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WSOP First Round

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  • WSOP First Round

    Well, it was the best of times it was the worst of times........

    I just got back from Vegas and wanted to jot down a quick trip report, since a few of you asked me to post........

    First the happy part:

    Played 6 $225 buy-in single table No-Limit satellites.......they paid $2100 to the winner........

    Won one outright (had 4-1 chip lead when we got heads up and no deal was discussed). And split two -- one split 1150-950 when I had a litlle less than 5-3 lead (opponent was top European player and very tough and blinds were $400-800 with only $8000 total chips in play), and split one heads up with WSOP Main Event Champion Brad Daugherty! Quite a thrill.

    Played two $125 double table satellites -- win one and then play against 9 other winners and winner gets $10,000 seat (I think this is how estrict won her seat). Finished 3rd and 4th. Lost heads up preflop with AK to 99 (I raised, 99 reraised, I pushed and was called). Lost other one with AQ to Q10. Sensed weakness, was right, but 3-outer came. Oh well.......

    Played 2 second chance events -- start at 11:00 PM and only cost $225. Had about 140 players both night. First one I finished 13th (paying 18) and made a little money -- most of the money was in top 3 places. Second one I went out very early when I flopped a set against a player slowplaying QQ into a 743 flop. Raised, he reraised, and I pushed in and he called. Guess what spiked on the river? Early to bed!

    Played in the $2000 limit and $2000 o/8.......I will write longer trip report because some interesting hands, but long and short -- no money!

    Played very well in both and got good hands early in both I was my tables chip leader after the 4th round -- after half of the field was eliminated. Ran into disater in both when blings got big and losing any hand that you play to the end cost a significant portion of the stack.

    Went out 96 or 97 out of 430 or so in the limit (with 104 remaining I was out tables chip leader, and got AK, AK (both suited) and KK run down within the span of one orbit -- after flopping A74 (other player had set of 4s), On second one raised and reraised a short stack all-in preflop and he turns over K10 -- 10 kindly waited until river to spike......, and on KK, player turned the Ace with his AQ (big pot with lots of preflop betting between us) but I laid it down, and he showed.
    Oh well......was very happy with my play, and just got unlucky.

    In the o/8 i started at Daniel's table! I caught some good hands (including straight flush) and worked my chips up pretty good. We got down to seven tables (9 to a table) when I finally busted. I had some big hands get beat (AA23 double-suited!), and A25K single-suited with counterfeits on the river. Went out somewhere around 60 (as you might understand didn't stick around to count the players).

    Knew it would be a tough road in the o/8 but really thought I was gonna AT LEAST make the money in the limit! RATS!

    Made some new "friends" (played blackjack with Mel Judah), had great conversations with Nolan Dalla and Bonnie Damiano.

    Got to play at the table for the first time with Chip Jett, Asher Derei, Mel Judah, Chris Karagulleyan, Amir Vehedi, Jimmy Tran, Chris Bigler, Ray Davis, Frankie O'Dell, Galen Kester and many others! Played again with some who I have played before -- Kathy Liebert, Daniel N., Dennis Waterman, John Bonetti, Randy Holland, Thor hansen, Prince of Docness, Eskimo Clark and many others.....needless to say -- I learned a lot!!!!!!!!!!

    Sat with Ron Rose for about an hour and he went through his game plan for the WPT event that he recently won in Reno! Will fill those of you interested in knowing his sage advice for playing that tourney..... to disney world for a week for my kids' spring break -- don't know what I find more intimidating -- Chip jett with a big stack or spring break at Disney!!!!!!!

    Will tell more stories later, with some interesting hands.......

    Didn't make the money in the main tourneys, but the trip was great, and I had a blast!!!!!!


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    Great report Tim. You did well, that's no surprise! :lol:

    WTG, Den


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      wsop frist round

      I really like these WSOP storys TKO, must be nice to be relax at those tables with all those great players and learing...GG on your sat play...DisneyLand have a card room these days? hehe...daisy777



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