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rockford tourny, long!!!

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  • rockford tourny, long!!!

    well, i went to the rockford charitable games tournaments again for the second time. this time i didnt chop first and second, but i won it!!!!!!!! once again, i dont remember all the details, but i do remember a few. we started out with 40 players, 5k starting stack and blinds at 25/50. in the first 20 minutes, i played fairly tight, looking to get a decent read ont he other players at my table. i made 2 big mistakes( calls), and it cost me half my stack. on both hands, i had hit middle pair and made a move at the pot, and was reraised all in on the first hand, the second i checked with AQ with a board of 9Qk, and when the guy bet out, i called an 1200 dollar bet and lost to his pair of kings. i figured i was beat, but i had wanted to see what he was playing, as he was one of the poeple that i knew i needed to be a ble to read. i was left with 2500 in chips, and instead of panicking or going on tilt, i managed to keep myself calm and focused. i fought my way back to about 5000 in chips, and blew off another 1600 in one pot on a bluff, when i folded to a reraise.

    after that i told my self to just sit and wait, i knew i had to give my self a chance to get lucky and go on a rush. with a stack around 3200, i got a pair of aces and doubled through with them. the next hand i was dealt 77, called a preflop raise of 3x the BB. flop came 887, i checked, the guy bet 1200, i made it 2400 to try to induce a all in bet from him, but he saw through it and folded. the next hand i got QQ, and reraised preflop. everyone folded and i shwed it down just to let them know that i wasnt just throwing my chips around. when i finally look down at my stack, i see that i have around 26,000 in chips, which puts me in great position. the tables start to break down and we go to 3 tables.

    i was moved to a new table, and sat down as the table chip leader. i decided that i had enough chips to sit and wait. there was no reason to be a bully yet. there was still plenty of tournament left to play. out of the next 30 hands, i stole on set of blinds with A/10 suited and caught QQ on the button. i made a reraise and took down 4 bets with them. those were the only two hands i played, but i managed to keep my stack fairly even with them.

    up until we hit the final table, there was just a lot of jockeying for position, trying to keep my stack above average. i went on a cold run of cards and dwindled a little, but just held on and told myself that i would rather blkind out than donate to anyone. next thing i know, we are being moved to the final table, which is played 11 handed to start.

    in seat 1 was your average calling station preflop, but would release or go all in on whether he hit any piece of the flop or nothing at all. seat 2 was a girl that was completely drunk, and very proud of her game. seat three was a quiet lady, who seemed to play decent. seat 4 was an older gentleman who didnt say or do anything, and played very passive. seat 5 was this young punk who just got lucky(ME), seat 6 was another older man, who played very aggressive and i was told he took 4th in a wsop event this year. seat7 was another man who was shortstacked and just looking to get his chips in the middle on any decent cards. seat8 and 9 were two people that i didnt even really worry about, as they played very passively. seat 10 had a lot of chips, and every hand he played, he tried to trap, so i knew to stay out of his way. seat 11 was a guy i have seen before who liked to push chips, but his problem was he didnt know when to stop.

    the play started out very tight, with a raise and all folding. the drunk girl, whom i personally saw consume over 12 glasses of wine, went on a rush and started knowcking people out. i wasnt worried, because she was throwing her chips around recklessly. she was being very loud and obnoxious, making everyone else angry. i was getting low on chips, with the average stack around 45k, i had about 25k. blinds were at the 2k/4k level. as i said, people were getting mad and letting it be known, so i figured i would try to use their anger to my advantage. i did not get caught up in all the fuss, and figured it would take them out of their game. and it did, people just started going all in just to get away from the table it seemed. i sat patiently and waited, with my stack dwindling. the blinds moved to 4k/8k, and that is where they stayed fromt here on out. i posted both blinds and mucked both hands to raises and was down to 10k. on the button, i was dealt K3 offsuit, and figured this might be the hand to go all in with, UTG folded, next folded, and as i was contemplating, the small blind was reaching for his chips to raise, so i decided to wait. and good thing, as the next hand i got AQ offsuit. i push all in and get 3 callers.......scary.... i hit a queen on a flop of 36Q rainbow. small blind bets all in for 38k, and both other players fold. he turns over his 10/Q, i show my AQ and it holds up. i quadruple my stack and wait it outtill we are down to three. this tourny only pays three places. all i remember is getting heads up with the old man who placed in the wsop this year. i had 67k in chips, and he had 125k in chips. first place is 3400, second place is 970. I ask if he wants to deal, and he says sure. he tells me that he has me outchipped 2-1, so he will take 3000, and give me the rest. well, ............. i told him i would much rather play than accept that we played.

