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Heartland Trip Report for 3-26

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  • Heartland Trip Report for 3-26

    March 26th Trip report:

    On this trip to the Meskwaki Casino for the HPT I decided to take the scenic tour. That would be route 20 thru Galena Illinois, the home of Ulysses S. Grant. Here is the link:

    It was a good trip and not much difference in mileage. Arriving early afternoon I decided to play a $1-$2 no limit ring game while waiting for the 7PM qualifier to start. Finished up $54, playing about 1 hr. so not a bad start.

    The qualifier at 7 PM., 86 players signed up with 30% getting entry into the $1100 Main Event. I made it easily being one of the chip leaders when we got down to 26 players getting a seat. It was than time for bed as it was 1 AM in the morning and was on the tired side.

    Friday 27th

    Main Event isn’t until the 29th so have two day to waste. I visited with players, “two from PSO” and talked a little poker before deciding to play so $1 $2 no limit again. It took about two hours to get a seat, so I played for about three hours and cash out up $448.

    Gus201,” Mark” didn’t have a room so we share one and talked more poker. 

    Saturday 28th

    After Gus201 bought me breakfast at Perkins, “thanks Mark” we headed back to the Casino to play and visit and talk more poker. One really gets to know a lot of poker players when traveling the poker circuit. I signed up for the $1 $2 no limit again which took hours to get a table being almost 5 PM before getting a seat. At that time I was ready to leave and relax for tomorrow, but when they called my name I decided to play. After dropping $240 in about 1 ½ hours I knew it was time to call it a night. It was mostly me playing bad and getting unlucky, but mostly my bad play.

    Sunday 29th

    Tournaments starts at 8 AM so go to the buffet for breakfast and go over my thoughts and what I wanted to try to do. Mostly just reassuring my self that I can play with any one and let the game come to me.

    The tournament started with 298 players, with 30 getting paid. Twenty-six through thirty gets $1538 and as always the top money in the top three places paying, $25,175, $41,958, & top prize of $83,916.

    At first break I was up $100, so off to a slow start. On 2nd break I was up about 2,000, mostly due to the player two to my right. He was in almost every hand with a raise and hitting everything taking out several players. He had about 90,000 and by far the chip leader in the tournament when my table broke. Not sure what happen to him, but I know he didn’t get close to the money which was sad, especially after all his smack talk.  After I moved to my new table, I started to play my game and making a move at times by stealing pots, and playing the players & their stacks.

    I moved tables three or four times when the tables get busted, and getting down close to the money. By the time we got down to bubble time and going hand for hand, I had about $165,000 and one of two biggest stacks at the table. Blinds were $5000-$10,000 with a $1000 ante when this hand came up. One of the shorter stacks raised and made it $30,000 to go. I’m in the high jack seat and have KK and look and see the raiser has about $40,000 left, so I raise it $100,000 to put him all in. It comes to the big blind who now goes all in. He is the only player at the table who has me covered by about $7,000. The short stack thinks about it for several minutes and folds. I’m thinking he has A-Q or A-J, when I stand up and tell the all in player, “you should only have A-A to make that play.” He had just got to the table about two rounds before, so don’t have a great read on him, but haven’t seen him do anything stupid. I was thinking about my play while the first player was taking his time and decided I didn’t want to play for the $1500. Now I know I am a “dog” if he has A-A as I’m sure he has, but if the first player had an “A” like I’m thought he had, maybe I can get lucky and draw a flush or another “K”.

    I have a following that’s watching me play, so when I stand up I explain that I’m going to play for 1st and not just to make the money. Because if I win this hand I will have over $300,000 and positive I’m at least on TV again and final six. I call and he turns over A-A and it holds up. It’s time to shake hands and wish everyone the best and say see you at the next one. 

    Playing the Poker School Tour Event next than another HPT at the Majestic in April.
    2 Time Bracelet Winner

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    Hey Sailor Moe awesome to hear I hope to see you at one of these events some time. I didn't fare so well at the Denver event, but it was great experience for my first real money tourney.


    • #3
      Great report Leon. Keep em coming. Next time you win with kings.


