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CHAPS Take over the Blue Chip

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  • CHAPS Take over the Blue Chip

    Since I am, if nothing else a modest man, I will wait until the second sentence of this report to tell you who won the Sunday NLHE tourney at the Blue Chip Casino yesterday.

    IT WAS ME! 8O

    A colossal bunch of CHAPS descended on the Blue Chip, oh, and did I mention that I won?

    Lets put the whole thing into perspective, and try to go a paragraph or two without mentioning the winner of the tourney (which would be me, if anyone has forgotten)

    The Jmuzzey, muzzeyJ, Hardtimez, 2hot4you, TonyD, TaylorJP, Debonair, Shewolf, tosob, Sandinojones and myself showed up to represent Pokerschool, with two honorary CHAPs in tow, (Bob, a friend of the muzzeys, and Ron, a friend of Debonair) I hope I got everyone, because there was a metric butt-ton of us. 96 starters. 13 CHAPs. How did we fare you ask?

    Of the final 30 in the tourney, 9 CHAPs. Of the final 20? 7 CHAPs. Final Table (in the money)? 4 CHAPs. Oh, and the winner? A CHAP.

    Pre-tourny was our usual madhouse of greetings, meeting the new folks and a little poker. I scouted the room a little and noticed that at the 2-10 stud/8 game there were 5 players seated and at least 4 of them in every pot until the river. That certainly looked interesting and I sat down. I played tight (as if anyone would believe that) and after 1.5 hours cashed out one dollar to the good. At a 66 cent per hour win rate, I doubt I will be quitting my job to play in juicy 7 card stud games very soon.

    I did quit 1/2 hour before the start of the tourney to catch up with the CHAPs and get in some gossip (The rumour that I squeezed SheWolf's left breast is true, but the photo evidence was inconclusive and I managed to escape arrest or any lawsuit).

    An interesting side note. Jay and I have been swapping 20% of our tourney action since well before Tunica, and he approached me before this tourney and said he wanted to lower the swap to 10%. He knew I had been making a similar swap with Debonair lately, and he felt that I had dealt too much of myself. I understand his point but I feel that 20% of 2 other horses is far better than 100% of the worn out nag that is me. But, I looked him straight in the eye and told him I was going to win the tourney. And this is a little unusual for me as I usually start making excuses well before the tourney starts (and have been counseled on this by both muzzeys). He insisted on lowering our swap and I reluctantly agreed. That was Jay's first bad beat of the day.

    The tourney proper. I avoided the table with 4 CHAPs and started at a table with tosob and myself as the CHAP reps. Third hand. Blinds still 25 and 25 and a middle position player opens all-in. The player to my left (a dead ringer for Trey Anistasio of Phish, by the way) called with 88???? and rebought after the neither his 8's or the other guys Aces improved. The theme of ridiculous calls (and even some suckouts) will be repeated throughout this report. This early rebuy didnt hurt the guy however as 6 hands later he had about 10K in chips and would be the chip leader at our table for 2 hours. I made note of the large stacked, calling station, suckout master to my immediate left and geared down to play tight aggressive poker. It seemed to work as I slowly accumulated chips, doubling in the first hour, again in the second, and not quite in the third. It took about three hours for tosob to bust out, the poor guy literally only played about 5 hands during that time and was beaten badly by one of the calling stations at our table (there were about 4).

    During the breaks, I kept hearing how many CHAPs were still in and was enjoying the fact that none were coming to my little table of fish. This enjoyment was soon to end, when first Jen Muzzey was moved in with a nice stack of chips, and then Jay and Bob came in to sandwich me, with about 40 people left. Right about here is where I made my only real mistake of the tourney. With Blinds at 1 and 2k, and my stack at about 40k, I opened for 8k in second position with AK sooted. The small blind called and checked the QQ9 flop. I bet enough to put him all in (about 10k) and his chips beat mine into the pot. His 99 had flopped a full, and I bet it for him. I actually developed outs when a third queen turned, but no ace or king on the river, and for the first time in the entire tourney I had a below average stack. Next hand, I am UTG and look down to see TT. I put all my chips in and Jay (the BB) doubles me up when his AJ sooted (NewJane!) does not improve.

