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Tunica Trip Report

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  • Tunica Trip Report

    Arrived Friday about 4:00pm and got settled in. Decided to check out the action at the Horseshoe and Gold Strike. Horseshoe had 4-8 and 10-20 while the GS had 3-6 and 6-12. I decided I wanted to play 6-12 and got on the 12 deep list. I gave them my room number and said call me when you have a spot. So about 45 min later they call and are starting a new game. So I get a seat and try to get a read on the table. Table is very tight, everyone seems to be playing very solid with the exception of an occaisional k-5 suited. I play tight and flop a set of 7's which dont get paid off. Then I flop a set of 4's only to see the 3rd spade hit the turn and beat me. I then get on a small rush and flop a set of 7's and a set of J's which both get paid off. A few hands later I get K-Q flop Q-2-6 and a guy catches running clubs with his 10-7c and makes a flush. I steal one pot with A-9 when I raise 1st in get called by BB and he folds to a bet on the flop. Finished the session +$13 and got a buffet comped so I cant complain. I go get some sleep for the tourney the next day.

    Tourney starts at 11:00am and registration starts at 9:00am limited to 100 players so I wanted to make sure I got there early and got a spot. Well I get there at 8:45 and sign up and they announce if they can get enough people and get it started soon they will run a $55 single table sat for the tourney Buyin and the 1 rebuy. So I sign up and we get 10 fairly quickly. Sat was pretty much a lottery as you started with T300 and the blinds at 5-15 with 15 min rds it went fast. I get QQ on 2nd level and bust aguy with A-K I get JJ and raise get called flop k-10-6 check to me I bet and he folds. I end up getting 3 handed with about T500 and the other 2 guys had T500 and T2000. The other short stack was going all in literally every hand. The blinds were 50-100 and the big stack was gonna let us beat up on each other. I post in BB and the other short goes all -in UTG I look down at A-9o and say this is the one. He has 7-7 and neither of us improve and im out.

    The real tourney starts soon after and I seem to get a good read on my table pretty quick. Seat 1 is a solid player who seems to be aggressive at the right times and mixes it up a little. Seat 2 is a young (Semi-pro well call him) everyone there including dealers and tourney directors knew him by name and he kept talking about playing Pot-Limit Omaha. He seemed very solid. Seat 3 was Mr. Weak Tight, he arrived at the table early as did I and I was in seat 4 next to him. He proceeded to tell me that he drove down for this tourney last month and finished 12th. He said "but I played way too tight I folded too many good hands to try to squeak into the money". I immediately think Ill be Isolating this fellow. LOL Seat 4 me. Seat 5 was Donny Donaldson (I think that was his name) He was the older building contractor thatr finished 3rd in the WPT event in Tunica with Devilfish. He is absolutly terrible, he played so bad it was scary. Seat 6 Guy I played with in the sat tries to play solid but has no understanding of Big Bet poker. Seat 7 the locals call him "the Bear" they say if you get involved with him you better have a bear trap. Seat 8 Mr. Cowboy played fairly solid got unlucky. Seat 9 Very conservative older man. Seat 10 Very weak player. Calling station played most pots any Ace etc..

    We get started and about 10 min into tourney they come on the Mic. "we have an announcement to make, WSOP & $2,500,000 winner Chris Money Maker is in our field today and we have put a bounty on him. Any player busting moneymaker will get a Binions Horsehoe Jacket." The place started buzzing and within 30 seconds half of my table were saying that they have played with him in cash games since his win and he is horrible, giving his $ away. He proceeds to bust before the 1st break. I take my 1 optional rebuy at the very start, so I started with T1600. Level 1 5-15 Seat 1(solid player) opens for 60 I have JJ and call BB also calls. Flop 10-3-6 check check to me. There is 180 out there I bet 300 and they both Fold. Next Level 15-30 seat 2 (semi-pro) opens for 150 and I make my 1st mistake I have AA and just call (should have re-raised wanted to let him hang himself) we take a flop heads up. Flop K-9-7 he checks I bet 300 and he says "I like your hand better" and folds. Later I am in BB and Seat 5 (WPT Idiot) limps in UTG all fold to Mr. Weak Tight who calls I have 2-9 and check to see a flop of 3-4-5. Mr. Weak Tight checks & I lead out for 100 and Seat 5 folds and Mr. Weak tight thinks for a while and folds telling me he had a 4. Mr. Weak tight made aces full twice and never bet either one of them. He was terrible. Blinds go up to 25-50 and all fold to me in the cutoff I have J-9c and I think perfect steal. I make it 250 and the BB(bear) calls. I think O Sh-T. Flop of Q-5-2 he checks I fire my $500 purple chip out and he folds. These 3 hands I was not involved in but I must tell you about them. Donaldson (WPT Idiot) raises Bb from UTG Mr Weak tight calls him. Flop2-5-6 MR. Weak Tight checks and WPT Idiot fires at the pot. Weak tight thinks for a while and calls. Turn another 2. Same action check bet call. River 9 check by Mr. Weak Tight bet by WPT Idiot call by Weak Tight Weak Tight shows A-5s for a pr of 5's and WPT Idiot shows K-9o for a rivered pr of 9's.
    Then Later WPT idiot is in BB and there are 4 limpers. He raises the min 1XBB from the BB. All 4 call. Flop 6-A-4 and he moves all-in. He is called by A-10 and he shows 8-3o! What an Idiot a weak raise and then bluff into a full field? How did this guy ever make it that far in the other tourney?Later Mr. Calling station in seat 10 limps in UTG and all fold to BB who checks. Flop 5-8-9 check check turn 5 bet raise all in call BB has 2-5o UTG has A-5o LOL what a crazy play A-5o UTG!