      • #4
        in the heat of the moment you pushed your last 65k in with a big dog
        65 k can get you there easily...

        you said you KNEW

        three week later do you do the same?
        three weeks you still casually say, screw the 1500?

        i know the pressure of having a following as i felt responsible to pso to have a good outing when i was playing in my big money tourney
        are you really playing to try to win pushin kk into a sure aa?

        why not become mr kamikaze double up guy with the 64
        fold kk face up
        say nice hand
        then next hand all in
        the odds are WAY better with any two versus random hands than overpair vs underpair
        then if still frisky do it again
        BOOM BOOM you are back
        close to the bubble they aint calling you
        you are obviously steaming
        BOOM another all in another 20k in antes and blinds for you...

        the big stack may call you with any ace but then its a 40-60 propostion
        way better than 2 outs

        i ask you again moe
        do you still make this call 3 weeks later?


        • #5
          I told the player he should have AA to make that play. I felt the other player must of had an ace also. I can fold and make $1500 and if I get lucky and double up maybe three times quick I have a good chance at finishing high.

          I call and get lucky with my KK or if player doesn't have AA and something like QQ, I will make the final 6 and the TV show again plus some nice cash.

          You asking me a few weeks later if I make the same move! Its a tough call or play either way. I posted the wrong ante when I made post as the ante was $1000. I believe its a coin toss either way. KK is a real dog against AA if player does have them, but with 60k left you have about one round left, two at most. Pick your posion, its bad either way!

          I changed post above to show the $1000 ante!
          2 Time Bracelet Winner


          • #6
            Thanks Moe,

            I really enjoy your reporting from the front lines of live play.

            Next time the cowboys will hold up!


            • #7
              i got the aggression angle and the commitment thing....
              i was reacting to the "know you have AA' vibe
              if you feel that in your gut you gotta play chipnchair poker and fold right?
              or employ the kamikaze all in all the time strategy because 60-40 is alot better than 80-20
              no one vokuntarily puts it in with kk vs aa if they really know
              so there was some doubt
              the book i jest read talks about ranges of the dude hand and the percentages against the whole range....

              probably no getting away from kk
              maybe hellmuth lays it down there
              maybe some other sick hand reader

              there are some like the oldtime rocks here like geezer who fold there maybe and try to chip n chair it?
              wasnt there a story here about someone from here who was down to one chip or one bb and the final hand before broke was aces then they got hot?

              i have seens kings laid down once or twice and it was vs aa
              im wondering what the possiblilties are he has KK
              or aa and the real hard math


              • #8
                If I knew for sure he had AA I got to fold and hope I get a hand or at least better odds within the next round. Any live cards is better than odds against AA & KK.

                I knew he should have them and I told him so, but being new to the table did give me doubts, and he was in the bb.

                Looks like KK may be my down fall. Look for my new trip report from the HPT ths past week-end, coming in next day or so.

                edited to show player in bb.
                2 Time Bracelet Winner


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Sailor Moe
                  I knew he should have them and I told him so, but being new to the table did give me doubts, especially when he check them from the bb.
                  I'm confused Leon,was this preflop or post flop.If it was preflop how did the BB check before the shortstack and yourself acted?



                  • #10
                    OOPS I'm bad! He was the bb and didn't check but pushed after my raise.

                    lol old man here and needed to go back and check my notes. I've played several tournaments since than.
                    2 Time Bracelet Winner


                    • #11
                      I think you played it very well. Yes you can suspect AA, but since he had you covered on chips, you can also suspect that he has AK or AQ or QQ or JJ and is trying to get you to fold.

                      Playing for the big money is always the right call in my book. Its working for you mostly and working for me too. Since I seriously took that approach, I'm winning a lot more.

                      Folding and playing for the money will get you no where fast.

                      What was it Greg Raymer said... somthing like "I don't see many people winning tournaments when they fold into big pots"



                      • #12
                        Originally posted by Sailor Moe
                        OOPS I'm bad! He was the bb and didn't check but pushed after my raise.

                        lol old man here and needed to go back and check my notes. I've played several tournaments since than.
                        Thanks for the clarification Leon,regarding the hand i don't think i would have been able to fold here either.I think the pot was too big to leave behind,about 320,000.I know the term 'pot committed' is overused,you should be able to fold if your sure you're behind,but this hand is as near as pot committed as you can get,in my opinion.With the pot offering 5-1 odds on your last 65,000,which is slightly over the the odds of hitting a two outer,and the chance that he hasn't got A's,however small,i think its the correct call.




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