    Some more solid poker was played and, with something less than 30 people left and blinds at 2 and 4k, Jay took the bad beat award for the day. From late position, with a player all in (for less than the blind) and a mid position call (from one of my calling station fisheys) Jay saw JJ and made it 20K to go. Fishy only had 23k in chips but called. Flop came Ace high and fish-boy bet out his last 3k. Jay had pots odds to call, and did, but the ATo that the guy had called for his whole stack with held up and Jay was crippled. That sucked really hard.

    We went to 2 tables, I had a short stack but doubled it up to a medium stack and went into ladder climb mode. I played few hands and mucked 33 and 66 preflop in unraised pots (something that I probably never do in a school tourney) but hey, cash is cash.

    Let me now move forward to the final table which started with 9 players as right after the bubble boy (non-CHAP) busted at the other table, Bob (the friend of Muzzey) busted and got 10th place money.
    (A side note here. With 11 players left, there was no attempt to go hand for hand between the 2 tables, between which there were 4 very short stacks. No one played to take advantage of this, to everyones credit, but this was an error on the part of the tourney director. Another error will be discussed later)

    9 Players at the final table. CHAPS included 2hot (short stacked), TaylorJP (with 2 whole chips) and me, in 3rd chip position. A couple of people bust and Taylor and 2 hot finish 7th and 6th respectively. On the same hand. And it was a REAL bad beat for Sonia who, UTG with Taylor all-in for less than the BB couldnt raise more than a chip with A4 sooted. this let the small blind (2nd chip position and a calling station anyway) call with 25o. Sonia flopped a pair, turned a second pair but a 3 on the river made a straight and both other CHAPs were out.

    I took a little beat, and when the only player left who I respected busted out 4th, I had 3 chips (blinds were 1 and 2) and was on the button. I suggested a deal to the other two players (Jay's luckbox calling station from earlier with about 60 chips, and a tight passive (I never saw him raise in an hour at the same table guy with about 40 chips) They, of course, laughed and the deck decided to hit me over the head. I tripled up with AQ sooted. Tripled up again the next hand with QT sooted (hey if its good enough to beat Helmuth, it was good enough to beat these two guys) and suddenly I was equal in chips with one guy and the other was about 1.5 times ours.

    Now I seriously was ready to talk deal, but the tourney director stepped in with an idiotic ruling. He said we could make whatever deal we wanted, but the 10-99's would be filled out with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place amounts as announced and would not be changed based on how we actually split the money. Leaving aside the idiocy of a 10-99 for what is (for first place mind you) 25-1 on your entry fee (can you imagine them 10-99'ing every winning number on a roulette table?) I do not understand the policy at all. But, to heck with it, we played on.

    As I modestly said earlier, I did not have much respect for either of these guys. To be brutally honest, neither of them could play a lick. So, as Debonair pointed out to me later, I shouldnt have been talking deal anyway, as with essentially equal stacks I was probably the 3 or 4-1 favorite to win.

    I resolved to myself to (unless I got desperately low after taking a beat) to never put a single chip into the pot voluntarilly unless I was the big favorite. This soon paid off as (after the big stack beat the other guy for most of his chips) I was in the small blind with A9o. Short stack (the button) limped and I only called. The miracle flop of 99A hit and I checked. They checked. I knew (based on the way he had been playing that if I checked the turn he would bet out and call my all-in reraise) but the turn was another Ace, which, I thought, blew my plan out of the water. I checked, he did bet out (which to my actual poker playing mind meant he had the case ace) but I raised all in and he called. I turned my hand over and said, anything but the ace there and I win the whole pot, I let you catch up. But NO! He had called with K2 and when the case Ace came on the river, I had 4 aces over 3 nines (is that a really full house?) and the chip lead.

