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Last Sunday - Mirage 120 NLHE

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  • Last Sunday - Mirage 120 NLHE

    Here it is as best as I can remember.

    Sunday Night at the Mirage:

    Disclaimer: I suck at remembering specifics for stuff like this so please give me a little lee-way for the specifics and try not to analyze the math too much.

    NLHE tournament.
    $120 buy in = $500 Chips
    Unlimited rebuys for $100 when under $500 chips gets additional 500.
    Add on at end of first hour regardless of chip count gets $1000 chips.

    Increases in 30 minute rounds with a break every hour.
    1) 10/15 6) 250/500
    2) 25/50 7) 500/1000
    3) 50/100 9) 1000/2000
    4) 100/200 10) Not sure from this point on. 1500/3000 I think
    5) 150/300

    5:00 PM – Shuffle up and deal

    Ok, so here I sit with 9 other people in my first ever live NLHE tournament. There are 50 of us in all which is just enough to move the payouts up to top 9 places. (1-49 entries pays 5, 50-100 pays 9). I tell myself to be calm, feel out the table and get an idea of what I’m doing. It’s a lot different live because you have to learn to gauge how much your opponents have in front of them, keep an eye on time, etc. Not to mention trying to maintain control of myself. I play a lot of limit poker live but, lucky me, my draw sat me at a table with 4 others that knew the dealer by name and moved over from one of the 10-20 and above tables in the corner. Great.

    About 4 hands into it, none of which I played people start taking chances, busting out and rebuying. Ok by me. More money to play for. My strategy the first hour is to stay alive to the rebuy and gain some chips if the situation presents itself. Well, my best shot was in late position with 10d-Jd and ended we me shucking out another 100 bucks for 500 more chips about 20 minutes before the ad on. Ok lesson one learned. We get to the break, I have picked up a couple more, purchase my add on and get up to stretch with $1,700.

    6:15PM back from the break 50/100

    Ok, time to get serious. By this time I had settled down (I’d only been in Vegas 4 hours after all) and I have a good feel for the play at my table. I hunker down, play tight and look for opportunities to steal. Mainly I just keep myself alive and let other people go at it. The player two to my right was hyper aggressive and had gotten lucky thus building a pretty big stack. (~ $4000). He saved me a lot of money but caused me to play even tighter. By the next break I was down to one of each color. $625

    7:25 here we go again 150/300

    Hmm. 425 per round at this point and I only have 625. about 30 people left and 2 minutes later my table breaks up. Hyper aggressive goes to another table and I get placed with only one of the other regulars.

    This is where my luck begins. I draw a seat at the new table on the button and get a few extra hands to catch something. 3 hands later I look down to JJ in middle position. Fold to me, I go all in, Blinds call. All I know from this point is the Jacks hold up, I triple up. Whew. $1,875 We play a couple rounds and I steal a couple blinds and sit tight. Blinds go up to 250/500. At this point we only have about 30 people left and there are folks in worse shape than me. Still, long way to go to the money.

    The blinds come to me, I have around 2000. I look down in the BB and see QQ. All fold to Button (10,000 + stack) and he shoves in. SB folds, I call. Q’s hold and now I have something to work with. We go to break with 24 players and me at 4000

    8:35 – 500/1000

    Is it just me or are this getting expensive? Well, not far into this we are down to 2 tables of 9, I can start to smell the money but my stack is back down to 2500. Sitting UTG look down and see AcKc. I shove in and get called by two people. Flop comes Akx. They are holding 66 and 10 10. No help for them on the river, one goes out I go to 9,000. With 93,000 chips in play I am now close to average for final table. First time all night I have had a little cushion. By the break we are down to 9 and I have 8,000 and am in the money.

    9:45 Final table 1500/3000

    Ok, I have 8,000, There are two players with roughly half the chips, two really short stacks and the rest is spread around. I draw the button and this is where my luck really kicks in. Within 6 hands 3 players are gone. I’m catching rags and the blinds take a hunk out of my stack. From here on out I am just surviving. Lucky for me I catch a couple hands and stay alive while 2 others burst into flames. I should also mention that the big stacks were experienced and kept the pressure on. Here I sit with four left and about another 7 hands of chips left.. I don’t have enough chips to go for a deal yet so I take my chances with J9 and bust out. This pays $1,120 so I have 800 profit. The top three made a deal for about 5000, 3000, 2000. I go back to my wife at the hotel and all is well.


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    You did very well. I play in the Mirage tourneys whenever I am in Las Vegas, and truely believe that there is a herd of locals that play two or three or four of those a week. You should be very proud.

    Save your bankroll, and go hit the Orleans Open.

    Shane. aka Jeff



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