    Then right before 1st break I have T2000 and a new player at our table opens for 250 from 3 rd pos. I look down at 4-4 and see he only has about 250 more. I figure if he has A-K or A-Q he is worth taking a shot at because he cant hurt me too bad so I re-raise to isolate him and he calls showing KK and im back to 1500 at the break.

    After break I steal about 1 time per rd staying right at 1500 when this hand comes up at the 100-200 blind level. Money is getting shallow and Im looking for a hand.We have a new player in seat 2 as Mr. Semi Pro busted when he moved all in on a flop with nut flush draw and 2 overcards but never improved. The new player in his seat played very solid from what I could see but I didnt see much of his play yet. He takes a bad beat and is down to 600. They move a new player in to my right on his BB. There were 3 limpers on his BB and he promptly made it 1000 to go (he had about 3500 in chips). All limpers folded and he took it down. Next hand I am BB still at 100-200 blinds. All fold to the new solid player in on the Button who moves in his last 600. The New player now in SB who just moved here moves all in for 3500, and I look down to find A-Kd and I have no idea what to do. I think for like 5 min and come to the conclusion that I cannot fold. The $ is too shallow and this player could be Isolating the short stack with a hand as weak ar A-10 or 6-6. So I call for all my chips and the button shows 3-3 and the SB shows AA we flop the case A and no flush or str8 draws for me turn is a 3 putting me in 3rd and drawing dead. Im out in 30th spot.

    I decide to take a break eat and get in the hot tub for a while. After that I figure Ill check out the 4-8 at the Shoe maybe it will be a better game than the 6-12 at the GS and boy was it ever. I buy in for $200 and they give me 2 racks of white. So I start out with a pile of chips already. There was an asiain guy and a local guy who played every hand and raised every hand they played. They never limped and there were more times than not them 2 at the end against each other. The local bought at least 6-7 racks of white chips and lost them all. He would raise the asian would call and they would pound the whole way the local would show J-3o on a board of 3-5-9-6-k and the asian would show 2-4 for the str8 it was crazy. I made 2 sets of J's got KK KQ flopped nut str8 and 33 flop set and 4 hours later cashed out +325 with 5+ racks of white.

    Sunday I play a limit holdem $55 sat for the buyin to that tourney play no hands 1st 2 levels then raise with K-Q 1 caller flop K-8-2 we get it all in on flop. He has K-4c river 4 and I am crippled. I had him outchipped barely. I get K-Q again flop K and double up. Then I get J-7h on button try to steal 1st in SB has short stack and raises very small call to me he is allin I call he has Q-Q and I double him up.
    Next hand I get AK and double up.
    I get blinded down to 100 blinds go up to 50-25 with me on button with K-10 we are 5 handed. 1 limper in cutoff I raise putting me all-in. he calls and shows 5-5 flop 10-5-2 and im done.
    I buy into limit tourney and proceed to get slaughtered. I have K-K cap it pre-flop and bet on flop of Q-4-7 get called in 2 spots turn 2 and I get bet into I raise he re-raises. I look him up he has 2-2 for a set. Then I get A-6c 3 limpers, I limp button raises we all call. Flop of A-4-8 and check to me I lead into raiser to see where im at and to see if he will raise to thin field. he does and I we cap it. I decide to look him up as I thought he had a PP. We take turn head up its a 5 and I check to him and he checks behind me, now im sure I have him. River is Q and I lead and he raises and I pay his QQQ off. My stack is crippled at this point. Then I get A-J and raise a EP limper he calls. Flop is A-J-3 and he checks. I bet getting it all in on flop and he calls and turns over 8-8 and the turn is 8 and im out before the 1st break.

    I decide to go eat the buffet and come home early. My GF was finishing the buffet and I went to the bathroom and told her I would meet her out front. Well I see a slot machine and I have 4 quarters in my pocket and drop 2 in, spin and no luck. I pop the other 2 in and spin and BAM 1000 coins .25c machine so I won $250 and covered the cost of todays tourney.

    Overall it was a good trip.

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    Trip Report

    I just love reading these tips reports...Great write up jbh5000. The story about WPT player, Mr. weak tight, Moneymaker's donations, the hands you played and why and the last chance spin for 1000 Q's...daisy777


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      Johnny Donaldson from Russellville Arkansas (about 3 hours west of Memphis). I hope he is a better General Contractor than a poker player! LoL

      Great report!


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        Excellent Report! Thanks!



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          I agree about Donaldson, if I have the right guy, older gentleman. I saw him when he won his World Poker Open Main Event seat in a super satellite.

          There were four seats, five players left. He had a huuuuuuuuuuge stack, not sure how he got it from watching him play. BB is all in, limper before Donaldson, who then proceeds to raise the limper out of the pot. The limper was not very happy about it.

          Pretty funny to watch.




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