    A few hands later 3rd place guy busted and I am head to head with Jay's calling station buddy (who had called my raise of a 2 pair board with K high). He has a small chip lead, and increases it slowly because of my strategy of folding unless I KNEW I was ahead. I refuse to lose my chips to a coin toss when the guy will put the same number of chips in as a big underdog. And that hand came soon enough. He had about a 1.5-1 chip lead and I was the small blind (on the button) with TT. I raised he called. Flop came K T 5 and he bet out (since I had been folding to scare cards whether he had them or not) but he of course called my reraise and on the turn, I got all of my chips in. He called (didnt even have the King if I remember correctly) and I had the huge lead. And yes, a few hands later, won the tourney.

    The feeling of a final table is mighty good. The feeling of a final table when you have a crowd of friends cheering you on is incredible. Thanks to everyone who was there and was doing just that.

    Sorry for having blathered so long.

    I DID wear my Pokerschool Online shirt, and did have several people ask about it during the tourney. I sure hope they realize that Pokerschoolers in general are pretty darn good poker players and not smart-mouthed luck-boxes like the guy in the shirt.......


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    As ususal Bill, a great trip report.

    However I thought we had a deal that I would do the honor to spare you the chore of self-aggrandizement.

    Just a personal note to all poker schoolers. I have watched a group of PSO'ers literally TAKE OVER a B&M NL Tourney everytime we have gone to one. It is fun to watch and a tribute to the great learning environement mark has created.

    As for Bill's play yesterday. He was so zoned it was a treat to watch. He owned the final table as soon as he got some chips. It was an incredible performance.

    So where is my 20% you talked about piker? Just kidding.



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      Fantastic post. Read every word. Congratulations. Go PSO!


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        First, great trip report wildbill. Thanks for making feel at ease in my first real tournament, it was great to have you at my table. You made me feel comfortable and get over a bad case of the nerves. I was shaking through the first round and probably didn't remember a card from the first 20 min at all.

        I was card cold all night. I played about 3 hands when utg i see my first two sooted connectors, kj. I'm still nervous and grab some chips, Not sure what they were, and said raise. I think i threw a 1000 in. 3-4 people fold and a guy says you haven't played a hand in an hour. fold all the way to bill. bill lookes at his cards, I knew he was going to call, and says, utg 1000, not me. last guy folds. best hand I've had all day and just the blinds. Now sith the blinds at 400-800, Ive got 2600 i see 99. best hand of the day. guy to my right, the big stack, raises 3000. He has been going in with anything making big raises and pushing the table around, except for bill, I call the raise, and the pot is raised again from the other side of the table. I know i'm toast. First guy has KK and the secound has Ak. no help for anyone and i'm gone. I didn't play many hands but came away with knowing that I could play here. The final tabe was pos'er. You loose to these guys all the time. no need to be nervous.

        To all the chaps, Thanks for making me feel welcome, I enjoyed myself. Looking foward to the next time. All of you helped me in this first tournament, thanks again

        2nd is just the first looser

        Wildbill, congrats on the win, sorry i had to leave.


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          first off, i had a great time!!!!!!!!! and a huge congratulations to wildbill!!!! this tourny set a new payout record for blue chip casino, with a full field including an alternate list.

          i happily draw a table with no chaps members, but i did get to play with ron, debonairs buddy. the tourny ids a 50 dollar buy in for 1k in chips, and you can pay another 40 for another 2k in chips at any time during the first 3 levels or one hour of play. i decided tosit with my 1k, and save my rebuy/addon, just to see what i could do with my original stack. i fold the first 18 hands, then catch AQ suited, and raise it up to200, blinds were 25/25, i got one caller, flop came 9 high, rainbow, i bet 350, and he folded. i was off to a good start. i proceed to fold my next 20 hands or so, and finally catch 10/10 in the big blind. blinds were now 50/100, level 3, there were 3 limpers, and late position player raises it to 300, the button calls, as well as the small blind. i wanted the pot right now, and raise all in, get called by original raiser, everyone else folds. he has 99, flop comes 889, and i cant catch anything to help me and i am forced to use my rebuy.

