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My First Live One

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  • My First Live One

    I've been a member of PSO since last Sept. but I've not been playing actively the whole time. I probably have about 6 months of experience (all online) and I've read a few books (Winner's Guide to Texas Hold'm/Winning LLHE/and just got Hellmuth's new book).

    Last night I played my first B&M tourney at Sycuan Casino and Resort near San Diego.
    (please forgive the brevity and lack of detail, I haven't developed the retention and recall skills I need to relate this all well enough yet)

    $22 buy in / freeze out Limit Hold'm
    15min rounds/ blinds start 100/100/ stack:2500TC
    110 starting players/ top 10 payed

    My game plan was to play solid tight aggresive poker and get a feel for the pace and nuances of live play.
    That was my plan and I stuck to it.

    I learned alot here. Like, there is a time when the blinds get so high that you trade in your 100T chips for 500s (but then they do this thing where any spares are sort of 'drawn out for'). I didn't realize this was happening and the 3 chips I had weren't positioned where the dealer could see them. It screwed everything up till the floorman came over and straightened it out. ops:

    But the long and short of it is: I finished between 33rd-35th (tough to count as tables were breaking at that moment). But for my first outing I felt good.

    In LHE the blinds make all the difference. They drive the pace even faster than in NLHE. I did steal a few after building what I felt was a solid tight image. But the small nature and limited venue made it obvious that most folks were there to play everything and anything all the way down the river. It was a good experience overall.

    Thanks PSO for improving my game.

    One last note: I'm leaving for 3 wks on Monday to a once in a lifetime European Vacation (1 wk in London and 2 in Paris). I just found out this will put me in Paris for the first week of the WPT Jul1-13 at the Aviation Club de France. If I can I will be there to see and perhaps play.

    Thanks everyone. PSO is a terrific community that takes care of it's own!

    Frank/ James_Gang

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    Great Report! Keep at it!



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      I'm going to try to play in the no limit game at Sycuan sometime soon. Maybe I'll see you there!



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        Is that a no limit cash game or a tournament? When is it? And is Sycuan spreading anything bigger than 4-8?

        I haven't been there in a while, but maybe I'll head over one of these days...


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          Sycuan T's

          Sycuan has a NLHE on Saturdays I think and a LHE on Friday evenings.
          They spread as high as 8-16.
          The competition according to one of the locals I spoke w/ is loose/semi agressive.

          If you're going let me know and I'll try to make it. After the 7th of July as I'm writing from my hotel in London now.



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            ... on getting your feet wet. Next time it'll be better.

            As you've discovered, the short rounds and rapidly ascending blindsquickly make this sort of tourney a real "show down" crap shoot.

            One local tourney I play in all the time has 12 minute rounds, and by Round 7 you're at $1000 - $2000 - and it's showdown time. Two rounds later it's $5,000 - $10,000. If you don't play fast & loose at the beginning, you can't build up enough of a stack to survive the later rounds. Skill doesn't have much chance to work!

            BTW, the changing of the chips for larger ones is called the "Chip Race". FYI, up until about two years ago, it was typical for the single highest card to get ALL the new chips. So that if there were 16 T25 chips, that person would get $400.
            - but that really distorted stacks unfairly.
            - so now each high card gets one new chip - much more fair.

            But it can be mind-boggling for a new tourney player. "What the he77 is going on?" is a typical reaction.

            Good luck in Paris. I'll be in Helsinki the end of July and plan on playing at Casino Ray for a couple of tourneys. I'll post a Trip Report when I get back - and I'm looking forward to yours.

            bon voyage - bon chance!



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