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My First Live Tourney

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  • My First Live Tourney

    In some ways, as I expected, but not in others.

    Started with T1500, one blind of 25, then to 25/50 and up from there with 15 minute rounds, unlimited rebuys first hour. One round was basically once around the table as it turned out. I was surprised to so few hands before the next level. It was looking like this was going to be a crapshoot.

    First hand I omen.
    In the BB of the second round I had K8s, UTG limps, SB completes and I check. Flop comes 993 with two of my suit. SB checks I bet UTG calls and SB folds. Turn brings another 9. I ponder for a minute as I'm pretty sure UTG doesn't have an A. Everyones been loose, including him, due to the rebuy frenzy. I bet all-in to try to blow him off his weak hand. Whoops, he calls and shows the case 9 with 10 kicker.

    I didn't lose all my chips but I'm not low enough to rebuy (T425 left) so I go all-in one hand later with A6s. One person calls and he has QJ. Board comes in this order KAT66. He technically flopped straight but lost to my full house. I turned out to be this guy's nemesis as I won two more hands after that when he was my sole opponent. He folded both of those after turn.

    Next round UTG with TT, I bet BB, everyone folds and BB calls. Flop comes 56K, BB bets, I go all-in and he shows me 56s, I don't improve and experience my first rebuy.

    Nothing more until break, I take add-on and start the freezeout with T1925. I basically a short stack as blinds are 100/200 and four at my table have 4k to 6k. Three hands in, I get AK in MP and bet out 3xBB, button calls. Flop comes Qxx, I check and button falls all over himself to get all-in, I muck. One hand later table is broken. Blinds are very close to moving up and I need to make a move for sure. Third hand at new table, MP, I find AK again. I move all-in and get two callers, one with JTs and QQ, I don't improve and head out.

    I really didn't like the structure as I couldn't get into my game due to the short rounds and rapidly escalating blinds. I figure I didn't see 50 hands the whole time. I enjoyed picking up some minor tells and watching others make mistakes. Next tourney I'll try to find a somewhat slower structure, crapshoots just aren't that enjoyable for me.


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    Very goot play you're first time out 15 min rnds are just a crapshoot, Avoid them if u can. 20 min rnds at the B&M play like 10 min rnds at School, which were all used to but still to much of a crapshoot. Look for T's with 30 or 40 min rnds with 1 or no rebuys..(rebuys just add money to the casino and the pot, there a disadvantage to a goot player, they give the weak players a second chance to draw out on you) these will let you're skill level come much more into play.

    Tony D


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      I agree with Tony that it looks like your first time out was pretty good. Where did you play?

      I will be in Bremerton Mon-Fri, drop me a pm if you want to come out to for a beer and maybe a little 4-8 action down that way



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        Muckleshoot in Auburn WA. They only have two tourneys a week, limit on Tuesday and no-limit on Thursday. They said they used to have tourneys on weekends but it cut into their live play too much.

        When I showed up they had about 10 tables going out of 18 total. A good gamut of games and limits it looked like.

        Thanks for the positive feedback




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