          there was one player at my table, who wetn to the first break with over 20k in chips, as he had busted out many players, playing every hand and getting run over by the deck. his 10/3 offsuit, called an all in, who had QQ, spiked a full house when the board came 10/2/3/3/7, and he had done this to over 12 people playing trash. he refused to fold and i knew i couldnt even attempt to out play him, because he didnt have a clue to what he was doing.

          right after the break i had posted the big blind of 400, and was dealt 7/8 offsuit. 4 people limp and i check and see a flop of 4/7/8 rainbow. the small blind bets out 500, i raise all in for my last 1400, and get called 3 ways. i take down a nice pot and quadruple my stack.

          , we play a few more hands and i get moved to a new table. taylor jp is at this table and i notice he is low on chips also, sitting with abou 3600. i post my big blind, which is now 800, blinds were 400/800, and taylor jp, makes a raise to 1600 from two utg, everyone folds around to me, i look down and see QQ, and reraise all in, taylor doesnt think long and mucks his hand leaving himself with 1600 in chips. i show the QQ to try to establish some kind of image at this new table. two hands later, on the button, i get AA!!!!! before the action gets to me, a player goes all in, and gets called by a larger stack, i reraise all in, trying to isolate, but i get called here too. i triple my stack with my AA holding up and now have roughly 18k. i play only one more hand before hte second break, and make a pure steal move, holding A/9, with a flop of KQ7, and the pot gets folded to me.

          i go to the second break with 18,000 even in chips!!!!!!! it is amazing how in one hour, playing only four hands, i went from 1800 to 18,000. i now have the utmost confidence that i can tkae down this whole tourny. after the break, i fold one orbit and then catch 66 on the button. their is a minimum raise to me, with one caller, i call, the flop comes 3/6/7, i get two players all in, holding AK and JQ, and i now have a 30k stack. one orbit later i get 66 again, and there is another raise made, i call, along with 2 others. we see the flop 4 handed, and it comes 3/6/10, i flopped another set!!! there is an all in bet for 5k, a caller who has 9500 left, i reraise all in, the 4th players calls all in for his last 1000, and the other guy throws in his last 4500. the shortest stack who started the hand with 3k, has a set of tens, so he gets the main, the two others had face cards, no pair, and i make a couple thousand off hte hand.

          i proceed to fold for a bit, when our table breaks and i get moved to new table holding 31k in chips. this tbale has muzzeyj(my wife) 2 seats to my right, wildbill on my left, bob(my buddy) on bills left and the original maniac horrific player from my first table. the guy between me ad jen busts, and 2hott4u moves into that seat! ARG! too many decent players here, but i feel very confident tha i can torture every one of them! :twisted: :twisted: i am in late postion, blinds are 1k/2k when utg goes all in for 3k, the maniac calls the 3k( he always calls), and i see i have JJ...... i think for a minute about what to do, i want to get the maniac to fold. i figure i can only gethim to fold by making him commit his whole stack, especially since there are only 18 players left, so we are close to the money. without hesitation, he calls me, and the flop was x/x/A..... he bet out his last 3k, i had to call, praying that i could spike a J on the turn or river. he rolls over A/10 offsuit, and i almost throw up!!!!! it is by far one of the owrst calls i have eve seen made at taht stage of a tournament. i now have 11k left with blinds going to 2k/4k next hand. i am screwed!!!!!!! i bust out in about 17th place and that maniac is the one that took second place, which disgusted me even more.

