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The WSOP Senior's Event

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  • The WSOP Senior's Event

    I played in the Senior’s event at the WSOP using 1000 of the sponsorship points I won here at PSO. I will tell my results and expound a little at the end of this post.

    My wife, Marion, and I arrived Friday, May 2nd. We stayed at the Golden Nugget, right across from Binion’s. It is the nicest by far of the downtown hotel’s. The first great time was meeting fellow PSO’rs for breakfast at Binion’s on Sunday. The attendees were me, Marion, Rio Rita, Jschanba, Bhat, Jbar and a friend, Debonair, and Payshints. I kept hearing people refer to Patience. Never heard of him or saw a profile. Later that day, with the help of others, it dawned on me PAYSHINTS, not Patience. These were all nice people.

    Jschanba (Jim) and Rio Rita (Joan) and I had lunch at the hosted buffet. We were all playing the Senior’s, or I should say, played the Senior’s. We all busted out within minutes of each other at the last level before the break. The food was very mediocre. We were joined at lunch a little later by Marion and Joe all in. Jim and I talked about books and made a date to go to the Gambler’s Book Store on Monday. If you have never been there, don’t miss it. It is at 630 11th Street, just one short block north of Charleston. Jim was uncontrollable and bought three books and a blackjack program. He had planned on one book.

    Friday, the night of my arrival, I played in a $60, with one $40 rebuy, no-limit holdem tournament at the Orlean’s. There were 142 entries. I finished 34th. It is a regular tournament and is very well run. Check it out when you are in Vegas. Look up the schedules on PokerPages. The Orlean’s has two tournaments a day of different types.

    While at the Orlean’s I saw and talked to Johnny Hale. He is a very nice man and is, well, Johnny Hale. I told him about winning my way into the Senior’s event and thanked him for making it possible. If you don’t know, he lobbied for several years to have it included in the WSOP. Sunday at Binion’s, Johnny saw me and waved from his table. He told me to win my way in again for next year.

    On Saturday, I went to Binion’s to scope it out. I talked a little to Chris Ferguson, who I am slightly acquainted with. He does his stock market trading in a facility on the same floor as my best friend’s office. We have talked before over there. I admired Amarillo Slim’s hat. It has a skinned rattlesnake hat band with the rattles in back and the head, fangs and all, in the front.

    I saw T.J. Cloutier signing a book for someone. I asked him if he would sign my No-Limit and Pot-Limit Holdem book that he and Tom McEvoy wrote. I told him that I had to go across the street to my hotel to get it. He said he would be there for a while and to bring it back. Little did I know, he was on a break from a second chance tournament. When I returned, the tournament was in progress. He waved me over and autographed the book right at the table during play. Another good guy.

    After the senior’s event, I watched the final table of the $2,500 pot-limit holdem event. I had been standing at the rail with a friend of Dr. Mark Burtman’s when the event was down to a few tables. Mark writes for PokerPages. I relate to his stories. His friend described me to him as a kindred spirit. When the final table started, Marion and I sat in the famous aluminum bleachers next to Mark’s friend. She introduced us to the woman in front of us who was the mother of one of the finalist’s. He had colorful tatoos on his arms, lots of earrings and shaggy hair. He was Brian Plona, better known on PSO as Shaggy67. I rooted for him, along with his mother and friends, after Mark busted out. I had no idea he was a PSO member until I returned and saw the headline on the PSO site.

    Marion and I had a great time. We ate out a lot, of course. She loves going out to dinner. We ate at the Bellagio Café one night. I wanted to see the card room. I am used to Commerce and Hollywood Park here in Los Angeles, so Bellagio looked small in comparison. We bought a few tickets on the Kentucky Derby and watched it in the room. That was fun. I had the winner. I had bet on three horsed and boxed them for an exacta. One of my horses was just beaten out of second at the wire. So they ran 1-3 and I missed. I still made a profit. I played some blackjack during the weekend and was a winner there.

    Now for the poker report on the Senior’s. I finished 131 of 377. I never could build my stack. Starting chips were T1000. I had about 900 when I looked down at KK. Blinds were 100-200. An early position player raised 400. I re-raised all in. He had QQ and flopped a Q, and I was gone. I had one hand when the blinds were 50-100 and I had about 700. I picked up TT in early position. I limped and was raised by the button. The BB called the raise. I thought I was an underdog, without odds, and threw it away. Of course a T came on the flop.

    That is the story. Thanks to Mark and Tina for making it possible.

    Alden Chase (tyro)

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    nice , detailied report

    Hi Aulden,

    It was great to meet you in Vegas! And thanks for all the great advice with regard to the bookstore. I haven't seen you much lately and hope that you drop by and play a few so we can chat. I really appreciate the thouroughness of your report.

    It was great fun this year, but next year one of us will make our mark with senior PSO'ers :-). Who knows, maybe, one of us will become the World Champ!!!

    Well, take care, and say hello to your wife for us all. She was a very
    nice lady and enjoyed her company too.

    Lots of luck and skill,



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