more chips. He finally folded, which blew me away. The two called both had K9 and split the pot.

    About 2 hands later, the Ace guy was in the hand and an A came on the flop. He raised all-in. I had KQ and there was and AT on the board. I had over twice the chips he had, so I called. Figured that my str8 draw was looking good. I got the str8 and bumped him out in 4th. Soon we were just down to 2 of us, and I had about 3-4 times the number of chips. He asked if I wanted to deal and I thought for a second and said no. The prize money was $640 for 1st and $320 for 2nd. Only took about 2 more hands and I was the WINNER!

    I was the only woman in the tourny and Jim commented that someone at his table had mentioned that there was a woman at his table and that I would probably not last. Haha. Jim also said that there were several professionals playing at the last table. I was really comfortable once I got to the last table and was totally confident in my strategy. It sure gave me a boost of confidence!

    The rest of the week, Jim did great playing 15-30 and 10-20 holdem at the Bellagio and Mirage. The last hour that we had before we had to go to the airport, Jim got onto the 15-30 table and made $950 in about 20 minutes and cashed out! I played mostly 5/10 and 4/8 stud, tried Omaha once at the Mirage and didn't get many cards. I played 8/16 holdem the last two days, did fine on Sunday, but Monday morning was at a tough table for an hour and ended up down. For most of the week, it was pretty slow at the Mirage and even the Bellagio. Hard to keep the stud games going, and sometimes even the 8/16 holdem.

    On Wed night, we played a little $1-5 stud at the Flamingo, just to pass the time. I got a 6 high str8 flush on one hand, which ended up being the 2nd highest hand for the day, and I got $165 for it in the morning! Nice bonus

    The Omaha tourny at the Orleans was a disaster for me because there was a "new" played at my table. He thought it was a holdem tourny and had never played Omaha. He played "every" hand and kept winning and built up a pretty good stack. After the break, he wanted to get out, so he bet or raised every hand, which was making it very expensive to even see the flop. Consequently, since the flop never hit me, I was out about 1/2 way though. It was very frustrating!

    All in all, we ended up ahead when we came home, even with a few losing sessions and tourny fees.

    We can't go back there until March, but plan on trying some more tourny's there at that time.

    Chris (ckheisler)

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    Way to go Chris! It sounds like you played the perfect game of patience and aggression. And great trip report. Just the short time I saw Jim play the ring game at the Orleans I knew he was a tough customer.

    May this be the first of many,
    Amy the oil doe



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