          i had a great time bull shitting with everyone after the tournament, and having a few drinks. just a few more things to say, as i know this is very long already. taylorJP has to be the best survior i have ever seen. he made the final table never amassing any chips, just playing solid poker with a short stack. 2hott4u played in her second live oturny ever, and took 7th place, playing excellent poker, and oputting the beats on players when she had the chips to do so, she played a big stack very well and aggressive. she wolf busted on the bubble, playing an excellent game, being card dead for most of the tourny. my buddy bob took 10th, cashing, playing a solid game of poker, surviving just long enough to cash. i took my bad beat as usual, and jen just went card dead when the blinds really got up ter, both of us finishing in the teens. last but not least, i cant say enough about how bill played, he knew he was the best player at the table, and he made no mistakes, played solid confident poker and took down the first place prize money. it was a pleasure to meet everyone new and to see the usual old faces again. it was one of the best times i have had despite not cashing!!!!!! i look forward to meeting up with you all again, and hopefully more will come out to play!!!!!! see you on the green braize


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            Thank You all for the great trip reports and congrats to bill and all the players. Well done.


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              Hey all u CHAPS just wanted to tell ya what a great time I had and it is great to now be able to put a face with some of the names.

              First I want to say again CONGRATS AND HATS OFF to Bill!!!!!!!!!!
              Also thanks to Jay for the compliments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Alright please bare with me here as I have never posted before but I just wanted to add alittle of what went down at my table. I get the honors of our friend Bob to my right, HarddTimezz(my hubby) to my left, right next to him is shewolf and across from me is sandinojones. My first thought is that this table is by far the hardest in the room. Well, I was wrong everyone but the CHAPS were calling stations. I first notice that they were all playing Ax and playing it like it was a MONSTER. Then I pick up that there is one guy that if everyone checks he bets but never bets big. A few hands later I am the BB and get 2 limpers, Im holding A4o, flop comes 10/2/7 rainbow and the small blind checks I check then this same guy bets and only bets 50 sb folds so I raise and make it 200 to go and he imediately folds so my read on him seemed to be good. I was told by a few people that I did make a wrong move I look down and see AA blinds are 25/50 and I make it 300 to go get 1 caller flop come 10/8/3 and I'm first to act so I push all-in because the read I got off this guy was that he will call anything and play anything and I didn't want him to catch anything. At the first break i have 3100 and take the addon and I now have 5100. Now for the bad beat I put on my hubby there are roughly 25 people left to go and it is the last hand before the break and I have roughly 25k, HarddTimezz goes all-in with AJ for 2k and I look I have KJs so I figured I would call (it wasn't gonna kill my stack) I flop a K and knock him out. (Sorry honey After the break I get moved to a different table and go card dead. I have about 20k and blinds are going to 400/800 I knew I could only play 2 more sets of blinds and there were smaller stacks than me out there so I tighten up big time and right before my last BB hits me shewolf goes out on the bubble and right after Bob busts in 10th. I made it to the final table WHOOHOO! I get good position and I get seated in the 8th seat so I get a few hands before the blinds hit (5000/10k) I look over and see TayorJP with only one chip and blinds have to hit him first so as long as he doesn't hit on his BB then I make a ladder move. Well on his BB he is all in with one chip I look and see A4c thought about folding for a minute and then said to myself if I fold this and I'm BB next and I get crap cards then I'm out anyways so gotta take the chance here. SB calls here and we all flip them over SB has 52o, flop brings me an A and I'm feeling so good then the turn brings me a 4 and now I feel like I'm on top of the world but then the river puts all my hopes and dreams down the drain and brings a 3 to give the SB a straight!!!!!! : I was so happy just to make it as far as I did out of 96 players I came in 7th and I am so excited that puts me and HarddTimezz at 100% for our touney $ finishes at the Blue Chip with this finish and his 8th place last time I gotta be proud of that!!!!!!! Thanks all and great to meet all of you and I had so much fun and hope to do it again soon, next time though I want to see all 10 seats at the final table taken by CHAPS :lol: I KNOW IT CAN HAPPEN!

