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PLHE at Napoleons in Hull

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  • PLHE at Napoleons in Hull

    Just got back from the casino having won the tourny YEE HAW
    The game is a £5 entry with unlimited £5 rebuy for the first 2 hours

    I get there and yet again there r 12 or 13 to a table, really cramped for room

    First hand KK i raise the pot get 5 callers A6 wins with FH A's full of 6s. Here we go again all my good hands getting beaten by muck and then i remembered a recent post about attitude and thought never mind next time they will win, dont get defeatist.

    An hour later AA, i raise the pot get two callers, flop comes 6 8 3 i raise all in and get 1 caller with 3 9 turn is a 7 river an A I Win This gives me some breathing space (and i needed it). I then got nothing for the next hour and was down to 700 left (antes r at 100 during the rebuy) last hand in the rebuy period i get KK middle position fortunatly someone raise 200 and this made the pot big enough to raise allin so i did got 5 callers and won with nothing helping anyone.

    For the next hour i played very little, only free cards and AK once.
    built my stack slightly but not by much. But they say patience is a virtue and i was feeling very virtuous.

    We get down to 12 left and im dealt qq i raise the pot and take it down unopposed, 2 hands later im in the blind and get kk again it comes to me unraised with 4 callers so i raise the pot again, everyone notices that i play tight so they all fold. Then down to 11 and utg raises allin and i look down and see KK in the bb i call, she shows jj a K first out takes it down and im in the money WOO HOO

    We then break for half an hour and i go get some free food and come back to final table with a middling stack and just sit and wait for a hand.

    The first four hands r amazing KK vs AA, AA vs KK vs AQ, AA vs JJ and AA vs KK again, i had muck but enjoyed as the underdog won everytime and took us down to 8 left.

    I procceded to fold relegiously as i didnt see a card above a 9 for the first 5 rounds, eventually im blinded out next hand im in the bb and it gets folded to sb who just checks ( the blinds are the same amount eg 100 and 100) I raise with A7 he calls with Q6 and i treble thru. next hand QQ the guy who i just beat raised the pot and i raised allin he calls this time with JT I Double up again.

    Were now down to 5 left and im feeling quite excited now when the guy to my left goes all in and gets called by AK his Q3 doesnt hold up and were down to 4 left.

    We all look around and decide to chop it then and there. The two big stacks take £200 and myself and the other guy who has about the same as me take £150 and im absolutly exstatic.

    Its my first money finish, and i spent £5 entry with 1 rebuy, £10 in total ($15 dollars) to win £150.

    I have to give many thanks to everyone at PSO for this, without all you guys and gals i couldnt have done.

    Sorry for going on a bit but im mighty happy at the moment.

    Cheers and Thanks

    Steve 8)

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    What a finish, great patience you showed, well done. daisy777


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      What a finish, great patience you showed, well done. daisy777


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        thanks for sharing with us!!!!!!!!


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          thanks for the report.......

          good work and many more to follow!


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            It just goes to show that the old adage is correct. The Sun does indeed shine on every dog's arse someday.




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