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3rd B&M and a question

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  • 3rd B&M and a question

    Recently played in $20 LHE at Oceans 11. Came down to me and one other player. He had 146 chips and I had 82.

    $1320 for first and $600 for second. Chop the pot was brought up.
    I was offered $700 and other guy $1020 with the rest. I passed because that was only $100 more than 2nd.

    Then they upped it to $800. I took that deal. I figured I was getting over $9 a chip and he was only getting $6.

    Did I do the right thing?

    Thanks , otldoc

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    The mathematical way is to set aside 2nd place money for each of you and divide the difference on chip count. 2nd pays $600 so take $1200 from the total pool of $1920 which leaves $720 to split. He has 64% of the total chips so he should get $460 + $600 for a total of $1060, leaving you with $860 ($600 + $260).


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      Here is a "straight math" way of figuring a two-person chop.

      First place pays 1320 and second pays 600, so the difference is 720. At this point, that is what you are playing for. (You will get at least $600 if you go allin and lose on the very next hand. Same for chip leader, except he would have to lose twice)

      Total chips are 238. Big stack has 146 (61%) and little stack (you) has 82 (36%) Now multiply these %chips times the money that is the DIFFERENCE between 1st and 2nd, which is $720.

      So. 64 % X $720 = $440
      36% X $720 = $260

      Now add the $ of the Difference to the gaurantee of $600 and you come up with

      big stack gets $600 + $440 = $1040
      little stack gets $600 + $260 = $860

      I don't understand you statement about being offered 700 and the other guy getting 1020 with the rest. $200.00 tip for dealer? or misprint?

      Also remember that the chips in the short stack are ALLWAY worth more than the chips in the big stack. If the chip count was 237 to 1 (Extreme case) then your one chip is worth $600.00, as thats the money you will get for 2nd place, NO MATTER WHAT.

      Congrats on Second place and $800.00. That's great!!!! [/quote]


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        Hey Thanks guys. Now I know how it works.




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