              I know this has been long but just wanted to give a word of advice to tosob, I totally know where u are coming from with the nerves and cold cards. About a month ago a few of us played at the Blue Chip and it was the first time I played ever in a live tourney I was so nervous. (never even played a ring game in a live casino before this) I was so nervous because here on pso I tend to not do well in tourneys. I was card dead the whole time and I look down and see AQ and think to myself best cards I have seen the whole way so I'm playin this all the way. That was where I went wrong I lost my patience but I wont get into that. After how I was so stupid last time when sunday rolled around I told Jay I was not sure if I wanted to try it again, (thought the last one was a wake up call that I don't belong there putting in real $) then Jay kept telling me not to give up that I now have my first tourney and nervousness out of the way. I listened to him and I am so glad I did cuz I ended up with a 7th place and $406 richer Before I sat down at the table with 3 other CHAPS and our friend Bob I told myself the best players at our table are the CHAPS and I was more comfortable and relaxed this time so I sat back and watched people and took in more things. The last time I played I was so nervous and upset I wasnt getting cards that I lost my focus. So my advice is to keep trying and what Jay told me is true that your first tourney and jitters are gone now it is time to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:


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                The Blue Chip according to TaylorJP:

                Tournament preparation began as soon as I woke up Sunday morning. I had thoughts and advice running through my head: prepare for a tournament with your spirit and mind; visualize yourself at the final table and think about strategies and how you plan to play the tournament; plan your play and play your plan, etc.
                My spiritual preparation began when my wife and I hopped on our bicycles and rode to the Lincoln Park Zoo; feeling the warm sunshine embrace our skin like an old friend that we haven't seen in about eight months. It was glorious being able to stroll around outside again, watching the lakefront spring to life as people shook off their winter hangovers. After spending a couple of hours with the polar bears and seals, we rode over to Wells street and picked up a couple of sandwiches and smoothies; we then proceeded down the block to a park and had a picnic and a nap. Finally it was time to go home. I showered and kissed Michelle goodbye. She wished me good luck and off I went. On the ride over to the casino, I felt totally at peace and began to concentrate on the tournament. I decided that if I was low on chips and I would have to go all-in, I would go all in on MY terms. I would be the aggressor. I tried to visualize myself at the final table.

                I bought in for the full $90, which gave me 3000 starting chips. Only one other player at my table rebought from the beginning. I played two hands through the first three rounds; the first hand of the night, and the last hand before the break. Both were small pots, and I ended the first hour where I began: 3000 TC. I was taken aback by what I felt was EXCEPTIONALLY poor play by MOST of the players at my table. People with healthy stacks chasing flush and straight draws all-in, AND CATCHING THEM. It was amusing to watch from the sidelines. Going into the break I am aware of the rising blinds, and know that I have to start making some moves to increase my stack. But I am card dead. Next thing I know I look over and see JMuzzey two seats to my right. A little while later, on Jay's big blind, I am holding 8C9C. I think for a minute, and decide that this is my moment. I raise it up to 1600 (what kind of moron raises JMuzzey on his BB?). I am mostly hoping to steal the blinds here, but I don't mind a call with my suited connectors. My table image is VERY TIGHT, as I have played about 5 hands all night, so I think my 2nd UTG raise should command respect. All fold to Jay, who comes over the top putting me all in. This is disasterous. I want to see a flop so badly, but I can't call all-in. After all, I had decided that if I was going all in, it would be on my terms, and these were definitely jay's terms. I muck, and I now have a crippled stack at 1600. As the SB a couple of hands later, I have pocket 9s. All fold to a large stack in late position, and he calls. I move all in with my remaing chips (not that many), and he calls. My 9s hold up to his Ax, and we witness the birth of the Cardiac Kid. I make it to the break with 5200 chips, and learn that we are down to 30 players. Again I feel the pressure of having to build up my stack in order to survive. My all in adventure continues on several hands where a find myself the underdog, but draw out. 8D9D, called by Ax, and I draw a straight. AK in the SB, blinds at 2000/4000 now, all fold to the button who calls. I move all-in, BB folds, button calls with 88. K on the flop and my kings hold up. Now my stack is up over 20,000, but still mediocre with 4000/8000 blinds approaching. A couple of hands later, I make my only major mistake of the tournament. With the blinds so large, many pots are going uncontested to the BB. I have KT suited in middle position, and decide to make a move. I go all in, and I am called by a smaller stack who has TT. His tens hold up, and once again I have a crippled stack. My mistake was raising all-in. A 4000 raise was sufficient to steal the blinds, with a halfway decent hand if I am called, yet still allowing me to get away from the hand if someone comes over the top of me, with a less-critical chip situation. A couple of orbits later I have 2 chips remaining, and we are down to 12 players. I am devastated, because I know that I am busting out on the bubble. But the clouds part, the sun shines through, and angels are singing as one, then another, then another, then even one more person goes all in (some with healthy stacks), and bust out. I am raised up by the hands of fate and I finally bust out on my big blind (sadly these same hands raise up my new friend 2hot, seated at my left, but drop her as she suffers her bad beat) in 8th place. Oh happy day! This is my first money finish and my 2nd ever B&M tourney, and I am just ecstatic. Thanks to Mark and Tina and to all the players here at PSO who have helped me improve my game since I joined in December.

