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VEGAS here I come!!!

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  • VEGAS here I come!!!

    Hello everyone. I am packing up and heading to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, for the WPT championship event on Monday. I am gonna leave either tonight or tomorrow morning. I will be posting in this forum on a daily basis to let everyone know how my tournament is going. For those people who have supported me in the past I would like to thank you once again, and again ask for your support. I will try to communicate via E-mail with Mark as well, if i feel I have any questions regarding players etc. I hope I can access the internet via the hotel room at Bellagio. Ok PSO'ers I am going for the championship of the WPT. Wish me luck everyone!!

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    Good luck Daniel! I hope you make it to the final table so we can see on TV someday. Would be nice to see some PSO people on there, cause all the people who have been on the show so far are a bunch of no-personalities!

    Good luck again!



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      remember, selective aggression is the best strategy there is!


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        I get there on Tuesday about 7:30 pm and will stop over at the Bellagio to see how you are doing. Good Luck and play your game and win the tourney

        Need any support there feel free to PM me and I will get in touch


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          Good luck Daniel! You can do it! Visualize and attack!

          You will be able to see Daniel on tv when the WPT airs the episode where he qualified for the Championship.


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            Gooooooooooo Daniel,

            RACK EM, ROCK EM, STACK EM, RUCK EM....TAKE YOUR CHIPS AND REALLY ........................DAZZLE EM. (bet ya thought I was gonna make a rhyme)

            Good luck!! We'll see ya on the WPT TV final table !!!!



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              good luck daniel.. Hope for u to finish in the money..

              And at least have a great time in vegas!!



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                My trip report

                Hello everyone. Sorry I did not post every day as I promised I would. My laptop broke and I could not get online. I could not figure out how to get online at the hotel either. I just got back from vegas about ten minutes ago. As people have heard and seen I was knocked out on the second day by a man named Marcel. He was the chip leader going into day four. Anyways I tried my best, but got off to a very bad start. A situation came up at the table and it costed me almost have my chips. I raised pre-flop with K-Q and flopped topped pair of kings. I bet and everyone folded except one person. He took his hand and moved it towards the dealer and the dealer killed his hand. I thought his intention was to fold, but I guess it wasn't. He yelled at the dealer and said he did not want to fold. I should have mucked my hand and I would have won the hand. I told myself that I would have folded the hand if I was raised on the flop, however after all the commotion and the floorman giving this guy his hand back I called his raise on the flop. He had flopped the nut flush! I made Kings and queens on the river, top two-pair and called his all-in move. I thought he was angry and on tilt because the dealer killed his hand. Anyways the bottom line is that his hand was dead and should have been killed. He did not protect his cards and even moved them towards the dealer without even calling time. I could not figure out how someone with the nut-flush on the flop woould not protect his cards. This mistake by the player became a big help for him and he got half my chips. A bit later I got A-A and was raised by J-J, I re-raised pre-flop and the player hit his J on the flop for a set. However I did get lucky because he did not put me all-in during this hand. I made a small comeback and then lost again right before the night was over with A-Q against A-A, when I flopped my queen and had the ace kicker. prior to this hand I got caught bluffing and managed to escape my death with a gut-shot straight on the river when I spiked a seven.
                On the second day I got off to a great start and doubled up from 6000 chips to about 14,000 chips in the first level. I even got up to about 16,000 chips at one point. However I ended up getting knocked out when I raised a significant amount with A-J and was called by Marcel's 6-3 suited in the blind. The flop came with rags. Something like 8-2-3 and I check-raised all-in. I lost to a pair of threes with my A-J. Oh well that was the end of the tournament for me. I never had a chance to build my stack to a decent size. Three or four hands cost me the entire tournament. I lost with A-A twice, and the other hands I described.
                It was a very fun experience playing in such a big event. I was fortunate enough to play against Daniel Negreanu at my table the first day. Playing against him instead of watching him in action was quite an experience. I gained a tremendous amount of respect for his card playing ability. He demolished the entire table, running over everyone like no problem. He built his stack nicely, and then took chances when he had a big lead to increase his lead even further.
                I got in a bit of a confrontation with him on a hand right off the bat. I think it was pretty much the first hand I played in the tournament. I flopped a Q with K-Q in my hand, and he flopped three sevens from the blind. I dont remeber exactly how the hand occurred but I think I raised pre-flop too small of an amount and he had an easy call. Flop came 7-7-Q if I remember correctly. He got almost ten thousand chips from me on that hand. I should not have paid him off on the river when he bet 5000, but I did not have a good enough read on him at the time.
                Anyways that was pretty much my tournament experience, I went to the T.V. taping tonight at Bellagio and then headed home. I will be playing in the upcoming events at Bicycle and might head on back to Binions soon for some of the events. thanks to everyone who wished me luck and supported me in this tournament. And even though I lost, I feel like a winner for playing in such a classy and well run tournament. The bellagio was great! Binions is also amazing...


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                  Congrats on just being there and having an experience many people just dream of!

                  Keep us updated on the Mini Series and the Series!

                  Looking forward to hearing more about your experienece at the WPT Champ. when you get settled.



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