    we went back and forth stealing eachothers blinds, then i decide to limp in on the SB, and he raises me all in. i had an excellent read on him throughout the final table, as i had been studying his play closely all night long. i knew my ace was good, and figured him for suited connectors, with at least one of them being a face card. i h ad to make a decision whether or not to risk all my chips, and all i could think about was mark saying, make sure you get your chips in with the best of it, so i called. i flip over my cards and he rolls over K9 suited. my read was correct, but still very scary. the board came all rage with a 3 on the turn, and i won the hand. now i had him outchipped and he was furious. he called the dealer stupid, and threw some chips and what not. but the game went on and the next hand, he raised to 16k from the small blind. i looked at my hand, saw A/10 suited and pushed all in, he called with J/9 offsuit and the board helped no one and i won the tournament. i was ecstatic!!!!!! i stood up and told him great game and went to shake his hand, as he shoved my hand out of the way and stormed off to get his money and leave. i thought he was a very poor sport, but i was still very very happy. so i took home the 3400 prize money and i will be back soon.

    i also got to meet some new pso people from chaps and got to see sailor moe again as well. the ony thing that could have gone better, would have been to see the 4 pso'ers that were in the tourny, at the final table. but i will let them tell you about their bad beats and such, and i know tony d has a good one to tell, it was a classic matchup. also, i want to say thank you to PSO and to everyone else here, it is because of this place that i have been able to learn so much so fast, and it truly does help to put you in the position to win.

    jmuzzey LSOGC

  • #2
    WTG !!!! You are INDEED DA MAN !!! So proud of ya and for ya!!
    Nice payday!! I know PSO has helped your game along, but guys, don't let him fool ya.....Jay was a very good player when he got here. I saw him in action, and we met at the table in one satelite, and he knows his stuff. The one thing I wish I could steal from him..besides his chips, is his people reading skill. Doesn't take the kid long to get an excellent read on most anyone.



    • #3
      Well done Jay, excellent. Without doubt, one of the very best players here.


      • #4

        Wow!!! what a move in the sb with A3!! Jay you r the most Composed player I have ever met. If you remember I was very happy when they made u move from my table after you had AA 77 and QQ all in a row...thoose cards and you're skills Yowzzaa. at my first table I had 1 very good hand, 66 late pos. I limped along with 4 players...flop was J63 rainbow early pos. checks so do I and the button ( yes I didn't bet it I knew I had a great trap hand because I have played these players b4 and they will bet any high pair or Bluff Frequently) next card was a 8 Check to me I 3x bet...Button raise all in 3k all fold to me I call rivs a J ..he had J rag
        and I take down a nice pot with a boat. We soon move down to 3 tables had 9k...early on in the sb I get AA...1 limp? till late player raise to 1200 I raise all in limp folds late players calls 2k with KK
        YahOOOO I'm going to have a big Stack to Manipulate the other players with!!!... but no... he catches a K on the Flop :evil: and there goes my delusions of granduer : So I have about 6k but still in the game, break time, Sailor, muzz and I talk about our sob stories, their short stacked and I got mugged. Well after break Muzz gets a Rush and they Immediately Take him from our table. Yes I was saddened to see him go. Had 7k in middle pos with AQo I raise 3x and bb 3k calls...flop comes Q rag rag 2 checks I raise all-in he calls bb has J9 clubs...and of course he catches a club. I make 2k with AK and some blind steals so I have 6.5k. next I get AJ early pos. hmm... I just limp..2 callers flop comes J rag rag 2 hearts I raise 3x and short stack goes all in 2k... I call he has Q rag hearts... and yes a heart comes on the turn and I'm Short stacked : I play 2 rounds steal the blinds once with QT, I'm on the button with 2k, blinds are 500 and 1k I had 97s I figged I had to double up, all fold to me so I went all in... sb calls with KK and I walk out about 16th, I hate KK :evil:
        O by the way Jason you forgot to mention 1 thing....umm I mean 2 things about Judy, the Drunk girl at the final table...but i think I will leave that 1 for Sailormoe 8O 8O

        Great game muzz

        Tony D


        • #5
          With 13 players left & about $4000 in chips I called the bb with Q/9 hearts for heads up. Flop comes 6 7 8 with two goes all in. I have a st8 & flush draw & felt its time to take a stand. Turn comes Q with a 9 on river, but was no help as bb had 4 5 for the low end st8.

          Spent rest of the evening watching the expert, Jmuzzey play the game. "That boy is good"

          Not sure what the story was on Judy "the drunk girl" but think she ruined the game for some.

          Was great meeting you Tony D, Windlord, & mgportes. Always nice to meet fellow PSO players. I had other players asking....who are you guys? :lol: Guess with Jmuzzey's & other PSO players help, the poker world will take a new look at us. :wink:

          Great win Jmuzzey!! CONGRATS

          Sailor Moe
          2 Time Bracelet Winner


          • #6

            Congrats Jay, as someone who has great admiration for your on-line game, it's good to see you win B&M.

            But hey, I thought we were going to hear from Moe about something with "the drunk girl"? Or does Moe's wife read the forum?


            • #7
              wife read forum & wants to know story also. Wished I had one...guess I lost my chips to fast

              Sailor Moe
              2 Time Bracelet Winner


              • #8
                She had Very Very Large....Feet.


                Tony D

                Founding member of Hooterholics anonymous

                p.s. I was kicked out after the second meeting for bringing in a copy of Jugs magazine



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