                Lastly, playing in the tournament wasn't very much fun. Being short stacked most of the way kept me on edge during the entire tournament. It's not that I didn't like it, but it was greuling work that took it's toll on me. But after I busted out, I was able to relish my accomplishment, enjoy a couple beers and raise some hell cheering on Wild Bill with all the other CHAPS. This was the highlight of my night. We kicked the Blue Chip's ASS!!! And what a delight to share it with a bunch of great folks. I made a lot of new friends, and made a lot of old ones, too.


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                  Congrats to Bill on his win and another great showing by the CHAPS!!
                  I will not Boar U with a report, the Dead (card ) can't speak. :wink:

                  Tony D

                  p.s. Thxs Bill for not reporting who went out 1rst.


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                    Great reports all! Real pleasure to read!


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                      Nice work gang!! Let's do it again in January!! 8)



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                          HI all,

                          First of all I would like to say that it was a joy to meet everyone that came out. I was a bit nervous playing in my first B&M tourney but my fellow PSOer definately helped ease my tension. The outgoing friendlyness I experienced from everyone was a comfort indeed. I was happy to see that at the start of the tourney there were 3 PSOers and two friends of PSOers at my table.

                          Even though I had finished 11th I had a terrible time getting playable cards. The most chips I ever had was 11k. I think I did quite well concidering what the Poker Gods were dealing me all night.

                          There is one hand I would like to talk about however. Blinds were 400/200. I was 2800 in chips UTG holding JJ. I figured I should make the customary raise of 3x the blinds that says "Big Pair." So I made it 1200 to go. Nearly half my stack. A fellow to my immediate left had only 300 left and called. Everyone folded to the button who raised all in making it 2400 to go. 2Hot4U was the SB and HardTymes was the BB and they folded. I have been playing very tight so far. So everyone at the table knew I had something. That was a good bet because I had to think. I did have the bet covered with 600 to spare but the 400 BB was right at my back door. This Gentleman on the button had just got moved to our table a couple hands before and not only did I not know his play yet but he does not know mine either. He was a nicely dressed man in his 50's. Because of the way he presented himself and because he wasn't at our table long enough to figure out my playing style I figured that he had to have AA or KK. After a couple mins I decided to muck and look for a better shot than take my stand here. This made the hand two handed and the dealer told the two players to "Flip em." I was right. The man on the button had AA. But when the flop came out it came with two Jacks. I would of hit quads. I just about knocked HardTymes of his seat when the flop came out. Then he reassured me and said "Preflop, it was a good fold." He was right. I put the button on AA and he had AA. The odds were against me and even though a mucked a hand that turned out to be a monster it didn't falter my playing style or put me on tilt one bit. I told the winner that his raise knocked me off JJ and his eyes got very wide when he said, "Looks like I made a good bet then."




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