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WSOP first 9 days

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  • WSOP first 9 days

    Ok all, I am not too good at this kind of stuff, but I'll do my best to give 'ya a run down of what it's been like so far at the WSOP. Now I never have been good at recounting hands excatlly as they happened but I'll try my best.

    Apr 27 Fly into LAS from JFK go right to my Mom's house in Henderson can't wait to get to the casino, I am chomping at the bit to get at the tables.

    Apr 28 Ahhh Binions, my home away from home for the next month. Sats are going like crazy 530$ 275$ and 175$ all NLHE this is gonna be fun, I think to my self. The 530$ sats are just like the sats at PSO 2k starting chips and 20 min rounds. The 175$ and 275$ are 600TC and 15 min rounds which are basically a shoot out.

    So I start to play the Sats well that wasn't going too well the first day. I couldn't believe the play here, people pushing in on draws and over playing AK, I was getting crushed. I get my head straight, adjust my play, and finally cash after my 6th Sat Phew !!....was getting very worried about my bankroll. I end up about 200$ for the day for 14 hours of poker, man, I think this is gonna be tuff to do.

    Apr 29 Well I go back to the casino to give it another try. Play more sats and end up about 300$ for the day.... boy this is grinding at its best, haven't sat down with anybody I recgonize yet....... 13 hours of total poker

    Apr 30 OK, this is where the fun starts..... I see Men "the master" Nguyen sitting at a 530$ NLHE sat. I'm thinking I shoudn't sit down. I'm only up 500$ or so, I really shouldn't do this but..... this is what you came here for, to test yourself against the best players in the world so, I sit down. Men gets short chipped early so he starts pushing in on all kinds of hands KQo JTo 55 44 77 and no one is calling him, but he is showing the hands. We get down to 5 handed and he still has no real amount yet blinds are 100-200 I'm UTG and look at A8s I make it 400 to go, Men pushes all in, all fold to me hmmmm.....crappy hand should fold..... I'm looking at him trying to get a read..... he is sitting there like a statue..... I can't get a read, I dont know why I called, thinking I might have 2 live cards, the call leaves me with 600TC. Men gets happy I called he out played me good turns over AJo CRAP!!!! I just got so out played it scarey, flop comes A8rag he is pissed off as hell..... I eventually get heads up and split the sat 50/50.

    They have a last chance tourney at 11pm every night for 225$ you get 1000TC 20 min rounds till the last table then 30 min rounds there after. Blinds start at 25-25, that all sound familar to you just like PSO ?? 110 or so entrants and I get to the final 3 and make a deal with Dr. Mark Burtman who just got into town like 1 hour before the start of the tourny, 3 way deal gets me 5000$. Ok things are rolloing now, Bankroll healthy go back downstairs and get 1000$ back from a 530$ sat. Go get drunk andIi am feeling good about my play in the last chance and this is where I implode...... like a rookie, get only 4 hours sleep and decide I'm gonna play the 1.5K LHE tommorrow.

    May 1 Wake up hung over run down to the Casino put up my cash and sit down at the table with Eric Seidel. Oh crap!! I respect him and his game so much I am freaking out and hungover not a good combo. I play like a true rookie I misread a hand and end up turning it over I havet done that since I was like 20 years old!!!!! My head is spinning..... I keep thinking I don't belong here I'm way outta my leauge what in the hell was I thinking!!!!I Get some chips back but the blinds are racing around like mad. Kathy Liebert (sp) sits to my right and I know I am dead. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN I KNOW BETTER DAMMIT !!!!

    May 2 I take the day off to regroup, sit in the hottub get a good home cooked meal and 10 hours of sleep, I want to play well tommorrow, gotta get my head back in the game.

    May 3 My birthday. I'm well rested and got my head straight I want to play my A game all day. Cards in the air !!!!! 2000TC and I build it up to 13KTC I get dealt 77 in early positing I limp.... Ian Dobson has been playing very agressively and he has been running the table.... he rasies, I take like 3 mins to think look at my stack the call and raise will leave me with 3KTC I want to win this thing only 32 or so people left 27 get paid I think he is making a move I rerasie him all in he shows AK YES I got him pre flop.... Ok now the flop I really can't remember anything, but the K hitting the flop. CRAP 3KTC left I made the move and it's gonna cost me any shot of getting in the money. The very next hand I get 55 get raised and throw my chips in. Well here it is AK against my 55. Flop window card is a K.... I get very bummed, dealer spreads the rest and and BANG !!!..... 5 Baby OMG I just doubled up I got like 7KTC. Survivor mode now wait to get into the money.

    Ok I got cash comming back I'm playing the climb the ladder game picking my spots, I start catching cards and I bust some people. Down to 15. Down to 12 Holy crap I got like 25K now and I can make the final table..... is this all real ?.....It's getting very surreal. Holy crap the final 10... and I start the next day with 31,400TC I draw my favorite seat, 5.

    May 4 Final table. Daniel Negreanu on my right and Dr. Mark Burtman on my left I love my spot.... two solid players. I can make a move, surprisingly I am not nervious at all !!! I figure I'm gonna get like 6th or 7th. The table is playing tight. I'm not going to go into much detail here there is a pretty good recount on poker, but I'll give some highlites. I know I made Daniel lay down at least 2 times when I had just two over cards, then I get 77. Daniel makes the max raise and I go over the top he calls, Flop comes with a A now I can't remember excatly if he checked or bet out, really, but I never put him on the ace, I got lucky and the board hit the 4 flush and I had the bigger spade Daniel showed A6o with a 6s and I had the 7s making the flush and I bust him. I'll say it again, I got very lucky. I then make a great laydown when I raised max with KQo the Dr. goes over the top and I throw it away so fast he shows QQ phew !!! I bust the Dr. later and we are at 4 now and I got 100KTC Holy crap!! I got a shot at this !!! When people bitch about RNG's they won't believe what happened when we got down to 4. I swear to you, AA came out at least 6 times and AK at least 2 times and KK two times, all in like 30 mins it was crazy !!! You can hear Nolan Dalla talking over the internet and he was amazed, just like we all were. That's when Mike Carson went from chip leader and Mickey Appleman went from short stack to chip leader. The rest is on I totally misread Mickey with my A9 I was getting him to lay down almost every time I went over the top so I shoudda known that he had me when he reraised me but hey.... I am not a pro, nor have I ever claimed to be. We did make a deal when we got heads up. We were playing for 40K and the title.

    May 5 rest day. Tommorrow is the 1.5k NLHE and I am free rolling the rest of the way, and I am already in the main event with 2 more tourneys to play the 3k PLHE May 13 and the 3k NLHE May 15

    I haven't met any players yet from PSO. You can't miss me really, I'm the one with the tattooed forearms and the piercings...LOL. Just stop me and say Hi. Keep thinking Aces and Kings !!!!!!


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    Great Report Shaggy Congrats and GL in the other T's!!!!

    Tony D


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      I watched you play a lot of the final table. I had no idea you were a member of PSO. You played great. Congratulations on your finish.

      I sat in the stands some of the time right behind your mother and alongside your friends. Your mom was a nervous wreck. But she ended up happy.

      I was there playing in the senior's event and finished down at 131 when my pocket KK was out-flopped by pocket QQ. Ces't la vie.
      I will post trip report later.

      Great job Brian.

      Alden Chase (tyro)



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